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  1. Tax and Spend Lib...Typical

    I can hardly believe the affect SOX has had on my job. I'm doing 3 or 4 times the documentation I was pre-SOX. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but it's clear that companies are taking it seriously. Ursa is right - it's a real PIA.
  2. Chili

    Me too - sometimes spicey sausage. Deer or elk makes good chili too. When I make it with venison, I rarely tell people and just smile when they as what's in it. I also use a block or two of unsweetened chocolate and plenty of good peppers in addition to chili powder. Fresh tomatoes really add something to it when they're in season.
  3. Aged Beef

    Me too. One of my drivers brings be back a "fresh" hunk of 7 or 11-year old Wisconsin cheddar every Friday. Why must it be so darn tasty.
  4. Turkey Kabobs

    While I admire you for utilizing the whole bird, I'm not sure going to the length of eating duck testicles is the effort it must take.
  5. irate marine's letter home

    The big, bad terrorists have forced us to do nothing. Our fear-mongoring leaders have decided to blatantly hack out inconvenient parts of the Constitution in the name of "protecting" us. HorseSega!. Do you really think it is OK for the feds (or local PDs) to suspend habeas corpus? Illegal imprisonment is a bad thing last time I checked. We probably ought to have a mechanism in place to combat it. Wasn't it refreshing to see the NO PD going house to house taking guns from people when they needed them most? Rather than helping people that were crying for help, they were taking guns from people trying to protect their homes. (Yeah, the Katrina aftermath is a little off topic, but I mention it because it's not just Bush and Washington trying to "protect" us.) Read this. Make you feel good? Bush has been usupring power from the congress and setting a horrible precedent. I find the term "King George" a little less funny now days.
  6. Interesting Gun Control For vs Against

    That's probably the understatement of the year. One more video - Julie Goloski. The girl has skilz. I :heart: her. Edit to add:
  7. irate marine's letter home

  8. Who did ya Hate

    Romanowski - until he became a Bronco. I loved the nastiness he brought to a soft defense.
  9. At what age did ya

    16 and even then just group dates for a year or so. Of course, it depends on the maturity of the kid, but 16 is our general rule.
  10. Interesting Gun Control For vs Against

    You are right on one count, of course. I've never been involved in a shooting, and I did not mean to brag - only say that I shoot a whole lot more than the vast majority of LEOs. I will say that the shooting games some of us play do help prepare for an ugly possibility. To "win" in IDPA competition, a shooter must properly use cover, use proper engagement rules ("slice the pie"), change mags and put rounds in the vitals and/or brain pan all in short order. While that is no substitute for the stress of bullets being fired back at you, the level of competiton does get the heart rate up. One reason these competitions are attended by LEOs is because they feel it does get them quality trigger time they don't receive through department training. Another misconception is that I (one any other self-respectable gun nut ) would try to play hero in an inappropriate time or place. Nobody I know is looking for a fight. We just want to be prepared if one is brought to us. Their setup is kind of lame, but indoor ranges will do that to you.
  11. Flying first class

    I was bouncing back and forth between Salt Lake and Boston every week a few years ago and my travel folks worked out a wierd deal - I'd fly to Boston on Delta coach and fly back to SLC via Northwest first class. Strange deal, but I sure enjoyed the upgrade for several weeks. I'm not sure what Ursa is griping about with regard to NW, but I enjoyed it. Of course, there's considerably less to biyatch about when you're seated up front.
  12. Doc Chargerz et al - Sleep Medicine?

    Try enough of that and you'll be so exhausted sleep will come easily. Seriously, you should probably get tested for sleep apnea. A couple of my friends have recetnly been tested and both ended up getting the CPAP machine - helped in both cases. If you have other risk factors like high blood pressure or history of heart disease in your family, have the test done.
  13. Man, my students get dumber every year

  14. Guns - different slant

    I disagree.
  15. Interesting Gun Control For vs Against

    You are exacty right. I shoot with a number of LEOs and most are not a profficient with their duty weapons as I am with my carry gun. I can remember being beaten in IDPA competition by exactly 1 LEO - a guy from FBI hostage rescue that was good. That dude was a machine and I'll never forget watching him in action. I talked to him after the match and found out that he wasn't just HR, but was a trainer for the program. He shot two to three thousand rounds per week. Like Furd said, most cops only "qualify" once or twice a year. Qualifying usually entails hitting a standard B-27 target (man-shaped paper target) in the 8, 9, 10 rings at close distance with minimal time restraint. Frankly, my 10-year-old son could do it with my .22 pistol. It ain't tough. I am a gun nut and perhaps a whackjob to some, and I'd darn sure engage a nut like Cho trying to hurt innocent folks. Edit to add: Remember a few months back when NY officers pumped a car with 40-something rounds? That's a fine example of cops that don't know how to shoot.
  16. At the hospital

    Hope everything is going well for you, Mrs. BC and baby BC. Enjoy the moment.
  17. Turkey Kabobs

    Cool. Sounds like the birds are coming in well for you. No wild gobblers for me, but I am just now marinating some pork and turkey for kabobs. Gotta break in the new grill mom and dad got me for my b-day. Yes, it's gas - you purists, but 780 sq. in. of cooking space and 63,000 BTUs at my command :evilhomerlaugh:
  18. Paintballin'

    There are definately some fancy rigs out there. A bunch of guys in my neighborhood go every Saturday keep asking me to be a regular. I enjoy it, but have too many other interests to commit to every week. Besides, for 5 to 7 bills, I can get a real gun.
  19. Guns - different slant

  20. Paintballin'

    I've played several times and think it's a blast as long as it's outdoors in varying terrain.
  21. I think I've got a mouse

    I'll drive up and see of the old cabin is standing.
  22. I think I've got a mouse

    You are missing out on some great fun. When I was a kid, we used to sleep in an old cabin a lot during the summer and fall. When it got cold, the mice came in like mad. We used to lay under out blankets and wait for the mice to crawl over us and launch them into the air by lifting our arms quickly under the blankets. We got 5 points is someone could hear the mouse hit the floor and 10 points if we heard it hit the ceiling and the floor. Good times.
  23. Grilled Asparagus

    Listen to the pro. If ya have to do more than that, find better asparagus.