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  1. virginia tech shooting

    I know - same guy different sites.
  2. virginia tech shooting

    Oh yeah - that was a HUGH screwup on someone's part. Everything I've read is that the shooter had a 9mm pistol and a .22 handgun.
  3. virginia tech shooting

    Another site I frequent suggests this may be the shooters web site. Totally unconfirmed.
  4. virginia tech shooting

    Makes some sense - that's some pretty serious hardware he's sporting in those pics. A weapon like that would make it much easier to hit proficiently and kill the numbers this guy did.
  5. virginia tech shooting

  6. virginia tech shooting

    What are you talking about? Unless something else has been released, the story is that the shooter had a 9mm and a .22 handgun. The 9mm is what most cops carry - hardly a weapon of war. One reason this guy was able to kill so many people is that he was smart (yes, in a highly demented way) - he locked all of the exits. It is just stunning to me than one man could do this much damage with just two handguns.
  7. virginia tech shooting

    that I am - I'm wondering if this wasn't a terrorist act. The guy was awfully proficient with only 9mm and .22 handguns. Handgun wounds are typically less than 50% fatal. I think the stats on this scenario are 32 dead and 15 wounded? I'm hoping to hear some stories of heroics. Did anyboldy rush this guy in an attempt to subdue him? It sounds like people lined up like sheep to the slaughter. I also think it's fishy that the shooter shot himself in the face. People that whack themselves usually put the gun to their temple or under their chin to ensure a brainpan hit. A messed up face is more typical of a good sniper shot to the back of the head - not a pistol shot from the front. Tragic, strage story.
  8. Einstein, Bees, and the end of civilization

    I forgot to add - the main reason bees in this area are dying off is some kind of mite. I did not read the other article, so I don't know if they're speculating about why bees around the country are dying. We're also seeing a hugh upswing in locust populations out in the west desert. They are tearing up a lot of dry farms, but they have not reached the main agricultural areas - yet.
  9. lion hunting near miss

    That "hunt" was canned and lame as hell. It was a trophy shoot in a pen - real brave guys - the dang cat was probably declawed too.
  10. Einstein, Bees, and the end of civilization

    Great thread topic - The Road is a great read as well. Missing honey bees have been a real concern in my neck of the woods for the last few years. Local universities are bioengineering some "superbees" to take over the job of pollination if the regular bees begin to fail to pollinate crops.
  11. Board Games

    Those and Scene It and Battleship with the kids.
  12. Bill Gates getting some competition....

    Good info. As much as we like to biyatch about the gap between rich and poor in this country, it's much, much worse in Mexico.
  13. Imus update

  14. Minor pet peeves you have with the Wife / Husband/ S.O

    Yup. Both. This on too. Nope - not here. That's how I tolerate all of the above.
  15. How many Little Dicks can one have?

    Nice shootin' - Congrats!
  16. Tiger...playing himself out of the Masters?

    The greens were lightening quick today. I can never get over how beautiful that golf course is in April.
  17. the supreme court rules ...

    Yeah, I hate it when guys take their ball and go home.
  18. New from Sarah Brady

    I plan to celebrate by buying a new gun on September 29th. I'll already have my desired AR by then, but I'll find some other evil looking gun appropriate for the occasion.
  19. New from Sarah Brady

    Nothing wrong with that - I like Sako rifles. Are you getting the Sako brand name or the Tikka T3? Hard to go wrong either way. What do you need a .300 mag for?
  20. New from Sarah Brady

    You are correct. If the good Lord ever felt the need to carry, it'd be a 1911 for sure.
  21. New from Sarah Brady

    How do you like the CMMG? I've been looking at those too. I'm looking at the RRA Tactical Entry, also at some of the newer Stag models. I can't find exactly what I want, so I'll be buying parts for the mods.
  22. Tournament of Babes