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  1. Dumbing-Down of America

    That's very un-Tailgate-like of you. We disagree on a minor point on something we generally agree on and therefore must be bitter and sworn enemies.
  2. Gateway!

    Well, if he's doin' the other for 16 hours, poor Mrs. RR must be and
  3. Dumbing-Down of America

    I've been tutoring jr high kids in reading for a month now. It seems the kids that need the most help (I help teach kids in a remedial reading class for 7-9 graders) come from A.) poor homes and/or B.) single parent homes. Many of them read at a 2-4 grade level - terribly sad for kids getting ready to go to high school. I have no doubts that there are a lot of crappy teachers - my kids certainly get their share. However, there are a lot of outstanding teachers too. The lady who's class I help in is a real credit to the profession. I think that if an atmosphere of life-long learning is established in the home, kids can survive and even thrive in our crappy schools. Parents do have to be invloved - period. It's less about parents teaching kids how to learn as it is about parents teaching kids that they give a damn about them and helping kids establish a sense of identity and self worth. Parents that leave that up to the schools will be gravely disappointed.
  4. Out of curiousity, what is.....

    7 - Mr. John Elway.
  5. Gateway!

    Looks like you got the auto-smiley function working too. Nice work, BTW.
  6. What's the best disposable razor? (answer quickly)

    I got one of those Sensors in the mail - man is it a sweet razor. I usually just grab one of my wife's pink Daisy deals out of the shower for my once a week scraping.
  7. Cheez-it Burgers

    I do that with blue cheese. Friggin' scrumptous.
  8. Two Wolves

    Very true.
  9. Great White Shark

    Like the video says - those killer whales act much like a pack of wolves.
  10. Henry signs 5 year deal

    I'm not sure I like this. I do like Henry becuase he runs hard, but he's got some miles on those knees and is 28.
  11. H. R. 1022

    Maybe because it would not be for the good for the nation. Have you been paying attention? Excellent - sounds like you're ready for a good weekend desert shoot. I'll bring the tannerite.
  12. Gateway!

  13. Redneck supper

    That's much easier than trying to keep the live ones on the grill.
  14. Just so everyone remembers....

    Did they have one too? I saw one advertised on the History Channel for this weekend too.
  15. Chips

    I'm not big on flavored chips, with the exception of habenero Doritos. I stick with corn chips and sasla, bean dip or queso.
  16. Gateway!

    Yup. I've heard people bash Dell, but I've had nothing but good luck with them. I should be receiving my 4th Dell laptop this week. I'm typing away now on a 6-year old Dell desktop that needs replacing simply because it has so much junk on it and is crawling along with only 256k of memory. I've ordered memeory and accessories for my PDA, specifying ground shipment and it always shows up the very next day - very fast service.
  17. H. R. 1022

    I am not a memer of the NRA - I think they're rather inconsisent. They are totally immovable on a few minor points and complete sell outs on others. The JPFO and GOA are better groups to do support if you are in the pro gun/pro freedom camp.
  18. CO2 emmisions to go up.
  19. H. R. 1022

    Pretty reasonable article on the matter from a Tennessee rep. This guys calls BS on the term "assault weapon."
  20. Science says...

    It is an interesting idea, though I've not heard of Mars having an effect on earths temps. I have heard, from several sources, that we are receiving more heat from the sun in the form of solar flares. This is very interesting to me becuase it opens up the possibility that we seldom consider when pondering the global warming phenomenon - exteral factors. We're so focused on what here doing here on the earth, I think we overlook what may be happening outside our little blue rock.
  21. H. R. 1022

    That's a total cop out. I could say the same thing about hate speech, but it would be equally wrong. Do you find it acceptable that the only place some demonstrations may take place is in free speech zones, miles from where the targeted officials will be? Anyone care to argue that alcohol is not damaging to some people in our fair country? People die from domestic abuse and car accidents involving alcohol every day. The number of people this affects is exponentially greater than the harm caused by guns in total, let alone "assault" weapons. No one (well, almost no one) is begging to bring back prohibition. Please read Big John's sig from time to time - it is exceptionally accurate in today's political climate whether we're talking about guns, abortion or the Patriot Act.
  22. H. R. 1022

    Good info here.
  23. H. R. 1022

    I agree. I wonder how bad it will get before citizens really revolt. Maybe it'll take a Starbucks tax.
  24. Montana to ban UN flag

    Compared to the normal efficient and professional manner of state legislatures everywhere?