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  1. Cost of Game Tickets

    i solved that problem buy purchasing a a 60 " high def and the nfl package from direct tv , the picture quality is great , i can watch any game i want and me and my buddies to hang out in air conditioning and have a great time , not to mention it has stat tracker which keeps track of mt fantasy palyers for me so i can see how im doing during the games .....LOL ....and the red zone channel is great it bounces me all over the league to the games where teams are in scoring position so i can see all the good action... i love going to games but with a big screen and a nice sound system and air conditioning and heat ........i have to say i love my seats every week
  2. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    how's that ole saying go .....quitters NEVER win and winners NEVER quit........your cowboys are still going to lose games and your wife is still going to get pissed at you ..........so why not play a little fantasy ball .......
  3. Las Vegas Hilton NFL Picks Contest

    that is a great post and puts a real picture on pro football betting, thank you .... i love gambling on football but i do it for the sport of it not for profit ,
  4. Best league host(s)

    whats the advantage of MFL or fanball over say NFL.COM (CBS SPORTSLINE) we have had a league for the last 5 seasons in NFL and this year is our first shot at running our own league , and i see everybody really like these two other sites , so give me a few reasons that make them so much better ? and are those site active all year round so that everybody can stay in touch during the off season ?
  5. Culpepper released

    would you really want culpepper over pennington? for whatever reason culpepper seems to have lost what ever ability he had to be an effective QB a few seasons ago , his ability to make a good read and deliver the ball has to be in question and as long as pennington can stay healty he should be the starter in ny ....im afraid we have seen the best of culpepper and i'll make the same arguement for detriot kitna is a much better QB AND PUT UP STRONG NUMBERS last season and should be able to improve on those this season , so why would you need culpepper who cant seem to do much more then throw INT'S .....culpepper can only hope to land a nice back up job somewhere but as far as competing for a starting spot i think he'll find that tough . he's not a very accurate passer and i'll make the arguement that he never has been , i thnk moss made him look a lot better then he was with his ability to go get the ball no matter where culpepper threw it
  6. Vick

    i would disagree i think most of vicks runs come from broken plays when he is unable to make the proper read and cant find an open receiver , so i doubt he stole too many yards from his backs , now on the other hand with a new coach that seems like he expects vick to assume a more tradional role as QB it might give the backs a few more opportunities to run that is of coarse if vick can be successful passing the ball because if he cant then defenses will just stack the box and make it very difficult for anybody to get any yards . personally i would have to shy away from all falcon players except maybe crumpler until we can see if vick will be successful in his new offensive scheme
  7. Vick Indicted

    that just made me laugh out loud
  8. Vick Indicted

    quit it .....you are assuming that hunters never miss ......i have many friends that hunt deer and i hear every year how they shot one and tracked it for hours and never found it ....
  9. Vick Indicted

    i have no problem with what you do .......im talking about SPORT HUNTING AND FISHING ......trophy hunting and fishing is no more humane then dog fighting except maybe if you are a good enough shot the animal dies a little quicker and suffers just a bit less but in the end he still dies ..... even the best hunters occassionaly miss the kill shot and have to track the animal down to FINALLY kill it ....WHICH COULD TAKE HOURS ....the whole time that animal is suffering ....am i wrong ?
  10. Vick Indicted

    so if they ate the dogs it would be okay ?...the fact that you need a saftey course to hunt is for the safety of other hunters not the animal you are stalking...and killing just so you can put his head on a plaque and brag to your buddies and i have no problem with hunting if its main purpose is for food or to help control the population of certain animals .......its the guys that hunt just for the trophy kill that i am saying is the EXACT same thing as dog fighting in one incidence you have two guys fighting their dogs to the death for nothing more then bragging rights and a few bucks , and on the other hand you have a guy hunting a big cat for instance just for bragging rights about how great a hunter he is , the fact that the cat will be eaten is of no importance in this arguement.....
  11. Vick Indicted

    no i said hunting for SPORT is exactly the same thing .....if you are hunting for the purpose of food or to help control the population of certain specie like deer for example then i CAN see where it could be justified .......but if you are hunting animal just to put his head on your wall then yes it is EXACTLY the same thing ....an innocent animal is being killed just for the amusement of man ...... so please educate me how that statement could possibly be wrong ......before you accuse me of being ignorant ....please discern the difference ...
  12. Vick Indicted

    ive seen bears and big cats and elephants etc ..in the circus and in movies and they all learn to jump through hoops etc ..so making the claim that domesticated dogs and cats are any more intelligent then a bear or big cat and therefore its okay to execute them for the purpose of putting a trophy on your wall or a rug on your floor is a little absurd ..
  13. Vick Indicted

    how is executing an animal just for the sport of it being respectful , oh wait your shot it in the head so it died quickly right and if you happened to miss that heart shot you tracked it down and put a bullit in his head , thats being humane and respectful? please explain yourself otherwise your comment is absurd ! now i have no problem with hunting for food or to help control the population of deer etc but people that hunt strictly for the sport of it for that trophy they can mount on their wall is no different then fighting dogs ....
  14. Vick Indicted

    your point is taken ,but it is just a little off target since we humans make a personal choice to box , we are not forced to box to survive ....that would be more inkind to gladiator days .... the only point i was making is that its just very hypocritical for politicians and the kind to stand up on their soap boxes and act like this is just barbaric and cruel when they themselves have no problem picking up a gun and hunting down an animal just for the sport of it , or fishing for shark and marlin just for the sport of it . it is exactly the same thing but since most sport hunting is done by rich white guys nobody gives a Sega! and lord forbid a politician that would get on his soap box and possibly upset a campaign donor . but since dog figting seems to be more in the black community they feel obligated to get up and preach their bullSega! . like i said earlier I AM AGAINST SPORT HUNTING AND FISHING AND DOG FIGHTING, bull fighting ,cock fighting, etc etc... i think it is cruel and inhumane , but im not ready to put a guy in prison for 6 years for it when its perfectly legal and acceptable to hunt other animals just for the sport of it ......now if you are hunting to feed yourself and your family or to help control the population of certain animals (such as deer )then i look at it a bit differently and i can see where it could be justified...
  15. Vick Indicted

    I assume we can expect an uproar over sport hunting and fishing then right ? What is the difference between dog fighting ,or hunting bears or big cats or fishing for marlin or sharks ? I personally do not agree with hunting for sport or dog fighting but if you are going to get all bent over dog fighting you need to get all bent over sport hunting and fishing because i dont see where the difference is , innocent animals are being killed for the pleasure of man. I wonder how many pro athletes or for that matter members of professional football teams from the coaches to the executives in the front offices have ever been on sport fishing or hunting trips ? The fact that there is a gambling aspect involved with dog fighting ,to me , seems to be a more relevent issue then the actual dog fighting itself .