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  1. Here we go again with Peyton...

    You need a different hobby. Teams change, players change. This is not 2001 for Edge, get over it. As long as the Colts keep winning, don't expect much to change.
  2. So,What Have We Learned?

    What's with those last second panic "flips?" He's like a kid trying to get rid of something he's not supposed to be touching.
  3. What is the most disgusting.....

    That's what I thought of when I read the thread title. Maybe that one sticks out because it is so recent. It is really amazing to remember that and see the kid running this year.
  4. My Weekly Blunder

    I haven't picked the right (highest scoring) line-up once yet the year in my big money league. This weeks blunder? Sitting Reggie Wayne for Lelie. Gotta go with your gut, right? me <-- <--- my gut..... Conversely, I did start Wiggins over Witten.
  5. The Oakland Raiders

    I get nearly as much joy from watching the Raiders suck royally as I do seeing Denver play well. It's been a great year!
  6. MNF

    Oddly, both of my money league games are all wrapped up going into MNF!!! Trent Green and TG will only be padding the stats tonight.
  7. Who is the most overated player in the league?

    Being a Denver fan, I gotta go with Plummer too. He's had some great games, but they never seem to be when it's important. If the score is close, or Denver is behind, he's not nearly as good.

    The 88 team is definately coming on strong. If DJ makes it into the top 10, he could make some noise. It looks like the Yates/Roush guys are figuring out the new motors and are making good power.

    I am too. He was bumped out of top 5 finishes the two weeks previous to this. He's had some bad luck this year.
  10. 2004 PGA Championship

    Yup, the reason Tiger's golf game is suffering - poor, poor Tiger
  11. Tyson fight

    Too cool!