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  1. Man vs Wild vs Survivorman

    I enjoy both shows as well but it's pretty obvious that Man vs Wild contains staged & stupid actions that would get most people killed. Reports have come out that he wore a life vest under his clothes in one episode, was helicoptered out one night during a show, got drunk and couldn't continue filming the episode until a couple days later etc. This show has a lot more entertainment value that dictate some of the Bear's actions. Les Stroud has knowledge (or has good advisors) but I get annoyed with his whining and sitting still during a lot of episodes. Put the cameras away and which would you rather be stuck with in a survival situation? Bear was British SAS until he broke his back. After rehab, he climbed Everest (breaking another bone on the way up and still finishing) and Ama Dablam. He enjoys his whiskey so maybe he'd have some along. Stroud was a and tv producer.
  2. The British Open

    Looks like he's playing well....1 back at this point.
  3. Which wine should I drink tonight?

    Well, maybe not. Ended up drinking a Francis Tannahill Syrah. Standout wine, especially for a syrah from Oregon.
  4. Dog Training Question

    I had her trained so well too. Up until about 8 months, she never even tried to get on the bed. FBJ, use the crate: Stuff it with blankets / towels, whatever. Be prepared to go outside many times a night for a few weeks and the first few nights will involve some crying...but when you're done crying you'll realize that the crate is the greatest dog training invention ever.
  5. Friday Night Poker

    I'm still trying to find the software! I've now checked at least 10 best buys.
  6. Going to a Beer Tasting this evening

    We had the International Brewers Festival in Portland a couple weeks ago which brought some very interesting beers...some good, some not so much. If its a $25 all you can drink deal, that seems pretty good to me. Some of these, we pay by the taste and it adds up faster than you'd think. The Oregon Brewers Festival is next weekend but unfortunately, I'll be out of town.
  7. Which wine should I drink tonight?

    I'm an hour away from hitting the wine bar and drinking some... ...any guesses??? ...thats right! PINOT!
  8. Dog Training Question

    I have to do that with an 80 lb lab. I've paid a price for going out of town a lot and giving the wife the chance to let the dog on the bed.
  9. The British Open

    For some reason, I think its going to be a little difficult for him to win.
  10. Wine + Cheese

    We just had a "Praise Cheeses" Party last week. These were the pairings: Cab Sauvignon: Blue Cheeses (We served a Rogue Blue), Sharp Smoked Cheddar, Manchego Merlot: Well, we didn't have any Merlot...sorry. Pinot Noir: Edam, Comte, Mushroom Brie Sparkling / Champagne: Double or Triple Cream Brie. Gruyere: Sauv Blanc Sauterne: Gorgonzola
  11. Any boat owners in the house?

    I've got a 19' Lund ProV. At any one time, at least one of the 3 motors will be working.
  12. Catholic Church In LA Settles Legal Claims

    Once again, the entire Church gets the blame for the actions of a few... ...thousand.
  13. The Importance of Good Wine & Food
  14. Wine decanting?

    Twiley's absolutely right and I've done quite a few tests on this. There are some wines, especially high quality younger wines that drink best after 36 hours in the decanter. It all depends on the wine but when we do tastings we'll usually start decanting (at least in the bottle) earlier in the day.
  15. Website Design Question

    You can base some things on % of screen width as well. Obviously you'd determine whether or not to do that based on the contents being displayed.