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  1. Which stud WR?

    Burress against NO
  2. what about Mason playing at Pit.
  3. WDIS in Champ game at WR ?

    Good picture too
  4. WDIS in Champ game at WR ?

    Boldin and Houshyourdaddy
  5. Which QB?

  6. WDIS

    Colston, Housyourdaddy, and Winslow .... I'd bet money on it!!!
  7. wdis at wr

    Hackett ... has the best QB and he is at home!
  8. My TE's are Gonzalez and Desmond Clark ... ???
  9. Ok I'm playing this week for the championship and need WR help. Which three? Burress, Berrian, Mason, Bryant, Caldwell, Hackett Oh, and by the way My RB's are Tomlinson, Betts, Parker and Turner. Do i need to worry about Shottenheimer benching LT untill the playoffs? C'mon Guys
  10. Rate my team

    Are plax and driver about equal?
  11. Rate my team

    2 man keeper
  12. Rate my team

    my keepers are LT and Portis