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  1. mont.... i've been on vacation for about a week and pretty much posting short responses.


    traditional clam chowder:


    1 qt canned, minced clams with juice

    3/4 qt water

    10 oz bacon slices, diced

    1 med white or yellow onion (as finely diced as you can)

    about 4 oz of flour

    1 lb potatoes, peeled and small dice

    1 1/4 qt milk, hot

    1/2 c heavy cream, hot

    s & p to taste



    drain clams. save juice. combine juice and water into a sauce pan. bring to bowl then reduce heat to keep warm. in heavy sauce pot render bacon over med heat. remove and set aside with slotted spoon. add onions to pork fat. sweat them (tender with no color). add enough flour to make roux (about 4 min)...don't want it brown. slowly whisk in clam juice/water mixture. bring to boils, whisking constantly (want the liquid smooth). add potatoes. simmer until tender. stir in clams, hot milk&cream, and bacon... heat gently but do not boil..... season.


    gotta stir very frequently.... easy to burn the bottom of soups... and that can quickly ruin the whole batch.


    can serve in sourdough bread boules... sprinkle with chopped parsley if you like.




  2. damn...I was voted best NE clam chowder in Imperial Beach 2 yrs in a row when i was a cook. What specifically are you looking for? What brand of clam base do you use? And using canned clams, do you incorporate the clam juice in lieu of water?



    Not picky about the base I use - what everI find. Just looking for some unique ingredient or technique adds. I do use the juice from the canned clams as long as it is sediment free.

  3. So I've been enlisted to do chowder for a large group on a coast trip in a few weeks. I make a decent traditional chowder, but am looking for tips to put it over the top. Like to do things on the rich and herby side.


    We'll be digging fresh clams, but I don't know that we'll be able to get enough to stock this particular pot of chowder. I'll be bringing plenty of canned clams, stock and base to clam it up in any case.


    Ideas? TIA

  4. I'm a big fan of the Hyundai Sonata. The 3.3L V-6 is a nice engine (235 hp). Not a true manual but an auto with a manual shifting option.


    Not very familiar with the Sonata, but I really like the Genesis. Too bad I can't get that in my price range... they've got a new 5.0 model that's pushing 400 ponies.

  5. Very tough call for me. Probably have to go with a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTO 4 cam. An extremely close second would be the new Ferrari 599 GTB.


    There are a myriad of American muscle and race cars that top my list as well. A 1966 Ford 427 Cobra A/C is right there with the 599 for me. My favorite variants of the Mustang, Camaro, GTO and 'Cuda are not far behind. I could also live with an Aston Martin One-77 or DB9, an SL65 AMG, a BMW M5 oe Audi R8. Judas, I love cars - be right back....

  6. Just so you know, if you end up with more than one rooster then you may have to deal with spurs as well. Also watch them closely with small kids as sometimes they feel threatened and can do some real damage.


    This. We got one rooster with our first batch of hens when I was a kid. He was aggressive and attacked a small cousin one day - never in my life ever saw my dad so mad. He chased that rooster around our large yard until he connected with a lucky swing of a 2 x 4 and ended the rooster's reign of terror. :wacko:

  7. I've driven a number of Fusions, but not the hybrid. It is the head of its class, IMO. Better feel and more sturdy feeling than the Camry or even Accord. I took one north of 100 mph near Apple Valley, CA and it didn't feel like a shuttle coming apart at re-entry. :wacko: A few of these were well used rentals with 25000 hard miles on them - still solid. Many other rentals start to show real signs of deterioration at that point.

  8. Quick Yahoo autos search shows only 3 Maximas $10k or less within 300 miles of San Diego (I know you don't live in SD but I couldn't remember exactly where). One was a '97, one was a '01 and one was a '05. I guess the point is I'm not sure how much car you can get for $10k in a Maxima. May have to go older than you want.


    A co-worker has an '02 Maxima with 66k miles and asking 8 grand. Sounds like a decent deal to me, but not sure about the reliability of older Maximas or other models in the same class.

  9. Looking for a reliable 4 door with decent power and available manual tranny < $10k. Something a little sporty would be nice - first thought was a Nissian Maxima. These have a little power, especially when mated to a manual and can still get 30 mpg on the highway. Will be used as my daily drive and move a lot of kids/backpacks/sport bags etc. Will also be used for long road trips (2000+ miles) every other month.


    Any thoughts on the Maxima or other like vehicle? TIA

  10. Guessing Rick's kid will interfere with his plans to kill Shane, giving Shane a chance to escape so he can pop up in future episodes. That, or Dale will sacrifice himself by pissing off Shane to save Blondie and Shane runs away in shame.


    What's with the catatonic woman back at the farmhouse? Might she have some magic gene that's fighting off some yet to be discovered zombie bite?


    Daryl will be gettin' some in the next episode or two.