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  1. Deep keeper trade

    I have basically clinched 1st seed in a 10 Team 10 player keeper. My lineup is below, and I’m reaching out to a team to get Deebo for the playoffs (Dal and Ari in playoffs). He wants Akers, who while a nice piece to have going into next year, he might not even be a keeper for me. QB (start 2, bolding because it’s that important) Mahomes ARod Cam Dalton RB (start 2) Cook Jacobs Carson Akers Gordon BScott Mattison WR (start 4) Tyreek Diggs Amari Boyd AB Reager Mooney TE (start 1) Fant Graham Burton With Boyd being a bit uncertain due to QB play, and AB a wild card as well, Deebo would start for me. Thoughts on Akers for Deebo straight up. Thinking of asking for Gallman for Reager, so I have another RB. Thoughts? Thinking this is a slam dunk.
  2. Draft picks - Who will be the busts?

    I see some valid points on both sides of the AD arguement. First, I want to start by saying you can't compare AD and Caddy. AD was the best RB prospect to come out of highschool since Tony Dorsett. If he would have had a healthy 3 years at OU he probably would have been the #1 pick. As far as talent is concerned you can't compare the two. The main reason I see AD being successful is because of Chester Taylor. Of course this may not translate into fantasy success, but I believe the Vikings will keep his carries in check.
  3. Jay Cutler

    The Broncos are perinial playoff contenders. I think Shanny knows that they can only go so far with Jake. Might as well see what this kid can do. It can't be any worse than Jake.
  4. Dynasty Trade?

    I'm right on the edge. I just need one more push and I'm jumping on this trade. Any other opinions?
  5. Is Chad Johnson hurt?

    Being a Bengals fan this is nothing new. I'd say chad leaves the game with cramps at least once every other game. No biggie. Ocho Cinco went from goat to the #1 WR pts wise in the league. I feel for you return to sender. I tried to trade him in my leagues, but fortunately no one bit.
  6. Trade advice for WR...

    You obviously know the value of QB's in a 2 QB league, but I don't know why you would want to trade Eli for either of those two receivers. The only one I'd trade him is McNair. He's also in allot more need for a QB than you are for a WR. Check out my post "Dynasty Trade?"
  7. DeAngelo Williams

    If it's the team in your sig, YES. I'd probably do it either way, but what your team needs are does have an impact. I think DWilliams upside alone is worth CHenry Check out my post "Dynasty Trade?"
  8. Dynasty Trade?

    I've been going back and forth with the guy in my league that lost McNabb. He sits at 7-4 in 2nd place in his division with 2 to play. I'm at 5-6 with an outside shot at the playoffs, but I need to make up allot of pts to get in, so it's really not likely. His last offer I'm seriously considering. One important thing to note is that we start 2 QB's, so they're just as important as RB's I give ASmith (QB), Edge and Betts I get McNabb and Cadillac Here are our teams My team QB's Palmer Roethlisberger ASmith AWalter RB's Westbrook Edge DWilliams DFoster Betts LWashington MBell WR's CJohnson Mark Clayton Horn ABryant MJones TE Gates His team QB's McNabb Pennington Huard Wallace RB's KJones Cadillac JLewis AGreen MBarber WR's Driver Stallworth Henry Furrey Bruce TE Gonzo Dallas Clark I can't get past the idea of having McNabb and Palmer as my starters next year. I like the upgrade from Edge to Caddy, at the very least for the age factor. What do you think? Do I run to accept? Should I counter with KJones instead of Caddy? Help Please
  9. Dynasty League Trade

    Come on people, a little help please.
  10. Dynasty League Trade

    My season has quickly gone down the tubes. I'm trying to reload for next year. I've offered the following trade: I give Westbrook, Roeth (we start 2 QB's, so QB's are every bit as important as RB's), Romo & RMoss I get EManning, Maroney, Cotchery & KJohnson We can keep up to 10 players each year, so I doubt I'd be keeping Cotchery or KJohnson. What do you think? Am I giving to much or to little?
  11. Dynasty Trade?

    Unless EManning and TO don't show up for the game tonight I'm going to end the first half of the season 2-5. I've started to look at upgrading for the future. I've offered the following two trades to an owner in my league who's 4-3: I give Westbrook, CJ & Roeth (we start 2 QB's and the owner of the other team is a hardcore Pitt fan). I get Bush, Maroney & Eli Trade 2 I give Westbrook & RMoss I get Bush and Maroney I don't know that he'd go fore the 1st trade, but I think the 2nd one looks pretty even. Here are our two teams: My Team QB's Palmer Roeth Kitna Plummer Cutler RB RBrown Westbrook Foster DWilliams TJones LWhite WR Chad RMoss ABryant BEdwards TE Winslow His Team QB Eli Bledsoe BJohnson VYoung RB LJ RBush CDillon Maroney WR MHArrison TO TGlenn Cotchery KJohnson TE Heap LJ Smith What do you guys think? Either trade would give this guy a pretty sick starting lineup.
  12. Chris Perry?

    I'd start Perry over Lundy or Gado and here's why. CPerry will probably suit up as the 3rd WR this week with the Bengals injury's at receiver. I'd be suprised if he has less than 5 catches. He'll also spell Rudi some too. I think that probably answers my question on Perry. Yes I would pick him up if you have room. He would be a better Fantasy back than Rudi should Rudi get injured.
  13. At what point...

    After watching the game last week it was very apparent that CP and CJ's timing is way off. I think this is a direct corilation to the protection problems. CP is being forced to throw the ball earlier than he'd like. CJ runs more deep routes while TJ runs the underneath stuff. Obviously with the injurys to the o-line the underneath routes are easier to complete. TJ has also show a better ability at going up and fighting for the ball on deep passes. I think the Bengals are going to make a concious effort to get CJ the ball more early on this week. I think you'll see a few flanker screens as well as some hitches and comebacks to take advantage of the coushin Chad's usually given. Bottom line is that you can't trade Chad now. The Bengals will get things straightened out.
  14. MDrew or MTurner?

    I'm going to keep it simple. Who do you like more long term? Who do you like more short term, and why?
  15. Which QB?

    I've got Roeth and Kitna in one league, and Roeth and ASmith in another. Right now I've got Kitna and ASmith starting. I figured I'd wait until Roeth got in rhythem before I started him. I guess I'm just looking for some validation. Hook it up.