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  1. Jamal Lewis Released

    Maybe that's your problem? Too much beer, so the woman becomes a source of frustration, fueling your rage against RBs with bad offensive lines?
  2. Barack Obama

    I've met Obama a bunch of times when i lived in Chicago and am impressed by him. I'm currently torn between him and Edwards for President.
  3. Official Super Bowl commercial thread

    Underwhelming so far. My personal fave was the white dog that gets splashed by the mud puddle. What was that an ad for?
  4. who is following top chef?

    I've been watching and saw the finale
  5. So Long and thanks for all the Fish

    I was going to post it here sooner or later, but I would have taken out the HFA specific stuff. I've had a lot of fun and made a lot of friends around the huddle. I will still stop by from time to time, and the wish y'all keep in touch goes for folks i've been in leagues with and folks I haven't (if there are any).
  6. Something weird is happening to me

    dehydration also causes blurred vision. Drink some water and see if that helps
  7. Shakespeare Murder Mystery

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/drama/shakespeare/game.shtml pretty cool so far
  8. Shakespeare Murder Mystery

    oh you can. each act is self contained, and once you finish act 1, you can come back and start at act 2, and so on
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ancient/roman...deathrome.shtml
  10. HUMMER

    Like nothing else. Think that commercial is intentional?
  11. Let's talk knives

    y'all will laugh. But I am a cutco guy. i have also used henkels and wusthof, but prefer the cutco i used to sell in college. Stays very sharp and the customer service is awesome.
  12. Some Fondu help-Please.

    what's kirsch?
  13. Cormac McCarthy's Blood Merridian

    email me a little about your class and what you're doing, and i'll forward it to her. josh_aronovitch@yahoo.com
  14. Cormac McCarthy's Blood Merridian

    A good friend has written a young adult fantasy novel that is not yet published... any interest in reviewing the manuscript for the class?
  15. Cormac McCarthy's Blood Merridian

    Ursula Leguin's A wizard of earth Sea and sequels. Way Past Cool, by Jess Mowry
  16. Age Test

    17 and I turn 29 today. I thought the fifth beattle was the VW on the cover of abby road?
  17. Prayers / Good Vibes Needed

    You and yours are in my prayers. My "little" brother was induced at 10 pounds 1 ounce. No complications. They actually thought he was going to be twins since he was so heavy and there was an echo of the heartbeat.
  18. NY Giants

    as a giants fan, I hope coughlin is not back. Even if they do make the playoffs. The team has no discipline, and the play calling sucks. That game today was sickening.
  19. Does anybody have a link to playoff scenarios?

    someone actually did that for greenbay's chances on some other ff website... They would need to finish in a many way tie, and they need to pick up some complicated ground against the giants in strength of schedule and/or strength of victory.
  20. What's next, Lipstick and Mini Skirts?

    I don't know why a guy would want a tongue ring, but I love it when a chick has one...
  21. Blaze of Glory for Favre?

    starting favre over roethlisberger in the fusion superbowl.
  22. Darin or others .........

    It depends on two things: your scoring system and the rest of your and your opponent's lineups. Do you need a home run, or is a double sufficient? Morrisson is the lower risk, lower ceiling choice. If sacks and turnovers are scored highly enough, the upside makes up more and more for the risk of the strike out. The decision mostly rests on how many points you think you need out of the position to win.
  23. What the heck is Tirico talking about?

    but in a situation like that, the divisional tie is broken first...
  24. What the heck is Tirico talking about?

    if its a 3 way tie, its group head to head.
  25. Mozzarella Sticks

    why would you put pot in a cast iron skillet?