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  1. Microsoft Surface

    Would that be the phone Apple forgot to add the actual phone feature to? [sarcasm=8]I'm sooooo impressed[/sarcasm]
  2. Best way to dispose of junky potting soil

    Just add half a bag at a time - it'll be a fine contribution to compost.
  3. Kitching flooring question

    My wife's ingeneous solution to the same problem was a strategically placed new kitchet mat.
  4. Ok, golfers......

    I've never made a hole in one. My brother, who plays much less golf than I do has hit one. I've rimmed several out and had two bounce out. My grandpa, a major golfer who played golf in all 50 states before he died - never hit one.
  5. A huddler family (the Polksalets) needs your prayers

    Wow. Guess I should check in more often. Sorry you and yours had to go through all that Polk, but very glad to hear things are better than planned!
  6. What book are you currently reading?

    I just read a couple of books, Peace Like a River and Cussler's Sahara (I never saw the movie). Peace Like a River is a light, but enjoyable read. I forget the author's name, but it was his first work. I expected more of Cussler the way skins raved about him. He's nowhere near as good as Clancy in the genre.
  7. goin campin

    In a dutch oven: 10-12 thick sliced potatoes 1 lb, cooked, crumbled bacon 1 large chopped onion 1 cup sour cream S&P Cook these for about 40 minutes over medium coals, then add 2 cups of your favorite shredded cheese and cook for another 10 minutes. Add a can of cream of mushroom soup of you want a creamier dish - I prefer it without. Enjoy!
  8. Memorial Day Weekend

    Ribs, brats and pork roast.
  9. Dallas Area Eateries

    Brio - italian tuscany-style place that was great. Appetizers to dessert was awesome. Kirby's - supposedly one of the better steak houses in the area - was good, but not what I expected/hoped for. Sneaky Pete's - kind of a local version of Hooters - food was OK burger/sammich menu - scenery was better.
  10. first annual huddle's cutest dog contest

    Maybe, but Loosie does OK herself. I've never been a big goose hunter, but she'll grab a big honker just as quick as a ringneck.
  11. first annual huddle's cutest dog contest

    Meet Gunnar and Loosie.
  12. Dallas Area Eateries

    A couple of my folks hit the Glass Cactus on most nights and really liked it.
  13. Dallas Area Eateries

  14. Allow me to share

    Beautiful family, BC.
  15. What book are you currently reading?

    Paradise Lost - Milton is awesome. I have A Farewall to Arms on deck. Hemingway is also awesome. It's classics week at my desk.
  16. That was a sad display, but I loved how tough the old man was. I hope that POS learns what a real punch is in the big house. How the heck does a person sink to the level of physically beating senior citizens?
  17. What's your favorite breakfast?

    Good call.
  18. Need a boy name

    We're watching a neighbor's baby right now with a strong name that would go with Brennan - Shamus.
  19. Stupidest thing you ever did in a car?

    Backwards Suzuki Samauri night races.
  20. Oooey Goooey

    I like them frozen.
  21. outta the blocks

    Taking my boys camping tonight and swimming tomorrow. Then headed to mom and mom-in-laws to pay respects there and mow my dad's lawn. Sunday is all about the Mrs. and her friend who's going through a divorce. My wife wants to make it a special mother's day for her 'cause her loser ex never did much for her. I'm stopping by the butcher and produce market on the way home to procure vast piles of grub for the grill on Sunday. Everybody have a happy mama's day and treat da wimmin folk nice.
  22. What is your post count ?

    Just sailed past 7000.
  23. Which is worse?

    Her text to me while I went to have dinner with you, "So, how was dinner with Hannibal Lecter?" She was a little concerned about the innernets friend thing.
  24. Wake up and smell the....

    No wildfires here yet, but this is one of the only two months per year things are actually green. Is it just me, or are the wildfires around the country really ahead of schedule this year?
  25. Which is worse?

    I'd guess the hot woman, but did not check with the Mrs. I could be wrong. :shurg: She does have dreams that I've cheated on her and she hits me when she wakes up. I thought it was inappropriated to ask her if the other woman was hot or not.