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  1. IDP strategy/advice

    I look at Lb more like WR. Their are a lot of LB out there considering 3 or 4 start for every team. Every year you will find LB that come out of nowhere and make a ton of tackles. Tackles are what you look for when considering IDP's. Sacks are good but are more unpredictable. Look at sacks for DL. Int's are another stat that are hard to predict. On the DL look for the DE, and I usually draft the DL last w/ my K. For LB look at the MLB b/c they usually make the most tackles. For DB look at S more than corners. Remember great corners are avoided which means not many tackle opportunities. If you are looking at a corner look at a rookie or someone that starts opposite of a great corner b/c they will get picked on. Some corners do make a lot of tackles ( A. Winfield, R Barber) but they are the exception not the rule. Few IDP's are worth high draft picks but any that are will be LB. I've had R. Lewis on my team for 8 years now. He has been a tackling machine. But 15-20 Lb in you can still find some sold starters. And check the waiver wire b/c there will be a stud that comes along at some point. I picked up D. Ryans after the 2nd week last year and he ended up being the highest scoring defensive player in the league.
  2. Rate my 4 KEEPERS !

    This is my 14th year playing in an 8 team league. We start 20 players ( 2QB 3RB 4WR 1TE 1K 3DL 3LB 3DB) which makes it really competitive. One of our owners played in a standard 12 team league w/ 9 starters but much prefers our league. His reasoning was a few years ago he had Mcnabb who scored 50+ points one week yet he still lost. With 20 starters one player has much less effect on the total score than starting 9 players. Chances are if a QB scored 50+ pts. w/ only 9 starters you would win 90% of the time. But that is not the case when you start so many more players. We start 3 RB every week, similar to a 12 team league starting 2. I like having that many starters b/c you usually have a player in almost every game you watch. 8 team leagues get bashed here but if you make some changes like more starters they can be just as competitive as a 12 team league. The other thing is I don't like to participate in several leagues b/c of the overlap of players. One league the Qb is your starter in another he is the opponents starter. That takes the fun out of it for me. If you are interested in our scoring or rules let me know. All of our players say this is their favorite league they ever played in. Also we keep 3-5 players each year.
  3. looking for survival pool

    I run a survivor pool on It is inexpensive and very easy to use.
  4. Fantasy Football Magazines Rated

    There is only one fantasy football magazine: Fantasy League Football. I have been buying this mag for the better part of 14 years since my league started. It was one of the only ones that has had IDP ratings all along. In my league it has always been referred to as the "Fantasy Bible", and those with other mags on draft day were laughed at. I know these days w/ everything on the net mags are not needed like they were. But I still buy this one because it has always been the most accurate one by far. Carson Palmer is on the front this year and it just says " Fantasy League Football". You can order it at another football site called Just go to the bottom of the page. This is the only magazine I would highly recommend and I will not go a year w/o it.
  5. Bill Maas arrested for drugs/guns

    I'm just thrilled he is no longer employed by FOX to do games. He was by far the worst announcer on TV.
  6. Rank these 5 QB's

    Campbell's last 5 starts of 2006 by QB rating: 52.2 57.9 83.0 82.2 96.2 see a pattern here? In 2006 JC didn't get the snaps with the first team until there were 7 games left when he became the starter. With a full offseason as the starting QB, getting all the 1st string snaps in training camp, I think he will have a really good year as the starter. In contrast Romo's stats got worse as the season progressed. Schaub has little talent around him besides Johnson and a poor O-line. I like Young but again doesn't have a ton to work with. They lost Henry and Bennett in the offseason. Cutler has the most to work with so he has a chance to put up some good numbers.
  7. Rank these 5 QB's

    I actually like Campbell the best. He got better with each start last year, and word is he's had an amazing offseason. Plus they have a great running game.
  8. cbs improvements........

    Why even use CBS when you could use MFL? Most of those new additions MFL already has.
  9. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: Chaz13, Redskins diehard What: Financial Advisor When: 31. But since age 29 I only celebrate anniversaries, no more birthdays. November 15th will be the 3 year anniversary of my 29th birthday. Where: Wilkes-Barre PA Why: I love football. Bio: Started playing in 1994. This is our 14th season. Since first year have used IDP's and keepers. I'm the commissioner of my league and love it so much I will only play in one league. Sundays in the fall are heaven: watch the Redskins, follow fantasy w/ the Sunday ticket and online, play in the MVP challenge, Last Man Standing pools and a few bets also. What more can a NFL fan want? Have been accused by former girlfriends of liking football more than them. I could not confirm nor deny that; currently single.
  10. The Huddle

    I use the Huddle and other rankings as a tool to come up w/ my own custom rankings. I never use a cheat sheet from a web site. I have my own cheat sheet that I come up with. And I would never make a move b/c the Huddle said I should if I didn't believe it was the right move for my team.
  11. new Cowboys stadium?

    I'll be interested to see how Dan Snyder will try to top this new stadium. Fedex Field was built by Jack Kent Cooke before he died. Even though it's only 10 years old there has already been talk of a new stadium. You know Snyder will want to one up his pal Jerry. That is a beautiful new stadium.
  12. surprise team this year

    The Redskins will be much improved this year. The O-line dominated the second half of last year as Betts ran through holes you could drive a semi through. Although they lost Dockery, most felt he was their 5th best lineman, T. Wade should be able to do the job at LG. With a healthy Portis and Betts they will have a great running game. Campbell improved in every game he started last year and there has been constant talk of how hard he worked this offseason. Portis said it looks like "night and day" comparing him from last year to this year. The defense had all sorts of injuries last year and fell to 31 overall. G. Williams has proven to be a great D-coordinator in the past and can get it turned around quickly. London Fletcher replaces L. Marshall and that's a huge upgrade. Rocky McIntosh replaces highway 57 (Holdman), and many have raved about how far Rocky has come from last year. Springs is now healthy ( I don't know for how long) and he is key to the defense Williams like to run. He needs cover corners that can be left on an island to run his blitz schemes. Add in Smoot, C. Rogers, D. Macklin and J. Butler and the skins have ample depth in the secondary. L. Landry will enable Taylor to get back to playing centerfield. and back to his ballhawking ways of the U. Taylor had no help last year and played several different roles on D. Landry should be a great help in run support. The D-line is the biggest question. Griffin is very good and is now healthy. Carter really came on the last 5 games of last season and should be ready to go from game 1 now that he knows the D better. Daniels is solid against the run and can get some pressure. Golston was a surprise last year and the team expects Montgomery to be a big contributor at Dt this year. All in all the D should be greatly improved and the offense in it's second year under Saunders should also make great strides. In K.C. it took until year 2 for the offense to gel under Saunders. 2 years ago this was a playoff team that disappointed last year b/c of a QB change and many injuries. This team is more talented than 05' and I expect a big leap in 07'.
  13. FF Magazine

    The one and only mag I always bought was just called Fantasy League Football. It has always ranked IDP's when most others didn't. I started in an IDP league in 1994 and there were very few at that time. The funny thing is, I just went to get this magazine and I can't find it anywhere. We used to call it the fantasy bible before anyone used computers. If anyone knows anything about this mag and if it is still being printed let me know. Last year I ordered through a site they promoted in the book "Gridiron Grumblings", which is now "Sports Grumblings".
  14. Who to keep?

    Those 5 were actually the way I was leaning. Although I am thinking about keeping Portis and having my 3 RB's filled going into the draft. I'm sure I won't be able to get anyone better than Portis if I drop him. WR and LB are easier to come by but Ryans is a stud.
  15. Who to keep?

    That's one too many. Only 5. Anyone else have any input here?