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  1. Best Hosting Site

    While CBS has been in the fantasy game for some time, I'm 100% certain that ESPN (and 99% sure that Yahoo) have been in the fantasy game for a far, far shorter period of time than and So, while those sites (MFL, RTS) are most definitely smaller, they are most definitely not newer. And it shows when it comes to their features.
  2. MFL down?

    to the people who are reporting problems - is there a chance that you're using charter for your high-speed internet connection? based on this thread, it looks like that's the common denominator so far...
  3. MFL Questions

    first, a disclaimer - i have never given the a CBS league more than a passing glance. that said, the following features are so head-and-shoulders above what i've seen on any other fantasy league management site, that I'd be amazed if CBS (or any other site, for that matter) offered more than one or two of the following features that mfl offers: 1. league "skins" - which are essentially pre-packaged appearance options. with one mouse click, you can change all league pages from looking like the default skin to a halloween-themed skin to a draft beer skin to a huddle-themed skin - note those are just 4 of 30 skins. cutomers who know industry-standard CSS can create their own skins, and have literally unlimited control over all aspects of their league page appearance. 2. 60 different league "home page modules" that can be displayed literally anywhere on your league home page - two column layout, three column layout, unlimited "rows" in the league home page layout, etc. - in other words, if your league survivor pool is really important to you, you can put those results on the top of your league home page. if you're not running a pool, don't use this home page module. 3. all 60 home page modules can be "embedded" in any other web page on any site that you'd like - for example, you can include your league standings report directly into your personalized google home page, or any other web page that you'd like. 4. RSS feed of key league data. 5. if you happen to be a developer yourself, a developer's program whereby key league data is available in XML format, allowing you to extend the product as you see fit. 6. mfl gameday, a PC-based program with a ton of live scoring display options, and also audio integration so that your PC can announce touchdowns, teams in the red zone, etc. to you. 7. no advertising on league pages. no spam email because you signed up for a league. 8. trading of future year draft picks. 9. literally unlimited waiver periods per week. you want your worst-to-first waivers to run multiple times per day? no problem. 10. an active on-line community, where you can offer your ideas for site improvements (and get direct responses from the site owners!), and share other customization ideas with other league commissioners. this list is not meant to be comprehensive - just an example of many, many things that offers that (i'd be willing to bet!) CBS (or Fanball, RTSports, ESPN, Yahoo, FoxSports, etc.) most likely does not offer. edit to add: 11. ability to access the site.
  4. MFL Questions

    you're not the same person as "SuperRobotMonkey" on the mfl board, are you? see the response to that exact same question there.
  5. Free Fantasy Advice...

    the only reason that happens for your league, and you're not reading any reports along these lines from other leagues, is that your league scoring system is incorrectly setup. look at your league rules, click on the "Test" link, and you'll figure out where the duplicated rules are (or wait for your commish to do the same).
  6. Looking for a web based leag admin program

    but with, you get a report (actually, two - "starter points - by players" and "starter points - by position") built into it, so you don't need to go through these hoops to get this data....
  7. question

    yes, definitely - the "communications > league articles" menu option allows the owners and the league commissioner to write these articles, and then then the "home page setup" page allows the commish and/or owners to decide where exactly these articles should appear on your league home page...