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  1. Jumping on the Bandwagon...

    Done, Nick. Good luck!
  2. Libertarian vs. Republican

    I once felt this way, but have grown comfortable "throwing my vote away" simply because I feel the two party system is broken. Well said.
  3. A couple of little prayes requested....

  4. Lets talk pastries

    I experienced the food event of my lifetime in Florida before I left. My company threw a big bash here. I'm no world traveler, but it is easily the most beautiful man-made place I have seen. The place was built by James Deering, in 1914-1916. He built the place overlooking Biscane Bay in Coconut Grove based on Italian villas he visited earlier in his life. Anywho, the food was every bit up to the standard of the location. Dessert was a hugh spread of Viennese pastries that were out of this world. The chocolate cinnimon cannolis were dynamite. There were probably 10 or 12 varieties and I tried most of them - all a tier (or 12) above anything else I have ever had. There was a fresh blackberry something or other with an uber-flakey crust that "made it move." There was also bananas and strawberries flambe. The main meal was exceptional as well. Fancy schmancy salad of romas, buffalo mozerella, roasted peppers and vinagerette. Fire-grilled filets with something & leek mashed taters and honey-glazed veggies were the main course. It was all amazingly good for a catered meal. I felt very out of place at this jacket and tie affair, but it was a memorable evening because of the location. If any of you like architecture, old school gardens or sculpture, make it a point to visit Vizcaya when you are in Mami. My only regret was that my wife was not there to share the experience with.
  5. Doral's Blue Monster

    I played the Blue Monster today and all I can say is That course kicked my butt. The fairways are fast and don't hold a ball with any english on it. A ball in the rough is a ball lost - I can now see why the PGA has so many spotters on every hole. In the rare instance you do find your ball, you damn near break your wrists slamming it out of there. The greens actually weren't too bad - fast, but not too tough to read. I putted very well, earning from my foresome-mates and caddie Walking up 18 was a very cool feeling - the grandstands and hugh scoreboard are up for next weeks CA Championship. Water protects the front left of that green and the stands are on the back right. I totaled 2 pars in a very tough round in the wind. I should have abandoned the driver long before I did, but I wanted that long perfect drive on a Blud Monster hole. I can't wait to watch the pros tear that big blue biyatch a new one next weekend.
  6. Spread sheet gurus

    Ya gotta "String" those cells you want fixed with a "$" infront of both the number and letter of the cell locator.
  7. Laminate flooring

    I'll be buying some of this in the next few weeks for the main level of my house. My wife has picked out some stuff that looks like tile. I have not decided if I want to do the install myself. I'm not worried about actually doing it, as I have friends that have done it before. My problem is I don't really have time to do it. The laminate might sit in the boxes until I'm done with school - that'd make the Mrs. happy.
  8. Doral's Blue Monster

    Sounds fun! Hopefully, you're taking your own clubs. I made the mistake of leaving mine home and my hands are paying the price this morning. I use a use a very soft, tacky grip on my sticks and the Calloway rentals I used yesterday were rock hard and rough. I can play 36 holes or more with my clubs anytime with no problem, but my hands freakin' hurt today after one round with those hard grips.
  9. Doral's Blue Monster

    I had committed to play from the big boy tees, but they were closed. I guess that's understandable with the tournament only a week away. They are closing the course tomorrow for final prep. It was very cool. The rough was rough. My caddie said it won't see a mower between now and when the PGA guys begin play. Another week of growth. Playing a course like that helps me appreciate how good those PGA cats are.
  10. So, what's your favorite Rush song?

  11. Pistol help

    Yeah, I guess that needs to be said. You can shoot .38s out of a .357, but not the other way around. Buying a .357 and shooting .38s for practice is a good way to go because .38s are about 2/3 the price of .357 and is much easier to shoot lots of. You should still shoot with whatever more stout carry ammo you choose, be it a .38 +P or full house .357 magnum. .357s are generally built a little more stoutly and have a longer cylinder to handle the more powerful round.
  12. Pistol help

    A .357 is a much better self defense round - you actually have to worry about over penetration, so stick with the lighter loads. The downside is, there is much more recoil, noise and muzzle flash. If you do go with the .38, be sure to go with a +P load - that means the cartridge is loaded to above SAAMI pressures, but should be safe in any modern gun in good condition.
  13. Easy for me - when my wife was delivering our 3rd child, there was a point in the delivery when the doc called other docs and the number of nurses in the room tripled. My wife was in and out of consciousness and I wasn't getting any info. It was only 5-10 minutes, but it was easily the most stressful thing I've experienced.
  14. Florida

    For those of you still waiting out Old Man Winter - Florida is nice this time of year. I'm in sunny Miami staying at Doral. My room has a view of the 9th tee of the Blue Monster. I get to play that bad boy on Wednesday afternoon and am playing the Silver course on Thursday. Sometimes my job sucks, this is not one of those times. If any of you are planning a vacation down this way, I give this joint the if you are a golfer. There are 5 courses here and they are in dynamite shape. The accomodations are nice - maybe 3.5 stars out of 5 - only because the place is 40 years old. The food's been great so far.
  15. Florida

    Thanks for the hate, guys. I wouldn't want to live here, but it is a very nice place to visit. I too like the seasons, including the biting cold.
  16. So, what's your favorite Rush song?

    Take it from a guy that's beat on his share of drums, I can (ok-could) emulate a lof of guys - but Peart is just out of this world.
  17. Pistol help

    Utah is not being touted as the CCL to get. It's currently running about 90 days for out-of-staters, but worth the effort. This site has a lot of good info - state by state
  18. Dumbing-Down of America

    Not to hijack the thread, but I'm between meetings at a national conference and was just given some interesting info - especially concerning the tangent of socialism in this thread. We were just given per treatment costs for a particular dialysis therapy in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. I have changed the numbers reported (very confidential), but the ratio is exactly the same (used the same multiplier for each): U.S. $24.81 Canada $71.50 Mexico $13.85 Keep in mind that the raw materials are the same & manufactured by the same company in these three countries. They did not break the labor piece out, but it was mentioned that favorable labor rates is what got the Mexico cost down so low. It's a very narrow scope, but a real life example of comparative health care costs.
  19. Court strikes down DC handgun ban!

    After 27 years... A nice change of direction.
  20. How many times a day you come here?

  21. Court strikes down DC handgun ban!

    Yeah, but the decision is pretty solid and the dissent is weak. Hopefully, this is the proverbial "genie out of the bottle" and we can get a favorable ruling from SCOTUS that will stand for a decade or two. I doubt it though, they'll probably deny cert. and avoid making such a controversial ruling.
  22. Pistol help

    That depends on the state. In a few, there are no permits required at all. In others, you have to be the governor or Rosie O'Donnel to get one. Most however, require a fairly thorough background check and a training course that may or may not include a shooting test.
  23. Court strikes down DC handgun ban!

    A quote from the decision:
  24. Pistol help

    Pistol rounds are pretty marginal man-stoppers. Shot placement is nearly everything, but bigger wounds bleed more.
  25. More gun talk.

    I really like the HMR - it is a blast to shoot. The cartridge was designed for small varmints, so if that's your intended purpose - it should work out well for you. It is not intended for coyote size animals - ever. That little bullet is screamin', but lacks the mass to reliably dispatch larger varmints. If you just want one for target shooting, there are probably better choices. That little bullet gets pushed around by the slightest of breezes. The .17 HMR and similar Mach 2 are a blast to shoot because there is no recoil. You can keep your sight picture through recoil and see exaclty where you hit. I think that's why it is so fun to shoot. This is the one I'd go with if I was buying new. I like the look and think Marlin has cornered the market on good rimfire barrels. This is a nice rifle and a whale of a deal This is the HMR I have shot the most. It has a great trigger and is an awesome deal. I don't know how Savage puts a gun like this on the market at this price. Optics are all personal choice. I tend to go overkill on glass every time. I decent 4x would work well for the HMR, but I'd be inclined to go with a nice 3x9 like this. As for ammo, I've only used CCIs 17 grain VMAX. It is accurate and makes quick work of unwanted critters.