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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  2. favorite football announcer

    I really liked Pat Summerall, & I was sad the bottle wore him down. Joe Buck annoys me and seems to have a crush on Aikman.
  3. Sleeper RB of 2007!

    Brandon Jax will take over sooner than later Lorenzo Booker b/c Brown can't stay healthy Tatum Bell b/c of Jones' dreaded Lis Franc digging deep here-Michael Bush / Chris Henry, maybe save for last rounds?
  4. So what happnes next year for Carolina?

    Carolina will bounce back next year. As long as they keep their D-Line healthy and field good DB's, then it will be Delhomme, De. Williams, and Stv Smith taking them returning to the playoffs in 2007-8.
  5. DAL vs. Philly

    Just before the game T.O. will try to make some weak apology to Garcia and Garcia will leave him hangng. Or maybe T.O. taunts the Philly sideline. You know that something is gonna happen, what will it be?
  6. Garcia vs. McNabb

    You know that something will happen on the sidelines in next week's Dal/Philly match-up. It could be T.O. making a shady apology with Garcia leaving him hanging, or T.O. will taunt the Phillt sideline, or something will happen.
  7. Suspend T.O? Are they crazy?

    That was Roberto Alomar spitting on an umpire -- way different than spitting on an opponent in a football game. If you think T.O. is bad, then you have never been on the bottom of a pile for a fumble. That is much more brutal.
  8. Suspend T.O? Are they crazy?

    Why would they suspend T.O. for spitting when the NFL has never suspended a player for that - and it has happened twice already (sean taylor ejected and fined and Romanowski was only fined) Yall quit hating on T.O.
  9. The Eagles/Cowboys Game.....

    Why would you suspend him anyway? Noone has ever been suspended for spitting on a player, and it has happened twice this year. One player (sean taylor) was ejected and fined, the other only fined. Yall quit hating on T.O.
  10. How does block punt NOT EQUAL defense ball?

    It is only a block IF the ball does NOT cross the line of scrimmage. Then it would only be a partial block, which is a punt.
  11. Pennington Hurt? has Graham listed as a punter
  12. Does Romo make every third and long?

    I benched him for Favre vs. Det this week (playoffs 1st rd.). I also benched Gore for Westbrook (SJax is other RB). Needless to say, my bench is on fire.
  13. TO spits in Hall's face

    Didn't Pac Man Jones do this earlier in the year?
  14. TO spits in Hall's face

    Yeah flog him for scoring 2 TDs.....please, quit hating. All is fair in love, war, and football. It is not like he spit on the ref, a la Roberto Alomar spitting on an umpire. He spit on an opponent, and don't act like Hall would not have said anything to provoke T.O.