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  1. Dog Training Question

    He can't wait cuz he's gonna let that bitch in the bed tonite and will then be screwed.
  2. Dog Training Question

    Joe, The dog loves the crate. Its not a bad thing as some folks think. They are denning animals. She has blankeys, toys, and loves sleeping in there. We got her very young and she cried for no more than three nights. Now she will go into the crate on her own. We don't even really have to shut the door. Its her room and she likes it. I urge you to give it an honest two week try. Not much different than a child really. Folks that let their kids sleep with them often regret it later.
  3. Kids pay 1/2 of their day care

    They are too young to be home alone, regardless of where you live or how smart you think they are. Keep em in day care or one of you stay home. Just my
  4. Dog Training Question

    Don't do it. Let that puppy sleep with you tonight and your stuck with her for 14 years. Put her in the crate, let her cry all night, and take it like a man.
  5. Best foreign rock band.

    Far too many great ones to pick one "best".
  6. Classic Zappa.

    That was great. Uncle Frank owned Lofton.
  7. Where did you propose?

    Well, we now all know that Wieg proposed on a bridge in Venice (snob ), so where did everyone else propose? Mine is pretty boring, under the Christmas tree after everyone had gone to bed Any cool or unique stories out there?
  8. Passport question

    Update. I have secured duplicate birth certs for everyone, and it wasn't cheap. I also got the passport agency to expedite our passports free of charge, since we applied so long ago and are travelling in less than two weeks. They still would not guarantee that we'll have them on time. Talk about a clusterf*ck...But I think we'll be OK with photo IDs, duplicate birth certs, and proof of passport application (hopefully). At this point, anyone that has not either paid for or forced expedited service is on hold. They told me that ours were no where near ready for processing, this after 14 weeks.
  9. Where did you propose?

    I like your car.
  10. For old codgers only

    Born in 59. I love it, oh the memories.
  11. bass fishing

    You probably won't catch trout from the pier or even with the rowboat this time of year (they are very deep). But, in Lake George you should be able to catch some nice smallmouth bass almost anywhere. Look for them in 8 to 12 feet of water on rocks. Anywhere you see rocky bottom (pretty much the whole darn lake) they will be there. Easiest way to catch them is with live crawfish or dobbies. They luv em. Keep your bait just off bottom or they will crawl under the nearest rock and snag you. Of course, you could always hire one of the many local guides and knock em dead....but pricey.
  12. Hate our Iraqi cuase?

    Ursa, your wasting your time and patience trying to respond to a totally dufus post like ballas'.
  13. Hate our Iraqi cuase?

    What? People dying in the middle East? Did I miss the memo? If you think that a dim-witted rich kid from Texas can solve the problems of the middle east, then you should repeat 7th grade. Bush f*cked this up big time and has only aggravated the situation over there, without reducing our homeland risk at all. In fact its worse. I still can't believe that some of you continue to refer to "Bush" and "intellegence" in the same sentence.
  14. Hate our Iraqi cuase?

    Um, al qaeda wasn't in Iraq when Bush attacked. Nor were WMD. Whats your point?
  15. Cool trick on Dell laptops

    Worked on my D610, and a co-workers while she was out smoking...
  16. Here I sit in the Syracuse airport

    Especially the Canadian ballet
  17. One week

    And feeling great
  18. One week

    Thanks all, I'll keep ya posted, but will not give in. I've been through this before and (finally) know the pitfalls...I think.
  19. Are You Armed

    Got rid of all handguns, but still sufficiently armed here.
  20. One week

  21. Shotguns

    Shouldn't need to reload if its only 1 or 2 intruders.
  22. What would you do?

    Same here, but maybe spend a little more on toys.
  23. lake george , ny

    +1, My old stompin grounds when I lived up there and had a bike. Summer in LG has gotten pretty crowded and touristy, but still no doubt one of the most beautiful lakes anywhere. And close to many other great places as you say.
  24. Prayers Needed

    Sincerest condolences to you and your family.