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  1. antidepressants

    Word. My wife's sister is having a hard time right now and is "between meds." Thanks.
  2. Jimmy goes to Dallas

    I'll be in a town called Coppell, just outside Dallas Mon-Fri of next week. If any of you can meet for a beverage, let me know.
  3. Jimmy goes to Dallas

    A company distribution center and training center is there.
  4. Jimmy goes to Dallas

    You'll always be my first :heart:
  5. Sharpton Denies Disputing Romney's Faith

    Spain beat me to it. The Dems don't ingnore this guy, they embrace this in some sort of self-promoting "diversity" celebration.
  6. Iraq for sale.

    We all know it's going on, but it's to watch a video like that. Did anyone watch - one of the video options that pop up after the thread? on depleted unranium.
  7. Fitness gurus

    I know what you mean. I jumped on my mountain bike for the first time in a few years last summer and I thought I was going to fall over when I got off. Strange, because I have always been able to walk 15-20 miles in a day with no ill effects. I think biking just uses muscles we don't normally use.
  8. Vegans Sentenced for Starving Their Baby.

    Vegetarian for kids - yeah - but that's still marginal nutrition for a small child. There is a vast difference between the quality of nutrition in a solid vegitarian diet and one of veganism. My niece and here kids are vegetarians and all chunky - my niece was thin when she still ate meat. Her hubby has been hospitalized for anemia multiple times - he is vegan. One need only look at human teeth to get a solid idea of what we should eat. Most of our teeth are designed for chewing plants, but we also have a couple of canines for ripping meat. Plate your meals accordingly.
  9. Oral Sex Increases Throat Cancer Risk Scientists Say

    They've bumped it up to every Tuesday.
  10. So How Fast Have You....

    Hard to tell, I've pinned a couple of speedometers - two that topped at 140. I've also had a bike going over 100 mph, but I got real serious about holding on at that point and never looked back down at the 'meter. I still love to drive fast - I regularly get my little Accord up over 100 on a stretch of interstate just before the exit to the office.
  11. People who use DVR

    Word, but Kate Walsh is hawt.
  12. People who use DVR

    Yup. Makes TV viewing much more convenient. My favorite is blasting through commercials and all ofthe non-play time in football games.
  13. Vegans Sentenced for Starving Their Baby.

    I saw that yesterday. Hopefully the loss of their child will help them understand that we are freakin' omnivoures and dump the idiocy of veganism. Not that they'll have much choice in prison.
  14. Oil prices staying high?

    yeah, but the powerband!
  15. Oil prices staying high?

    Yup. I wonder what the magic number is for the average Joe? 7, 8, 9 dollars a gallon?
  16. OK, chalk one up for home-schooling

    Don't get too excited - they're only getting degrees in economics. How hard can that be?
  17. A bad day

    Sorry for your loss.
  18. Business payroll software

    I use ADP and their web app eTime.
  19. The perfect Reuben

    Nuke nothing. Reuben's are da bomb - I think the bread makes or breaks the sammich.
  20. Cedar plank salmon

    One of my favorites - cedar and salmon go so well together.
  21. Lets talk Air Conditioners

    I got my parts (condenser, coil, lines - everything) through my buddy's brother and did the labor myself - < $800.
  22. My little dog of 17 years

  23. Things my son said recently that made my day

    Nice. I love moments like that.
  24. The many monikers for the scrotum and/or testicles

    plain ol' "sack" plums biscuits
  25. A serious topic that I'd like some comments on.

    Is the book on the district's "banned" list? If not, he probably has recourse - that's how it works here, anyway.