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  1. I like church!! and I like Church:) Defense must of gotten a few lessons on how to strip the ball too which is great:)) However, some work needs to be done, but nothing we can't address. It's all good. I'm glad we won this important game:))

  2. I wrote a pretty thorough debunking of the QB/WR myth back in, oh, 2003 or 2004, something like that, but this article from 2008 summarizes things pretty nicely.







    so lets see your brilliant article, surely its published--but instead you provide a FBG link?? You're one creepy dude btw...

    on topic, if I wind up having 2 from the same team, I dont sweat it. Stellar offenses often have bona fide studs at key positions. I try to be a best-available person during a draft. I have failed miserably when I dont follow that protocol and try to overthink roster spots, scoring, bye weeks, etc..--case in point FFPC last yr:( :crying:

  3. I have been on Belchers end of the gun a few times due to depression and anxiety. I have never considered bringing anyone with me. That said it is sad to see someone take the ultimate step and pull the trigger. I don't pretend to know what was going through his mind but I know what was going through mine when I wanted to kill myself. There is nothing logical about it.


    I feel empathy for all involved.


    hugs to you TBIMM.. also, like CD said, these people arent in a rational state of mind, and it's so sad for all involved that it came down to this. I came across this article about Belcher:

  4. there's gotta be a way to delay the game a couple of days...if anything to allow Romeo a little more time after the suicide he witnessed:( what a terrible thing to see, I bet he wont even be able to sleep tonite, his mind racing. I certainly wouldnt be able to coach a game a mere 1 day after witnessing this.