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  1. Debt

    My wife and I walked in to a home furnishing store last week and bought a new living room set and new floors for the whole house - with cash. That was a very good feeling, particularly because we haven't always been that smart. We say it in business and it's true in personal finance - Cash is King. We won't be retiring at 46 like Shugga, but we're well on out way to early retirement and will have a nice pile when we do. If only we'd have gotten our act together 10 years ago.
  2. Its official

    Jet Blue is the cat's meow, but offeres fewer flights than the majors. Anybody read about their screwup a few weeks ago and what they did about it? Pretty cool, especially for an airline. I usually fly Delta simply because SLC is a major hub for them. In-air service is not great, but they've never lost my bags or left me stranded. A few airlines I fly much less can not say the same. AmericaWest is merely OK. I flew Southwest once and never will again.
  3. Greatest Coach of All-Time

    Hard to do anything else.
  4. More bad news

  5. marinated, caribe dusted grilled prawns

    It's spelled, "shrimp."
  6. Not for liberals or people from Portland...

    Hate mail doesn't count.
  7. War Protesters Burn US Soldier in Effigy

    The idoits could barely start a fire with lighter fluid. Pretty much says it all.
  8. Deadliest Catch

  9. Laminate flooring

    That's good to know - I hope my wife is happy with it. We'll be painting here all summer too.
  10. Laminate flooring

    I just spent all day shopping for laminate with the Mrs. We ended up going with this. We also opted to pay to have it installed. I'm sure my buddies and I could have done it, but the house would have been torn up longer. We also got carpet for the whole house and a new living room set. It's going to look like a new house.
  11. So I'm Getting Married Today...

  12. Time for a new 'puter

    I'm in the market for a new desktop for the home office. I've always liked Dell, but am open to other suggestions after building a system on their site today. They don't seem to be the bargain they once were. I am tempted to get Vista - I haven't heard of any stability issues, just minor annoyances about peripheral compatibility and the goofy "allow/disallow" feature. Anybody like Vista, or should I stick with XP? I don't want anything too fancy. I'm thinking 2.8 Ghz processor and 2 GB RAM. I am going to go with a 19-20" digital flat panel or LCD. I'm keeping my existing speakers, printer & web-cam. I sepec'd a Dell today with these features + MS Office Home Office/Student edition @ $1250. TIA
  13. Time for a new 'puter

    I have found a couple of HPs with AMD processors at good prices. Thoughts on AMD and HP desktops would be appreciated.
  14. Jimmy Neutron and Utah area Huddlers...

    That's a nice place, BTW. I've never stayed there, but the Mrs. goes there once in a while on her girlfriend getaways.
  15. Jimmy Neutron and Utah area Huddlers...

    Coolness. I'd be glad to take you to dinner or buy you a drink that Friday. My first Huddler meet and it's the Pudster. PM sent.
  16. Of that group - Merchant. I dig Nora Jones more.
  17. Calling Windows Network gurus...

    Problemo - how do I change the policy editor so I can change my desktop? All I want to do is change the default wallpaper and screensaver. I can get into the policy editor - I have the admin password. I think the "Active Desktop" is preventing me from changing the wallpaper. TIA
  18. Calling Windows Network gurus...

    I think so - I'm just not sure where to make the right changes.
  19. Calling Windows Network gurus...

    I can get to the customize desktop button, but do not see the web tab. Do I need to change other settings to do this? I do have full admin rights, but don't know my way around these settings.
  20. Calling Windows Network gurus...

    Thanks, Ursa. Can you tell me what Active Desktop does? I simply want control of my own desktop - be able to change wallpaper, screensavers, themese, etc.. Again - TIA
  21. Calling Windows Network gurus...

    I've tried disabling Active Desktop, but that still doesn't let me change the wallpaper. It might not sound like a big deal, but the default is an ugly baby blue company bitmap.
  22. Gardening

    Lettuces, spinach, raddishes an peas are going in this weekend.
  23. I have no doubt that the FDA is corrupt. There is no way so many harmful drugs get through their normal protocol without some serious buy-offs.
  24. Doritos

    These are the only flavored chips I like - good stuff.
  25. Carol Burnett not amused by 'Family Guy'

    The Family Guy isn't 1/100th as funny as Carol Burnett.