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  1. Hou's OC--You're Fired

    replaced w/ the O-line Coach
  2. Hou's OC--You're Fired

    Good replies, can't do it all with a newborn these days; just not enough hours in the day
  3. Wow, has the away crowd ever been so noisy?

    Maybe Tagliabue should have paid out of pocket, plane tickets and hotel accomodations for 20,000 Saints fans
  4. When do they bench Dante?

    Hoorah Rovers once again!!! Probably my favorite Huddler--Hugh1 you're a close second!!
  5. NY Giant Homers!

    Hoorah Rovers!!!!
  6. Grits is an a-hole

    Hee Hee! Also, I'm a smart, smart WOMAN!!! and what I said is the truth; I give credit where credit is due.
  7. What is going on...

    1. McGahee-easy week 1 schedule made you pre-jac 2. C-Mart--hurt and old 3. Dom Davis-crappy Hou team, coaching misdirection that is wasting all that talent; I say quit worrying about D-Carr protection and let him get sacked like he has in the past; he's young, he can take it, and he got rid of the ball much quicker w/ Andre poised and ready to make the grab. 4. See above 5. JJ, your Shipp has come in
  8. SIMTT

    In a perfect world I'd give Caddy for Brady straight up. Way too much risk for you in the original offer.
  9. Tatum Bell

    All this talk bears an uncanny resemblence to the sentiment of Q-Griffin just a year ago--and look what happened to him--great 1st game, although it was against a then $hitty KC D, then it all went down hill only to end with a season-ending injury...Shanny really has no tolerance for underachieving RB's.
  10. 27,604 posts...

    Well, for what it's worth, G&S has always answered my posts in the advice forum with the upmost respect--he's short, sweet, and to-the-point, just as I like it; To some, he may come off as curt and calloused. Also, the fabulously omniscient FF guru, Hugh 1, has extended me the same courtousy. Needless to say I trust both of these gentlemen's advice. They love to get a rise out of you guys and it makes for very entertaining reading.
  11. WDIS RB

    Portis in Dallas with the new and improved 3/4 D featuring the likes of Ware makes me think Caddy is the best option
  12. Giant's homers

    Not a homer, but this cat is so fragile, hurt almost every week; has he ever completed an entire season...In his very short NFL career, no less. He's already trouble on your roster and I say look elsewhere for long-term TE production because this guy hasn't even come close to panning out so far.
  13. Can I get opinions

    From a betting perspective I take the Bucs; Gruden seems to have the fire lit under everyone and they look like a team that can really be a force to be reckoned with in the NFC
  14. Weekly Blitz

    Hi G&S! Dal Jax KC Pitt TB
  15. The Edge Debate

    1. Last yr: Finished 5th place out of 12 teams; missed the playoffs (top 4 teams) by 1 point!! Have had Edge the first 3 years of my FF career 2. I do not have Edge this year nor will I ever have him again; I share your sentiment
  16. Crayton

    a good nickel receiver in the vast arsenal of weapons Bledsoe has at his disposal. YEsterday's play was a career day for Crayton and Parcells is comparing him to Troy Brown (not exactly a FF powerhouse, but someone that will get you a few points here and there). Let's see, we've got Glenn, MEshawn, Witten, Crayton, and soon to make an appearance Peerless Price...
  17. Are the 49ers this years chargers?

    Like, the Cpt siad, anything is possible, but it's not surprising the defense looked good, as Nolan has a very impressive resume as DC for several top-rated defenses in recent memory, including Balt
  18. Big Bench Pts

    Jimmt Smith benched w/ 27 pts D Driver in w/ 4 pts
  19. Weekly Blitz

    Cincy Dallas NYJets Sea TB
  20. Luckily I have LT2 as my 1st back; can either one of these be the icing on the cake? TJ @ Washington Dunn hosting Philly on MNF
  21. J Lewis and don't look back
  22. J. Lewis or S. Jackson

    Big John are you in the house tonite? I did not start this topic, only replied and my name is attached as topic starter. I don't even have these cats on any of my 3 FF teams.