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  1. Priest Holmes

  2. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    My cousin just informed me that he "retired" from fantasy football. What a punk! Leaving our local league just last week! I'm a little depressed about that. I guess some guys just can't take it anymore?
  3. Pimp My MFL Site

    Will do. Why do you think I joined the Huddle!!!
  4. Pimp My MFL Site

    Yes, I have had no problems with loading times what so ever!
  5. Keeper WR for my local

    I officially sent my keepers in and I went with Roy Williams. Thanks DMD and Huddlers for all your help!
  6. Pimp My MFL Site

    Ya, Sorry Bronco, maybe I jumped the gun a little bit. I still have a lot to add like I mentioned in my first post.
  7. Pimp My MFL Site

    Ya, I am pumped though. I'm sure once everything is all put together it will be something to look at!
  8. Pimp My MFL Site

    I never said anything was amazing...Just thought I would spread the word around if someone wants some good graphics for their MFL site.
  9. Pimp My MFL Site

    LoL..What is this world coming to? I am a Larry Johnson owner though!
  10. Pimp My MFL Site

    Ya, I hear you. I don't have too much time to screw around with all that stuff and not to fluent in css or code but do I have the money though
  11. Bay Area League

    6 spots left to fill. The league is being worked on right now by dagrafixdesigns. If you are interested in joining and can make it to a live draft let me know, Thanks Ballers By The Bay
  12. Pimp My MFL Site

    Is there a positive to being a chiefs fan..
  13. Pimp My MFL Site

    Just got my new MFL site back from the boys at dagrafixdesigns And no I am not getting any money or discounts for pimping their product I just thought I would pass on the word to my fellow huddlers if they are looking for the same kind of work done to their site!
  14. Keeper WR for my local

    Ya, I'm sure thats what he would of said too. I just also wanted to get his outlook on the Broncos offense. I even have to be a Broncos fan ( ) i.e. Travis Henry) sometimes when I hold their players on my fantasy team.
  15. Keeper WR for my local

    Thanks Bronco...I'm still surprised you didn't try to get me to go with your boy Walker!