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  1. Keeper help

    No ppr. Its just the whole set of circumstances that concern me. Many years ago I had Jamal 400 carries Anderson and I think he played a game before going down for the season. Herm will just feed LJ if he is there as his record shows. Really what it comes down to is my deadline being two week out and really doesnt sound like anything will be resolved by then.
  2. Keeper help

    12 team league, was 3 keepers but now 2 per team, league voted for this change. My plan was to keep Leinart(12th, 9 more yers)MJD(11th, 8 more yrs) and LJ(6th, 2 more yrs). Each year the player costs one more higher round. Nobody drafted in the first 4 rounds last year can be kept. I am picking 1.5 then 2.8, etc. The 1st and 2nd picks will be LT and SA. The guy picking 3rd will more than likely take Peyton(6 pt passing td's and keeping JJ and Gore). At 4, they will take either Westbrook, Addai, Rudi or Bush. Then I pick. The keeper deadline is 8/8, the draft 8/24. With 3 keepers no big deal. However with the change to two, I am concerned about LJ. Both sides are not moving contract wise, 400+ carries last year, possible rookie QB, OL that lost two of its best players and schedule wise they will face some very tough D's. So the question is with only 2 keepers allowed and a keeper deadline 2 weeks away do I not keep LJ based on the above issues??? Or should I just keep both rbs and draft another rb at 1.5? If I did let LJ go I would pick the best RB available at 1.5. Which could be LJ if holdout resolved, however the guy picking 4th would take him. If not, I would love Addai who will probably be there.
  3. FF Magazine

    Becketts/Rotoworld Fantasy Football mag comes out in July. So far it is one of the few mag's that uses a tiering system to rank players. I think it is one of the better ones out there.
  4. Chad or Fitz?

    If no one bites on a deal I would keep CJ as well. Since you have CJ and Fitz fairly even, I would look to the man throwingthe ball. Palmer is top 4 QB. Leinart could be top 10. For that reason I would rank CJ higher than Fitz.
  5. 6 pts for passing td's.

    WOW! Post is still going after a month. My league does have the three year average so I will post just the numbers and let the rest of you make the call. Scoring is 6 pt td's, 1 pt every 20 passing, 1 pt every 10 rush/rec, no ppr QB1: 421 QB6: 322 QB12: 274 RB1: 335 RB6: 215 RB12: 166 RB18: 148 RB24: 124 WR1: 225 WR6: 166 WR12: 144 WR18:126 WR24: 112 WR30: 104 WR36: 94
  6. Uh, what the hell happened last night?

    Looks great accept for the fact that it would recognize my password, wont let me renew at the cheaper rate but go figure I can still post??? Had to email huddlebill and waiting for reply.
  7. I am a long time Pats fan going back to the 2-12 teams. Gaffney was awesome in the playoffs. However, right now i have to believe he is no higher than 4th on the list. If Moss/Stallworth/Welker got hurt he might be able to jump to the 3rd WR.
  8. 1st pick in rookie draft

    AT first glance I would do it. However you would have Leinart/Fitz/Boldin which is a little too risky for me. I dont think you need to trade Leinart. He is in the right situation and could end up being top 10 at the end of the year. Where as you know you can get Fitz, I owuld shop around and see if you can trump him.
  9. Draft strategy

    In a 12 team league, I have decided to keep Leinart, LJ, MJD. I will be picking 1.5,2.8,3.5. Without all the keeper players know yet I am trying to decide the best way to draft based on who should be kept per team. Nobody drafted last year in the first 4 rounds can be kept. If I went WR/WR/RB I could grab Steve Smith, probably Boldin and then get a backup RB( at this point have to assuming that the top 20 are gone ). Or I could go RB/WR/WR. I could take either Addai/Rudi/Bush and then get Boldin and say Walker/Evan/AJ. No ppr, 1 pt every 10 yards and 6 pt td's. We start 3 WR's every week so WR/WR/WR is also an option but I fear that I will have no depth at RB if I do this. What do you think is the best strategy?
  10. 6 pts for passing td's.

    Excellent point about passing schedules. This was posted on a little while ago and is strictly based off of last years stats. Here is how they calculated the stats: For example, the Indianapolis Colts finished second versus the pass and 32nd versus the run last season, so a team that will face them this season received a total of 34 points -- two for the pass and 32 for the run. In this formulation, the teams that finished with the most total points from the pass and run categories have the most attractive schedules. Here are the top 5 easiest overall schedules and then the bottom 5. How much would you factor in these stats as well? 1. Carolina Panthers (577 points): The Panthers have the 10th easiest schedule versus the pass and the fourth easiest versus the run, which is terrific news for Jake Delhomme, Steve Smith and the backfield duo of DeShaun Foster and DeAngelo Williams. Games against weak run defenses like Indianapolis, St. Louis, Tennessee and Houston make Williams an even better sleeper choice. 2. Arizona Cardinals (576 points): Matt Leinart, Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald should do well on the stat sheets; the Cardinals have the 12th easiest slate versus the pass. Edgerrin James will also see a slight increase in value; he faces the third easiest run slate, which includes matchups against porous run defenses like St. Louis (2), Cleveland, New Orleans and Detroit. 3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (569 points): The Buccaneers face the 16th easiest schedule versus the pass, and that's a positive for Jeff Garcia and Chris Simms. Where this team could thrive is on the ground; it has the second easiest schedule versus the run. That should add to the draft value of Cadillac Williams, who battles Indianapolis, St. Louis, Tennessee, Washington and Houston. 4. San Francisco 49ers (557 points): The departure of former offensive coordinator Norv Turner was a significant loss, but the Niners will face the fourth easiest slate versus the pass, and that will be a real positive for Alex Smith. Contests against St. Louis (2), Cleveland, New Orleans and Seattle (2) also bode well for the talented Frank Gore, who will face the 15th easiest slate versus the run. 5. St. Louis Rams (556 points): The Rams face the 23rd hardest schedule versus the run, but that still won't hurt the value of Steven Jackson. Where the Rams offense will make some noise is through the air, as it faces the NFL's easiest schedule versus the pass. Marc Bulger, Torry Holt and Randy McMichael should produce against Cincinnati, Atlanta, San Francisco (2) and Dallas. T-28. Cleveland Browns (493 points): The Browns don't have much value at the quarterback position, so it matters little that the offense faces the 15th hardest pass schedule. What does matter is that Jamal Lewis must battle Baltimore (2), Pittsburgh (2), New England, Miami and the sixth hardest run schedule. He's a prime candidate to be a serious statistical disappointment. T-28. Denver Broncos (493 points): Jay Cutler has a ton of potential in the offense of head coach Mike Shanahan, but his value is hurt a bit as he faces Oakland (2), Indianapolis, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Chicago and the fourth hardest pass slate. The Broncos also face the 15th hardest run slate, but it's hard to reduce the value of new starter Travis Henry in Denver's backfield heaven. 30. San Diego Chargers (486 points): Nothing short of an appearance of the cover of Madden 2008 will hurt the value of LaDainian Tomlinson, but we still must note that he faces Minnesota, Baltimore, New England, Chicago, Jacksonville and the eighth hardest run schedule. It's not much easier for his quarterback, Philip Rivers, who will have to battle the sixth hardest pass schedule. 31. Indianapolis Colts (481 points): Not even the best defenses could stop Peyton Manning last season, so the fact that he will face Oakland, New Orleans, Carolina, Baltimore, Jacksonville (2), New England and the seventh hardest pass slate won't hurt his value. The Colts also have the fifth hardest run slate in 2007, but Joseph Addai will remain a popular first- or second-round choice. 32. Buffalo Bills (465 points): J.P. Losman has some potential and Lee Evans is a borderline No. 1 or 2 fantasy wideout, but this duo will have a difficult road against the 11th hardest pass schedule. It's even worse for Anthony Thomas or whoever starts in the backfield, as the Bills face Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New England (2), Miami, Dallas and the second hardest run schedule.
  11. In a 12 team league that rewards passing td's for 6 pts and no turnover deductions, when do you draft a QB? Should Peyton be a top 5 or 6 pick or Brees/Palmer 2nd round picks? Or do you think it is better to just load up at WR and RB and grab a QB later, say around the 5th or 6th round? At this point there would be several QB's who could post fairly close numbers( Eli, Kitna, Leinart, Rivers ).
  12. ON the Block?

    Saw this on draft sharks: ** Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star reports the Chiefs are in the market for extra draft picks. "That’s why the Chiefs are offering in trades quarterback Trent Green, starting safety Greg Wesley, kick returner Dante Hall and even running back Larry Johnson." What? Larry Johnson? We'll note that Teicher's been covering the team for a long time and his integrity is solid. The underlying motive for trading LJ would be about one thing: Money. He's due a lot of it -- likely over $20 million guaranteed -- so maybe the Chiefs don't wanna dole out that kind of cheddar. Just for fun, let's imagine who might be interested in a mega-star RB like Johnson. One, they have to have cap room, at least $10 million remaining (spreading the $20m bonus amortization over 2-3 years) to bag him and still pay the rookies. Two, they must really need a true workhorse back. Here's the short list: Minnesota ($23m cap room), Buffalo ($21m), Cleveland ($20m), Tennessee ($18m), Green Bay ($15), and Philadelphia ($10m). Oh, and they have to be willing to part with big draft picks. The list suddenly shrinks up, eh? Let's see if LJ's pot percolates next week leading up to the draft.
  13. Keeper question

    Here is everything I can think of about the league to help make the call Starting Weekly Roster: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1D Can not trade draft picks but pre-draft you can trade keepers for keepers. 12 teams, 3 keepers per team Nobody drafted in the first 4 rounds can be kept Scoring; all td's 6pts and no turnover penalties, 1 pt every 20 passing, 1 pt every 10 rush/rec and no ppr. Keeper years left: MBIII 2 years, LEvans 2 years, MLeinart 8 years MBIII - great year but still sharing with Jones LEvans - solid numbers but Losman scares. However we do start 3 wr's MLeinart - all fired up about new coaching staff and 2 elite wr's to throw to My picks: 1.5, 2.8, 3.5 etc.... Guys picking 1.1-1.4: LT 1st pick, 1.2 keeping 2 rb's and cotchery, 1.3 keeping 2 rbs and wr and 1.4 keeping vince, rb, wr
  14. Keeper question

    So here is a general keepr question: Peyton would be for this year only, Leinart could be kept for the next 10. How does this factor into the equation???? Manning for just 2007 or Leinart till like 2015?