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  1. Free Mock Draft

    MFL Brother,
  2. Free Mock Draft

    Mock Draft Central, Brother
  3. Fantasy Football Magazines Rated

    I pretty much read them all. Some of them I leave in the toilet as well... I also like the regular magazines, I find them a good source of looking at a team as a whole and mix them with Fantasy Reality... What?
  4. Well... if they are burning I would throw some of this
  5. My God do I love roller coasters

    Love 'em as well. Did the Titan for the first time last Saturday. Probably hit it again with the kids this weekend.
  6. pick one keeper

    With all the RBBC nowadays getting a RB with over 60% of the load is an absolute luxury. However, like you I am not totally sold on Maroney, it's just that I can't keep a WR over a RB with your League system and considering that most of the RB will be kept. Your idea of a trade is a good one and I think it can help you right now. You only keep 2 players so long term is not that much of an issue (Unless you land a super stud - LT, LJ, etc.). I'd definitely go for that trade or keep Maroney.
  7. Dynasty League

    Nicely articulated man, thank you Benson & Norwood are really good options... time to go to work
  8. Dynasty League

    I need to rebuild my RB corps and a back up QB. As you can see below not only did I have Kevin Jones but LaMont Jordan as well last year, for some miracle I made the playoffs and got eliminated in the first round. We need to trim our teams down to 30 players or less prior to our Rookie Draft. I have picks 1.07 and 2.06 & 2.07 (and other for each remaining round - 4 more). My WR corps is not getting any younger (Harrison & Moss). At 1.07 I will probably not have a shot at Peterson or Lynch - Russell or Quinn - Calvin. Please see details of the League below: 12 Team League Start QB - RB (2) - WR (3) - TE - PK - ST - DE/DT (3-4) - LB (3-4) - CB/S (3) Scoring Pass TD - 5 Pass YD - 1 for every 50 Rush/Rec TD - 6 Rush YD - 1 for every 20 Rec YD - 1 for every 15 Receptions - 1 for every 2 Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent) - 2 Forced Fumbles - 2 Interceptions Caught - 2 Tackles - 1 Assists - 1 Sacked - 2 Safeties - 2 My TEAM: Frye, Charlie CLE QB Palmer, Carson CIN QB Herron, Noah GBP RB Houston, Cedric NYJ RB Jones, Kevin DET RB Jordan, Lamont OAK RB Berrian, Bernard CHI WR Branch, Deion SEA WR Brown, Reggie PHI WR Caldwell, Reche NEP WR Harrison, Marvin IND WR Moss, Randy NEP WR Clark, Desmond CHI TE Vinatieri, Adam IND PK Brock, Raheem IND DT Gregg, Kelly BAL DT Allen, Jared KCC DE Pryce, Trevor BAL DE Barton, Eric NYJ LB Boley, Michael ATL LB Haggans, Clark PIT LB Howard, Thomas OAK LB James, Bradie DAL LB Miller, Caleb CIN LB Phillips, Shaun SDC LB Trotter, Jeremiah PHI LB Tillman, Charles CHI CB Demps, Will NYG S Huff, Michael OAK S Manuel, Marquand GBP S Schweigert, Stuart OAK S Whitner, Donte BUF S I will be cutting lose Frye & Herron. I'm thinking about trading Harrison in order to meet my needs (Fresher RB / 1st round pick, etc) Other than that do you have other ideas? Thanks for your help.
  9. The perfect thread

  10. Pick #4 Poll

  11. Happy Easter

    Thanks & Same to you & Everybody
  12. DVD question

    JVC players are having this problem as well, check this link out: Sounds like there's no answer right now! Sorry and Good Luck