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  1. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    Good insurance to have for LJ and would be an outstanding complement. Their 2003 SB seems like a long time ago especially with how the team struggled on O last year. They're also going to have to keep pace with Brees, Bush, McCallister, Colston, Henderon etc. Adding LJ, NO suddenly has the second best RB tandem in the division and that's saying a lot. It's all conjecture but it just illustrates the impact that LJ would have on any team... especially in the muddled middle of the NFC.
  2. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    It's all unlikely, and sounds crazy, b/c the sticker shock of giving up a 1/2/3 but there's no guarantee next year's 1/2/3 will even make difference in the next 3-4 years. LJ absolutley would for all of those teams starting THIS year, especially in a weak NFC.
  3. Tar\ik Glenn to retire?

    Might Glenn just not want to participate in TC if Glenn's concern is his wear-and-tear? I seem to remember other vets doing something similar.
  4. What if...

    They may love him (being a UGA guy and all) but he's not a Petrino type QB. I guess neither is Vick but you have to assume that Petrino's next QB will be more like Brohm, if not Brohm himself. Also, he'll be viewed by Petrino's staff as a "Mora/Knapp" guy rather than a part of what they're trying to accomplish now. It happens all the time in coaching changes.
  5. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    I thought of this after watching a bit of Sportscenter this morning... Now I know Thompson plays close to the vest when it comes to draft picks but look at it this way... if almost any NFC team with lackluster RB situations were able to pull off a trade for LJ, that team would immediately be a frontrunner for the NFC title and maybe even a contender. Carolina... yes they have DeAngelo but to add LJ to an offense with Steve Smith would be ridiculous. The defense is pretty good too. Packers... their D is pretty solid. They get after the QB and their LBs are nice. What better way to keep Favre's mistakes in check than to hand off to LJ. Giants... no better way to replace Tiki. Takes a load off of Eli as well. Bucs... veteran QB, Caddy is inconsistent, the D is aging but still has it in them to make another run. Lions... some of the hype about them being an outstanding offense would finally be deserved. They would go from an at best 7-9 team to definitely in the hunt for the NFC North. Falcons... maybe not immediate NFC contenders (as I said above) but what better way to say good riddance to Vick than to sign a superstar RB. It would make Petrino's offense look good right away. Might make the Falcons forget that Joey Harrington is their QB.
  6. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    What gets me is that all they've offered so far is $14 million guaranteed. Hypothetical... if LJ was a rookie and a team gave up a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounder just to move up and draft him... $14 million would be a complete joke when it came time to actually sign him.
  7. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    My bad. I never heard anything about KC's actual trade demand.
  8. Link is from Wisconsin State Journal. Rotowire twisted it a bit to sound like the Packers are actively trying to make a play for LJ but from the source article it seems the Packers only expressed interest and likely gave up due to the asking price... WI State Journal LINK. Rumor is that the Chiefs are offering only $11-14 million in guaranteed money but asking for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round draft picks??? Seems a bit shifty, if not downright stupidly unfair, on the Chiefs part IMO. If true, on principle LJ might dig in even more in negotiations.
  9. Alan Faneca

    It will be interesting to see where he ends up after this year. Maybe a reunion with Grimm in AZ?
  10. 2nd year RBs..............Who to take?

    Absolutely, he'll throw in Heath Evans and just about anyone else that's listed at RB. He'd use them all in some capacity and probably not miss a step on an offense with Brady and overachieving OL. They've done it before. Even if Maroney is completely healthy going into this season, there's likely going to be a few weeks where Maroney is missing portions of practice and listing as questionable.
  11. Peter King's Power Rankings

    Dallas... new coaching staff, Romo and the defense faded at the end of the season, TO's second year and they "shored up" their OL with... ex-Cardinal Leonard Davis. Philly... their season will sink or swim with McNabb. Feeley is only a decent stop gap and the rookie likely won't be ready for that pass happy offense to lead them into the playoffs. Giants... there are already rumors of finding Coughlin's replacement for 2008, the D remains inconsistent, new offense, no Tiki etc etc. I'm not going to put my NFC East champ behind the 2 AFC wild cards, the NFC West champ, and the NFC South champ. It might be but that's the logic behind my only real out there pick. It's not like the Redskins weren't there before... on their 2nd consecutive road playoff game they played the then dominant Seahawks pretty close. Campbell still has room to grow but the Skins will always be a run first team. And about the Falcons... when you're in the bottom 1/4 of the league does it really matter who is 24 or 32? They all look like an exercise in futility at this point.
  12. Peter King's Power Rankings

    My 5 minute, cut-paste, gut feeling power rankings with quick explanations for some picks... 1. New England Patriots 2. Indianapolis Colts 3. San Diego Chargers--I want to put them lower b/c of the coaching upheaval but just can't due to the talent. 4. New Orleans Saints 5. Cincinnati Bengals--Offense will be good and the D only has to improve only a little bit 6. Baltimore Ravens--Palmer seems to have the Ravens number and I just don't see the offense scoring enough points. 7. Chicago Bears--Someone has to win the NFC North, right? 8. Washington Redskins--I'll go out on a limb here... mostly due to continuity, in the 2nd year of Saunders, this team I believe is better than the one that made the playoffs in 2005. Landry replaces Archuleta and they have a savvy vet in Fletcher who's played with Williams before. 9. New York Jets 10. Seattle Seahawks--The NFC west has been so weak that I just can't put the Rams or Niners in the playoffs, yet. 11. Denver Broncos 12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers--This team needed an accurate, experienced QB. Last year's struggles were a product of erratic QB play and 2 rookies on OL. They added 2 (Lehr, Petitgout) vets to a young OL, all of whom are going into at least their 2nd full season together. 13. Jacksonville Jaguars 14. Carolina Panthers 15. Philadelphia Eagles--This is assuming McNabb doesn't make it through the season... which is a safe assumption lately. Reid is good enough to coach them close to the playoffs but AJ Feeley is bad enough to make them miss. 16. Dallas Cowboys--New coaches, 2nd season with TO... eeesh. 17. Pittsburgh Steelers 18. St. Louis Rams--Really no major improvements on a D that can't stop the run. 19. New York Giants--They'll really miss Tiki even though they're trying to put a positive spin on his loss. The D is still inconsistent. 20. San Francisco 49'ers 21. Tennessee Titans 22. Kansas City Chiefs--LJ holdout looming, loss of All-Pro OLs, and a journeyman OR first year starting QB. The D is improved but not THAT much. 23. Arizona Cardinals 24. Atlanta Falcons 25. Green Bay Packers 26. Buffalo Bills 27. Minnesota Vikings 28. Houston Texans 29. Cleveland Browns 30. Detroit Lions 31. Miami Dolphins--The defense can only carry this team so far. Green can stay healthy behind that abysmal line for only so long. Unfortunately not every offensive play can be a kick or punt return, Mr. Ginn. 32. Oakland Raiders--I want to rank them higher b/c of their D. Teams didn't have to pass much but the offense was so bad that opposing offenses often had short fields (they were next to last in yards allowed per point). OAK's D played usually good offenses very tough... Rams, AZ, and Pittsburgh comes to mind. They were blownout in the season opener vs. SD but they went on to give their division fits.
  13. Kick/Punt return yards cheat sheet

    Good luck. Can't find something like that anywhere. I think it's tough because so much rides on who is returning kicks in the preseason games. While some KR/PR have solidified their roles and won't be doing many returns in the preseason, if at all, watching who is returning kicks at the end of preseason provides a good indicator for the regular season. I'm always on the lookout for KR/PRs, especially DBs... and especially on teams with below average defenses. Guys like McGee in an IDP league with kick/punt return yards are a gold mine scoring as much as a solid RB2. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that McGee's role in the return game will be diminished b/c he's now their #1 CB.
  14. Freeney signs $72 million deal with Colts

    A strong argument can be made that Sanders is the most important defensive player on the team. He missed most of the season but made it back for the playoffs which is right about the time Indy actually started stopping opposing offenses. Freeney may have struggled with injuries but Indy's front 7 was embarrassed last year on multiple occasions... from allowing a gimpy Ron Dayne to look like an All-Pro (Week 16) to allowing A-Train look like a serviceable RB again (Week 10). I think NFL stat people are still trying to calculate all of the Jags' rushing yards... like calculating to ever more decimal places of PI. Teams learned real fast that all they had to do was double Freeney and their DTs and LBs can be manhandled. While it's hard to say they overpaid, especially now that teams have more cap room, it's inconceivable that Freeney makes more money on a per year basis over the life of his contract than Brees or Bulger. He's undoubtedly the best of Indy's front 7 but that front 7 was abysmal last year. Tell me the best player on one of the better D's over the past few years got Freeney's contract and I'd be much more open to the idea of that big of a contract for that defensive player.
  15. Supplemental Draft

    How did he end up in the supplemental draft? Based on size alone, I'm surprised no one took him in the draft. EDIT: Ah-ha... grades. Friedgen disallowed him from playing in '07. I wonder if there's other issues. TSN had him ranked the 7th best OT in the nation and allowed ZERO sacks as a freshman.