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  1. QB's 5 thru 15

    I would say Bulger McNabb well woth the risk if he can play like he did last year before going down Kitna has to back up the 10 wins he predicts. Hasselbeck solid when healthy Eli solid numbers despite making some poor decisions in crunch time. Leinart Smith great weapons around him if all can stay healthy (Gore, Davis. and Djax.) Green Campbell Young lost best WR and RB and is on the cover of Madden
  2. Trade Steven Jackson?

    If you are trying to win this year then I would get Edge and Westbrook. Reports are that the Cards will rush the ball 500+ times this year with the new coaching staff and get JJ Arrington more involved. There will still be plenty of toouches for Edge which will give him more solid numbers than last year. You could also go with Westy and MJD and still be in good shape. The only problem is that next year you might not want to keep Westy due to age or an injury and the Sjax owner will likely get have the last laugh.
  3. Chad vs. Houshmanzadeh

    I think it would be smart to grab a rusher like Travis Henry in the second instead of Chad and then get TJ in the 3rd or 4th. Last year TJ had the most recs and tied with Henry for the most rec. tds.(9) WIth Henry out for 9 weeks, TJ will benefit even more from Chad drawing attention to himself by calling out opposing CBs and putting names on his locker of who "can't stop 85."
  4. Kevin Jones and Tatum Bell

    Brandon Jackson and the Best available player.
  5. I think this is about right.
  6. I run a private league there. Highly customized. Live scoring. My favorite thing is that everything is counted. For example on Yahoo if you have 1 pt/20 yards and a WR gets 79 yards he'll then get 3pts missing out on 1 whole point due to 1 measly yard. On fleaflicker he would get 3.9 pts or something like that. Free Leagues generally stink as mentioned previously but if you get on forums like this one and post a lot you could recruit some good comp for your Free league like I did last year. My Free Redraft league from last year was voted to be a Keeper league this season. So it can work.
  7. I've heard auctions are the way to go. I've never been in one so I'm hesitant to try my first by spending cash. My email is [ ] Let me know what the 1st -4th prizes are and just the basics on how an auction draft works in comparison to a snake draft. I've commished a bunch of leagues so I know how to stay competitive for the whole season. Thanks
  8. Have to Keep Four of These Guys...Not Easy

    Do must. Do you have to keep 4 or could you keep 3 and get a draft pick instead?
  9. Reggie Bush or Rudi Johnson.

    I agree. T.O doesn't have much sand left in the hour glass IMO. It helps to have a stud on the other side to draw the defense. (Batman and Robin) Chad and TJ Marvin and Reggie T.O and Glenn Fitz and Boldin and soon...(like in about 61 days) Roy and Calvin!!! Exceptions: Steve Smith and Holt
  10. Rank these 5 QB's

    In 2007 I don't understand how guys can be so high on Vince Young. He lost his best rusher (Travis Henry) and will have to hope for underachievers like fat Lendale, Fragile Chris Brown, and an unproven rook in Chris Henry to keep defenses honest. Henry was actually below average in college. He lost his best WR too and will have to rely on an unproven 3rd year guy in Brandon Jones. All the WRs on the team are underachievers. The list has to be like this: 1. Tony Romo: Has the most weapons and you have to consider last season his rookie year even though it wasn't technically. How many QBs in NFL history have been successful in their first year as the starter? Very few but Romo managed to make the Pro Bowl. 2. J. Cutler: A true 2nd year guy who also has some very good options and a running game that should keep Ds honest. 3. Jason Campbell: Last year was really his rookie season even though like Romo it wasn't technically. He showed great signs of poise in the pocket and talent to get the ball where it needs to be. He has a speedy WR1 and a great running game to keep Ds honest. 4. Matt Schaub: No O-line and only one receiving option. I look at that team and I see no other viable WR but AJ. David Carr was pretty mobile but still got sacked more than any other QB in 2005 and was in the top 10 last year. No reason to think that Schaub won't get killed too. At 6'5" I don't know how mobile he can be. 5. Vince Young: Even if he had good options, I'd still rank him here because he probably would pass less and run more a la Mike Vick. Like I said in the beginning he has no one to throw to and no one to run the ball really. I guess Chris Brown could be the sleeper there but when was the last time he played all 16 games in a season (zero) and let's not forget about Madden which claimed one of the best players in NFL history last seson...
  11. Pick a RB

    Don't have the source but I recently read that Dunn was still a little faster. In any case I still would roll the dice on Jacobs over Norwood. 6'4" 260 vs 6'1" 203. Put yourself in the shoes of the CB or LB that has to make that tackle. I would prefer to tackle Norwood.
  12. Keeper Advice

    Addai... Ronnie is in for a tough year with some major QB and WR issues. Addai still has Peyton and Co. to keep defenses honest.
  13. Javon Walker or Roy Williams.

    Williams has a better chance of getting double digit tds IMO. Outside of Walker who else does Cutler have to throw to? Stokley? Rod Smith? Brandon Marshall? It will be easier to double team Walker. With Roy, Calvin and Furrey doubling Roy will be almost impossible.
  14. Draft Order

    Travis Henry and Mcgahee is a nice way to start a draft.
  15. Pick a RB

    I don't think this is even close. Even if Norwood starts and has 250+ carries I still think that Jacobs is more valuable right now. Norwood is still slower than Dunn and those 2 will have a 50/50 RBBC split this year IMO. Norwood may get more goalline looks but at 203lbs he won't exactly run people over. Jacobs will score at least 5 or more rush tds than Norwood if both are starters IMO.