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  1. What's your favorite breakfast?

    Rare grilled venison tenderloin covered with fried eggs - OE, whole grain toast, quality OJ and taters fried with onion and jalepenos. I just made myself hungry. Too bad I'm stuck at the library working hard on my thesis.
  2. Billy Joel

    Saw him with Elton John a few years ago - very good show.
  3. virginia tech shooting

    I'm nearly ready to agree with you.
  4. virginia tech shooting

    That is a problem - where should the line be drawn? What if there was a mental episode 20 years ago but all has been well since? What if mental disease runs in the family? What if you have a mental disease, but are taking meds and effectively managing it? What mental disorders should prevent a person from owning a gun?
  5. virginia tech shooting

    From what I read today, if Cho had visited that mental institution involuntarily, it would have shown up on the background check and prevented the sale. I guess if you know you're crazy, it's still OK to buy a gun.
  6. virginia tech shooting

    I understand where you're coming from, but like I mentioned earlier in the thread - I simply don't trust the government. For example, in many "shall issue" states, law enforcement agencies are free to issue or deny CCW permits on their whimsy. Terms are subjective and open to the political swayings of the sherrif in office. Class 3 (allows full auto weapons) licenses are also difficult to get (even for people with completely clean records) in some localities, despite laws that are written to keep the loonies' hands off these weapons. The fact of the matter is that there are numerous laws on the books designed to "ensure the right to keep and bear arms" that are both cost and de facto prohibitive. That makes guys like me a little wary of instituting additional requirements for buying a gun of any type. Sadly, I think it's guys like me that a lot of folks are afraid of. I have lots of guns - scary looking guns. I shoot, a lot - somewhere north of seven figures sent down range. Still, I've never shot anyone or at anyone. However, I probably should be tried and convicted for killing lots of paper. We've discussed the definition of "well-regulated" in past threads, so I won't dredge that up again.
  7. virginia tech shooting

    My point is that despite numerous hints in this thread, you don't seem to understand or remotely acknowledge the dangers of disarming a society. History offers valuable lessons - if you let it. I'm totally fine with the fact that you don't like guns. My problems is that you seem to want to take mine away. You're much more likely to be killed in an auto accident - drunk driver or otherwise than killed by a gun.
  8. virginia tech shooting

    I'd say that's not enough - for me anyway. People are attacked in public and I believe they should have the right and full ability to defend themselves. I'm fully in favor. BTW - lots of us like to hunt with handguns too. My wife sleeps with a .45 when I'm gone. I make sure to call ahead if I'm coming hom early. Sure - happens all the time. Crash and bash robberies are becoming more and more common here with meth use on the rise. People break through a door or window, assault the homeowners and steal whatever they can. A few home owners have been killed by these tweakers. One story I did read today said his parents both work in a dry cleaning businesss. Maybe nobody was home long enough to realize how messed up this kid was?
  9. virginia tech shooting

    Ignoring what has happend to millions of disarmed subjects (not citizens) throughout history is narrow-minded. Millions murdered. Millions. Not 33 in the most devastating shooting spree in U.S. history. Tens of millions of people have been murdered simply because they lacked the ability to fight back. Yesterday was tragic and I do not mean to belittle the scope of the event, but a little persective sometimes comes in handy. All of the gun murders committed in the U.S. since 1776 probably don't equal the average monthly total of the ovens of Auschwitz. Perspective. History. Get some.
  10. virginia tech shooting

    That's exactly my question. I'm sure there is some difference in the way different countries count crimes, but who knows what they are?
  11. virginia tech shooting

    The one that's still going up?
  12. virginia tech shooting

    From the link I posted earlier. I don't know how true that is, but I've heard it before.
  13. virginia tech shooting

    Especially when they're dead - not much to write about.
  14. virginia tech shooting

    A good read. 765 is as high as a few of our cities, namely NY and DC, which have strict gun control. DC continues to lead the world city murder rate after 27 years of banned handguns.
  15. virginia tech shooting

    You have far more trust in the government than I do. It will be interesting to see if procedures were followed when this guy bought the guns. I wonder if his psych problems showed up on the background check. I wonder if the background check was done correctly. There are measures in place to prevent disturbed individuals from buying guns, the problem is that the government administers it.
  16. Attention Frozen Pizza Afficianados

    Tombstone when I go frozen.
  17. The VT shooter according to a classmate

  18. Just curious, what is your IQ?

    I've been tested several times, but only officially twice. One of these days I'll make it to room temperature.
  19. Einstein, Bees, and the end of civilization

    These are the little bastards killing the local honey bees. I don't know if it's the same problem nation wide.
  20. virginia tech shooting

    Why? The horrible crime yesterday was committed with a simple little Glock - like cops carry. So-called assault weapons are involved in something like 2% of all gun crimes. I guess they look scary to some people, so by all means, let's ban them. As tragic as yesterday was, this is no time for knee-jerk legislation on guns. I'd pretty much bet the farm that if some nut tried that in a local university, he'd have been engaged and mowed down by multiple CCW holders. Permits are easy to get here and we can carry on campus - unlike in the state of Virginia. Banning any type of gun will do a couple of things - A) create a black market that will drive prices up B ) encourage criminal activity (see the UK and Austrailia statistics since restrictive measures were put in place) C) turn ordinary citizens into criminals because some of us flat won't give up our guns. Ayn Rand wrote in Atlas Shurgged, She also wrote, "A government is the most dangerous threat to man's rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims." Any person that doesn't get that or the well documented fears about and travesties committed by oppressive governments throughout history is pretty darn
  21. Greenspan warns of U.S. recession risk.

    Bingo. I think they're just pissed that they've been waiting 6 years for the economy to go south so they have somehing new to biyatch about. Partisan stuff aside, I did move most of my 401k money to less risky funds last week. I've ridden commercial real estate long and hard, but I think it will follow the downturn housing has seen.
  22. Just finished a great book

    I'll queue these up on my Amazon account - thanks. I'll have a "skins" section in my little library before long. Anybody read this guy? I've got this book and several others of his lined up to read after this semester. It's reportedly fascinating stuff.
  23. virginia tech shooting

    You mean they didn't kill him and now he's denying it?
  24. Just finished a great book

    Loved The Road, didn't care all that much for No Country for Old Men - seemed mailed in for a writer like McCarthy. The Border Trilogy was very good. Blood Meridian was fantastic. Thanks again, skinsy - excellent recommendation.
  25. virginia tech shooting

    Exactly what I said earlier in this thread. Highly unlikely.