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  1. Phone idiot

    That's entirely understandable. My oldest son is 10 and I'm afraid of him ending up in the sandbox.
  2. Tournament of Babes

    I've got to agree. I don't get all the fuss over Alba.
  3. I'm trying to decide...

    If you're not in love with the girl, it's time to bail. Don't waste her time if she's looking for more and you're not interested.
  4. Stump The Menudo

  5. Stump The Menudo

    That would be true, thus Darren's errand of fetching chicken wire.
  6. Stump The Menudo

    What was the name of Kramer's intern for Kramerica?
  7. Stump The Menudo

    NJ Devils.
  8. Stump The Menudo

    What was the name of Jerry's neighbor's bird that Kramer accidentally killed?
  9. Stump The Menudo

    freightened turtle
  10. Read this if you have kids

    Please explain more. I'm sure it varies state to state, but how should the average schmuck protect life insurance payments so they actually go to the beneficiaries?
  11. Gotta love New England

  12. the supreme court rules ...

    Good info here.
  13. Redneck supper

    Yup. We call shovelers spoonbills here. Many around here consider them a "trash duck" like some consider carp trash fish. They are not that bad, but far from my favorite duck.
  14. the supreme court rules ...

    Did you seriously just say that? Glad someone called him on it. Nice back pedal, were you a safety in high school? The earth's atmosphere is getting warmer - we know that. The fact of the matter is, we're barely beginning to understand the possible range of ramifications of continued warming. There's a valid case in court, but the jury is still out.
  15. Turkey Hunters

    Turkeys aren't real thick in my neck of the woods, but there is a season now. I love to see them out walking around - a real novelty for us.
  16. The 41 year old virgin.

  17. Redneck supper

    You like those Hollywood mallards, huh? Good - I'll send you all the ones I shoot. They taste like mud to me even jerkied.
  18. Kielbasa

    I would - works great for brats. You could always cook 'em in a gumbo too - there's a great gumbo thread in here that isn't too old.
  19. Kielbasa

    Boil 'em in beer & onions for 20 minutes then throw 'em on the grill to brown.
  20. Joke or my real Honeymoon....

    7 times (yes, it was several years ago ) is the record at the Neutron house. Carbs and lube. Now twice in one night requires a chick flick and a nice dinner. I'm demanding that way.
  21. A question of character.

    What is it dad used to say? "If you have to ask..."
  22. Question for handymen

    How much space should I leave between a concrete floor and the bottom of my baseboards if carpet is bring installed? TIA
  23. Question for handymen

    This is what I ended up doing for a couple of reasons. The baseboard my wife bought is 3.5" tall and I thought it would look goofy with that much showing after the carpet is installed. I also spoke with a neighbor who once installed carpet and he said it was OK to attach it right at floor level. Thanks for your help. Today I'm playing with my Rigid comound miter saw doing window and door casing. That laser guide is cool.
  24. Pfalzer Bros. burgers

    Grilled up a bunch tonight, that's a freakin' great burger.