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  1. The Island

    This movie was the reason I got on the Scarlett Johanson bandwagon. Now if I could just get on Scarlett Johanson...........
  2. Single best album rock ever produced

    Exile on main street
  3. The SURGE

    "If the surge is ineffective, we will commence with the super-surge, followed by the mega-surge, ultra-surge and "surge-a-palooza". If none of these take, we've considered asking the Iraqis to start acting like grown-ups.
  4. The SURGE

    Thanks for this
  5. In case you missed it.....

  6. You know what was pretty crazy though? That time I woke up in Juarez next to a 14 year old hooker in a pile of my own sick. That in and of itself wasn't too unusual, but what the heck was that midget doing to the tied down donkey? You could prolly lose your good housekeeping seal for that kinda thing, didn't seem too sanitary.....
  7. Oh, good thing, I thought it was dirt bag, and that made me kinda sad on the inside.
  8. Sweeping reforms...

    It's not like they're building bridges to uninhabited islands for upwards of $250 million................wait
  9. Deep breath buddy, deep breath. If you can't tell that's a joke, then I don't know what to tell you. Sorry if you're internet feelings got hurt though.
  10. Prolly the nasal sex with pre-schoolers, that was CRAZY!!
  11. the supreme court rules ...

    The government's official position is that global warming does NOT exist. That glacier is doing just fine.
  12. linksys router question

    I plugged my cat into the internets last week. It was awesome
  13. First the A/C

    meh, it's just a light. I'm sure if it were a really big problem there would be flashing lights and an alarm, maybe confetti.
  14. Calling all techies!

    This oughta work, or open a browser window to the Drudge report, or any site that forces the client to refresh itself. You might have to change a setting in outlook express under the general tab in options