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    Strip Yahtzee and corn
  1. Verlander

    Won his 8th game today. Strange that he might be the second best pitcher in baseball and also the second best pitcher on his team. Yeah, I said it.
  2. I Got a Crush on Obama!

    That chick is smoking hot.
  3. Second Date

    Thanks for taking the time to write all that out. Don't mind the honesty one bit and I think your spot on with several of your points. Pretty sound advice within.
  4. Cats vs Dogs

    George is a hero. Nice job little guy.
  5. Second Date

    Couldn't wait any longer.
  6. Help!

    Is this going to go on? Should I take notes?
  7. 18 Weeks Old

  8. Help!

    That is where the fun comes in.
  9. 18 Weeks Old

    Compliments to his mother.
  10. Help!

    That sounds illegal.
  11. Help!

    Buy or rent some type of terrier. Guaranteed the problem goes away and it might be fun to watch.
  12. warsaw, poland

    Great market, nice restauants, and the old town (actually quite new because of WWII) is great. A lot of stuff to do and a lot of nice looking women to talk with. Have fun.
  13. Danica Patrick

    I'd smother her in butter.
  14. Second Date

    She stopped by the party and good times ensued. She left around one and we are going to the Tigers game on Tuesday. I plugged my booty call at 2.
  15. Second Date