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  1. Weekly M. BarberIII v. J Jones

    I got burned starting JJ over Barber twice earlier this year...JJ hasn't seen the starting lineup since. Since about week 7 I think. He is the most overrated starting RB in the league. I tried trading him away before the deadline and unfortunately everyone else in my league feels the same way about him. Nobody wanted him. Not even for a tier 3 WR. I tried getting Furrey off a guy for him and his response was something along the lines of "dude, you're kidding right?"
  2. WDIS Marion Barber or Julius Jones?

    JJ is the most overrated starting RB in the league. He's behind MB in points in all 3 of my leagues, which all have different scoring setups. Unless your scoring system awards PPC (points per carry), I would start MB.
  3. Pick up Betts or Barlow?

    Betts...Barlow sucks I threw in Betts as part of a 3 for 3 trade I did two weeks ago to the guy who has Portis...DAMN!
  4. Dallas Backfield

    As another JJ owner...bench him for MBIII. Julius Jones is the most overrated RB in fantasy football. I made the mistake of putting him in my starting lineup last week against a weak AZ defense and lost because of it. I had 4 other RB's I could have started and won with, and 3 of them are considered the #2 RB on their own teams!
  5. Furrey or Bryant...they'll probably end up with similar fantasy points. Forget those first two.
  6. Should I trade them now?

    I traded away Reggie Brown in both my leagues last week. I think his value is inflated and about as high as it's ever gonna get (a little less so after last week's goose egg). The return of Stallworth means less passes coming his way. Trade him for a solid/proven WR if you can. My two trades were: I gave: Gore, Ladell Betts, Reggie Brown I got: Julius Jones, Marion Barber, Roy Williams In my other league: I gave: Laurence Maroney & Reggie Brown I got: Jerious Norwood & Chad Johnson Terry Glenn's value started plummeting a few weeks ago even before Romo once TO came back. It's even less with Romo...he looks to TO a ton (smart move on Romo's part actually).
  7. Well I got throttled....

    Oh that is too funny. I have a similar situation in another league i'm in and i'm actually gonna win. Sounds like basically the same scoring as yours. I'm winning in that one 43-48 right now with Chad Jackson going tonight...which means i'll probably finish with 50-55 points and get a W. The next LOWEST scoring team (12 team league) this week was 73 to put it in perspective. Pathetic, but i'll take it.
  8. Good lord, I went up against Manning, Wayne, LT, & Crumpler this week in one of my leagues...needless to say i'm down 101 points going into tonight's game with Chester Taylor and Gabriel left. So I should only lose by 70 or so. Anyone else get their a$$es handed to them this week? Please, somebody...just to make me feel better.
  9. Chad Johnson Driver Javon Walker Bernard Berrian Non keeper, no PPR, 1 pt/10 yds receiving
  10. please chime in

    At first glance this trade is absolutely ridiculous, but when thinking dynasty format it's not near as bad. Since Tiki and Dillon will most likely be done by the end of the year, the trade is basically LJ Smith & a 1st round draft pick for Rudi, Jenkins, and Miller who are all young guys. Too bad you couldn't have gotten a better WR than Jenkins, but other than that I think it's a good trade for a dynasty team that is rebuilding.
  11. I wouldn't do it. I don't think the upgrade from Delhomme to Eli (the QB you'd now be starting) is as great as the downgrade from Gore to any of the guys you listed.
  12. Favre or Leinart?

    If Fitz plays (which is doubtful), go with Leinhart. If not, Favre.
  13. Unload Eli Manning for R Brown

    No way, don't do it. Don't overestimate Vick because of his career game last weekend. He'll probably follow that up with two straight weeks of zero TD passes. Besides, Ronnie hasn't exactly been tearing it up this year. And he's got a fairly tough schedule the rest of the way. Deuce & McGahee will be just fine for you.
  14. Jones-Drew for Colston?

    You'd be getting screwed if you did the deal. Colston is your #2 WR...Drew would be a bench guy, maybe a flex guy in the right matchup.
  15. Am I mad?

    I like Driver and Berrian. I expect Chicago to greatly redeem themselves offensively this week after that Monday night debacle. And does Favre have anyone left to throw to there besides Driver? I don't like DJax without Hasselbeck. Housh...maybe, but it's only a matter of time before they realize they still have CJ there and start throwing more to him. Plus Chris Henry will be back and I expect him to steal some receptions.