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  1. RB Kevin Jones DET

    KJ really surprised me last year. I'm rooting for the guy to return to full health. The sky is the limit on what he can do in Martz system helathy for a full year.
  2. If anyone is serious about joining a tough performance league for $500 per owner, let me know. Here's a quick summary of our league: * Going strong since 1998 * Currently have 10 owners but have always used 12 teams (looking for 2 more good owners) * Live draft to be held in NYC on Sept. 5th * Performance league (including PPR) * Lots of big cash prizes to win * Run by fair, reasonable Commish * Unbiased trade committee allows/stops trades (trades encouraged) * TONS of e-mail s**t talking smack (not for sensitive types) If you're ultra competitive, confident, thick-skinned and passionate about FF, contact me and I'll share more details.
  3. Complete Domination

    Just so you know I hate the Colts and have enjoyed watching Manning fail in the playoffs for years. But hey they completely dominated this game even though the scoreboard didn't say so. Outside of some turnovers and rainy weather, this SB could have gotten really ugly like 45-17 kinda ugly. The Colts were hands down the best team and how about their D in the playoffs. What a transformation! Kudos to Manning and Dungy for finally getting over the top. I wonder how Edge feels right about now? He was wise to take the guaranteed money from the Cards but a SB ring is priceless.
  4. Is Marty Gone?

    You're right on here but superior coaching allows a team like the Pats to beat a superior team like the Chargers on their home field. Anybody who watched today's game could see the Chargers were more talented, faster, etc. but Belicheck & Brady found a way. You gotta tip your hat but also must realize that Marty just doesn't cut it.
  5. Is Marty Gone?

    Obviously the turnovers did in the Chargers but hey the coach always takes much of the blame when teams play sloppy and make mental mistakes. The Chargers played tight and differently from how they played most of the regular season. You must be evaluating a Charger team from another year. On defense they shut down the run, have a solid secondary (this year) and led the league in sacks. On offense they have a very solid O-line and three Pro Bowlers in LT, Brees and Gates. In total I think they have 8 or more Pro Bowlers. So tell me, how are they not a talented team from top to bottom? The Chargers assembled an awesome team this year that should have won the SB. The only thing they need is a coach to take them over the top. Marty ain't that guy and keeps proving that over and over again with his losing playoff teams. This team will only be remembered from what happened in the playoffs. That 14-2 regular season record already feels like a distant memory. I don't know how they can bring Marty back. That's right up there with the Giants bring Coughlin back......
  6. Is Marty Gone?

    What are you smoking? The Chargers are talented from top to bottom with Pro Bowlers. Sure LT is the MVP of the league but that doesn't mean they are a one pony show. The difference maker in this game was coaching. Belicheck kept his team close and gave them a chance to win, Marty kept his team from winning as he always seems to do come playoff time. Seriously, what does Marty bring to the table at this stage in his career? He's won a lot of regular season games but has tanked in the playoffs with some good teams. He's proven time and time again he doesn't have what it takes during the playoffs and that can't be disputed. It's time for the Chargers to go in a different direction and reach their potential.
  7. I'm not crazy about the Pats and can't believe the Chargers lost this game. San Diego looks like the better team and SHOULD be moving on. Since they aren't, how happy must the Colts be. That Charger running game and pass rush spelled doom for Manning on the road. Now I think the Colts feel good about their match-up at home and Peyton the bum might actually get his chance to win a SB. The AFC championship game has me really bummed out right now. I'm sick of the Pats winning and enjoy watching Peyton's post-season blues. Who ever wins will make me sick!
  8. Is Marty Gone?

    It doesn't have to be a big name coach. Just some fresh blood to hold down the fort with some discipline. The Chargers are loaded with talent. That's what makes this loss so tough, it really seemed like their year. Marty is just one of those guys that doesn't seem to get it done come playoff time for what ever reason.
  9. Is Marty Gone?

    He should absolutely get fired. The Chargers WERE the best team in football this year. The Chargers started the game tight and made mental mistakes throughout the game. His playoff record is awful and he just seems to always come up short. There is no reason why he should be brought back.
  10. Martz interviews for Dolphins coaching vacancy

    That would be a serious upgrade to the Dolphins O. In fact, Martz upgrades any teams players fantasy wise where ever he goes. After what he did for Kitna, Jones and R. Williams in Detroit, I'm now a true believer.
  11. Boot Camp Tom to return

    It seems to me that Coughlin is just a stop gap for one more year. Then the Giants will make a strong push for Cohwer. Either that or the Giants don't like the pool of available candidates. It's mind boggling how he can really come back. The team has no discipline and clearly doesn't enjoy playing for him. If that's not a recipe for disaster I don't know what is.
  12. Art Shell Fired

    He certainly looked lost and confused but let's remember Shell was brought back as a last ditch effort by Al. Nobody else wanted the job then and nobody wants the job now. What coach wants to work with Al Davis, have no control and deal with bad seeds in the locker room? If the Raiders are to truly rebuild then they need to clean house personel wise and get some stability in the organization. You don't get that by firing your coach every year or two.
  13. Offensive Rookie of the Year

    I just don't see how VY being rookie of the year can be disputed. The guy is a stud and completely turned around the Titans season. Along the way, the Titans beat some good teams and let's not forget, came within a whisker of beating the Ravens. As a rookie qb, you really can't expect much more than what he accomplished this year. If you're not on the VY bandwagon yet jump on and watch this guy have a great career and become a fantasy stud. BTW- The crop of rookies this year made a huge impact on the NFL. I can't remember a better class in the last 10 years.
  14. Saban

    I think Saban was a good coach and he'll be missed but life goes on. I gotta think the QB situation and age of his defense were major factors in him leaving. Culpepper must still be a health ? and Harrington/Lemon appear to be back-up material. The biggest thing a coach needs is stability at the QB position. The defensive line are all in their 30's as well so maybe the college atmosphere would be less stressful and provide more job security. The SEC is tough though and there is no way Alabama will get back to the Bear Bryant dominant days. So who replaces Saban?
  15. Coach of the Year

    If I could vote it would be Mangini in a close race over Payton. Mangini has simply done more with less and I really feel like the Jets are smoke and mirrors. Payton on the other hand has a ton of offensive talent and put it to good use in a great system. Fisher has always been a very good underated coach but the Titans success is really linked to Vince Young who better get ROY hands down.