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  1. IDP mock is running.

    i like my roster this far
  2. IDP mock is running.

    sorry for the delay fellas , i was in the office and I could not access the MFL website from my server, was getting blocked out. just made the selection from home. Wont happen again
  3. IDP mock is running.

    are these roster settings correct?? 1 wr or te?
  4. IDP mock is running.

    ok well my pick of alexander was as if a redraft, well i know for my 2nd pick now how i have to go.
  5. IDP mock is running.

    are we drafting like a dynasty? or just as a redraft? I need to know before i make my 2nd pick
  6. Would you do this trade?

    ok cool figured as much, thanks guys
  7. Would you do this trade?

    would you do this trade in a 12 team dynasty I send Larry Fitzgerald , Antonio Gates ,Jerious Norwood & rd 3 vet pick 3.1 this year I get Torry Holt , Brady Quinn , Chester Taylor and LJ Smith and rd 2 rookie pick in 2008 my rosters currently are QB - Brett Favre RB - Jurious Norwood , Fred Taylor and Adrian Peterson (min) WR- Larry Fitzgerald , Greg Jennings , Anthony Gonzalez, Rod Smith , Joey Jurivicius TE - Antonio Gates I dont like the idea but what do you guys think?
  8. mock with idp?

    thats really neat of you all to do.
  9. mock with idp?

    your right i like it lol , our current site is fleaflicker so it has me thinking now
  10. mock with idp?

    cool thanks i will check it out.
  11. mock with idp?

    anyone know where i can setup a online extended mock draft with IDP? i checked ant sports but i cant find a option for idp. anyone know?

    ditto, I live in the caribbean and my signal is perfect . On ocassion you get a dropoff in the signal but that is very rare.
  13. Jason Snelling - Dynasty Sleeper

    yea but what does this do to the value of Norwood?? I just traded for him in my dynasty

    I 2nd that motion I loveee direct TV
  15. Noah Herron

    what do u guys think of Noah Herron? any chance he ends out stealing time in GB from Morecy & Jackson?