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  1. Awesome story

  2. Jimmy Neutron and Utah area Huddlers...

    It was to to meet Mr. Puddy - good guy and all around cool cat. Thanks for taking the time hope you had a safe flight back & the Pistons win game 1.
  3. Legit or bogus?

    That would surprise me. LEOs need a warrant with reasonable cause. I did not watch the whole video, but kudos to the property owner for sticking it to 'em.
  4. I'm back, baby!

    Hello Sprint broadband card.
  5. Prevent birds from nesting

    Hey Savage, if you're still having a problem in a few weeks - shoot me a PM. I just placed one of these on order with an EOTech holosight and plenty of high-cap mags.
  6. What's your favorite breakfast?

    We do this a lot on Sunday nights. Easy and mmm mmm good. Did I mention I have a whole freakin' fresh pig in my freezer. Feel better, BTW.
  7. I have found a new love.

    The Mexicans at work always have that stuff laying around - it's pretty good.
  8. Disney is coming out of the closet

    Point taken. I've just been unfortunate enough to hear waaaaaay too much graphic gay sex talk lately. and more I don't mind so much when people talk about straight sex.
  9. The World Giveth, and the World Taketh

    I am sorry for your loss.
  10. The Office

    The Office is really hit and miss for me. Sometimes it gets me and others merit only a
  11. Disney is coming out of the closet

    Ya know - I gotta disagree a little here. Over the last few months, I've had gayness "pushed" at me pretty hard. :insertjokeshere: Between a guy at my wife's work and two queers at work, I've heard way more about the gay lifestyle than I ever cared to hear. and Granted, the kid at my wife's work is very young, newly "out" and extremely preyed upon by older queers. He describes multiple and sometimes violent partners after each weekend. He's an emotional train wreck. Keep in mind my wife works at a bank, a very professional atmosphere. Nobody will tell him to shutup for fear of a lawsuit. The two at the manufacturing plant I work with just gross people out talking about their "open relationship." They enjoy shocking people, period. They both continually mouth off about how their lifestyle should "just be accepted." That's all fine and dandy, but they and my wife's coworker are not doing their community any favors. The more they the more they alienate the very people they seem to want acceptance from.
  12. Interesting Gun Control For vs Against

    I read that on another site. There would be a lot of LEOs quitting out of principal in that scenario. Still more when their peers started getting shot in the process of carrying out that order. Never mind the logistical impossibility of it.
  13. Vacation Budgets

    Sounds great, BC. I believe it is around the 15-19 of August.
  14. Vacation Budgets

    We spent about $5k on a Disney vacation last year. I thought it was a rip off, but my wife didn't. This year we'll spend less than a grand on a local river trip for a family vacation. I found out last night that I will also be going to San Diego in August. My wife is going down there to train some people on a computer system and I'm going down to keep her company for a few days.
  15. Vacation Budgets

    Yup - my dad lived there for a while and it is beautimus.
  16. Awesome story....

    So - a friend of my wife's just called her to tell her this story that happened to her sister this past week (we think.) The sister and her family went to San Diego on vacation - they live in Utah. The family went to Sea World one day during this trip. One of the children is a 12-year-old boy with Downs. Well, around lunchtime, the family loses track of the Downs boy - he's gone - everyone is in a panic. Sea World is locked down - nobody in or out. Hundreds of employees search for five hours. You parents can imagine the state of mind of these poor parents. Just after the 5-hour mark passes, the missing young man comes up behind his mom and says. "we have to go home, right now." The kid is filthy from head to toe. Dirt and grass are all over him. If any of you have been around Downs kids, you know they have a real talent for pitching fits -well the kid throws a doozy. He wants to go home - right now! Not back to the hotel, mind you - home. Being familiar with the child's fits, the family agrees and make the 12 hour drive back to Utah. As soon as they get home, the boy locks himself in the bathroom. He stacks things against the door so people can't push their way in. His parents let this behavior pass for an hour or so, but begin to worry something dreadful happened to the boy when he was missing. No amount of gentle coaxing will get him out of the bathroom. After several hours of trying to talk him out, dad takes the door off the hinges. What do you suppose they saw - but a penguin swimming happily in the bathtub. The kid swiped a penguin from Sea World and smuggled him home. Apparently, the kid has a backpack he never takes off (unless, of course, it is to smuggle a stolen penguin). There is a reason the kid was so dirty when he showed up - he had to break in to the penguin exhibit to commit the crime because it was closed to the public. Quite an accomplishment for a disabled kid. Not surprisingly, Sea World had no idea what to do - they'd never lost a penguin to a kidnapping. They ended up taking the bird (who was in surprisingly good health) to the local zoo, where a Sea World rep came to pick it up later.
  17. Motorcycles...

    I ride dirt bikes once in a while and would like a Fat Boy or Softtail, but it's not in the budget right now. My 2-wheeled flirts with death are now limited to a CR480 nicknamed "mankiller." Hospitalizations for riders of that particular bike now exceed 6 months. Still, it's a real kick in the pants to lay the throttle down on that thing. I learned to ride road bikes on my dad's CB500. Kinda dorky, but I had a blast on it.
  18. Best Cold Cereal?

    Froot Loops Grape Nuts Frosted Flakes Frosted Mini-Wheat Fruity Pebbles
  19. Awesome story....

    My wife was about it too. Who the hell calls this stuff in? My wife was going to call her friend up and read her the riot act. I haven't heard how that went yet. With the volume of email I get, I really shocked I hadn't seen it before.
  20. I got a bad PSA test.....

    Be good and follow the doc's advice. Prostate issues are nothing to neglect.
  21. Awesome story....

    Well, I'm glad my little story got a nice thread going, anyway. Puddy, I'll see you next week. We're gonna go to the zoo and see if we can smuggle out a penguin.
  22. Awesome story....

    Who would take an email like that and start making phone calls.
  23. Awesome story....

    I wondered about that too - until I remembered my own trip home along the same route with a bunch of kids in the car.