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  1. used car

    Congrats - I hope it works out well for you. As for cleaning the motor, start by simply taking it to a car wash and spraying the engine bay out with the high pressure wand. Avoid spraying directly on to the distributer. That should get most of the gunk out. If you want it uber clean, pay someone to detail the motor - usually around $100.
  2. So, what's your favorite Rush song?

    I rest my case.
  3. Oh nifty nifty, look who's fifty

    Happy B-day you POS - I hope it's your last.
  4. Pistol help

  5. Pistol help

    As others have said - you really need to shoot the two models you are looking at. Ergonomics are important in such a decision and you'll usually end up going with what feels best. I don't think you can go wrong with the Glock or XD, they are both very solid choices for CC. I don't happen to like them because of their fat, double stack grip, but as Furd said, I'm a 1911 man all the way. Don't worry about the short grip on any pistol. You can get mag floor plates for almost any model that extend the grip with a little "pinky curl" to keep your mitt where it belongs during fire. I'm assuming you're familiar with the .40 cartridge. It's a snappy little bugger, especially out of a sub-compact. This is usually OK for CCW, but if you plan to shoot at the range much (and I think folks should always shoot their carry piece a bunch) you may not like a gun with that much snap to it. Once you decide on a gun and carry load, play with the spring weight until you find the right balance. Many guns with light, short slides are under-sprung and that increases the snappy recoil problem because the slide slams back too hard. Whatever your choice is, invest $150-200 in quality leather - both gun belt and holster. It makes all the difference in comfortable carry. Lou Alessi, Gary Brommeland and Milk Sparks are my favorites. I guess it doesn't matter much with a little girlie composit gun but when you pack a 5" steel 1911 that weighs 43 oz empty, good leather makes all the difference. When yer done messin' around with the little noise makers, come over to the school of John Moses Browning - SLD and I will make believers out of you.
  6. middle name day

  7. So, what's your favorite Rush song?

    Limelight or Tom Sawyer. Neil Peart is the best drummer ever. Mista Peart at work.
  8. beyond boobies

    Beyond the standard "family" vote: the 1911 It's pretty phenomenal that a pistol that made its debut over almost 100 years ago is still alive and going strong - a credit to the genius of John Moses Browning. Old broncos
  9. Court strikes down DC handgun ban!

    I like the decision, but will not be happy until a similar opinions comes from the Supreme Court.
  10. buying a used car

    Off topic, but my folks love this place. Also off topic, but credit unions rock. Banks are a rip off.
  11. 100,000 Under Her Belt

    Talk about sloppy 2nds.
  12. Dumbing-Down of America

    Speaking of pi - anybody read Life of Pi? It's a good book - check it out if you like to read at all. :hijack:
  13. used car

    1 vote for the minivan. Inexpensive to buy and operate - haul tons of stuff with better access to all parts of the vehicle than a wagon. We bought a '99 Dodge grand caravan 5 years ago and have spent exactly $42 in unplanned repairs. Gas, oil, tires and one serp belt is it. They're low on cool factor, but get a big from me.
  14. Miami

    Any Huddlers live there or visit a lot? I'll be there next week and would like some suggestions for good eats. I'm staying at the Doral resort and understand there are many eateries in the area. I've got a tee time on the Blue Monster for 1:00 on Wednesday.
  15. Profile quiz

    Interesting that most of us are very mixed on ethics and conservative on defense and crime.
  16. Mega Million

  17. Miami

    I'm pretty stoked about it. I've never played a pro course of this caliber. I've committed to play the course with a buddy from the tips to see what the pros have to work with week in and week out. I am worried a dozen balls won't be enough.
  18. Out of curiousity, what is.....

  19. Graham to Denver

    I like Sheffler too, but Graham is a proven, young NFL TE with great hands.
  20. Graham to Denver

    Now that's a move I like.
  21. Dumbing-Down of America

  22. Profile quiz

    Your Political Profile: Overall: 60% Conservative, 40% Liberal Social Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal Personal Responsibility: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal Fiscal Issues: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal Ethics: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal Defense and Crime: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal Pretty simplistic test - not far off on the over all.
  23. Tonight's Dinner

    Grab bag of Wendy's tonight. Quick, but
  24. Out of curiousity, what is.....

    It was 53 for me - for Broncos LB Randy Gradishar.