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  1. Another Which Lineup Wins

    With Taylor out this week Team A has the edge.
  2. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR/TE, 1 K 1 pt. per 10 yds rushing, 20 yds passing or receiving, reception 6 ts. for a TD Starting: Palmer - QB @ Denver Gore - RB v. Arizona Barber - RB v. Philly Owens - WR v. Philly Housh - WR @ Denver Gates - TE/WR @ Seattle Gould - K @ Detroit Sitting: Leinhart - QB @ San Fran Bush - RB @ NYG R. Williams - WR v. Chicago Thanks
  3. Barber II vs. Bush

    I have Frank Gore locked in. League scores thusly: 1 pt. - 10 yds rush 1 pt. - 20 yds receiving 1 pt. - reception 6 pts. - touchdown Started Bush last week and Barber went off for 17 more points than him. Need production from my second running back. Will answer yours if you answer mine.
  4. I agree with all of this except the QB choice. Dallas will run all over Philly. Manning will have to pass and the Saints are susceptible to the long bomb. Please see my post.
  5. what's your .02?

    I like K C def. San Diego is solid but doesn't put up a lot of FF points. Oakland's offense is terrible and K C is not as bad as L.T. made them look last week. Go with Winslow this week. K C won't have to pass much against Oakland. L.J. will be looking to rack up some yards. I'm not sure about your RB situation. My gut says go with Betts cause he'll get all the carries. I have a similar dilemma with Bush but I have to choose between him and another carry splitter (Barber). please see my post
  6. Pick my offense for me!

    Good calls on your part. The J.J. MBIII split is a killer, eh? What do you think about my post about Barber vs. Bush?
  7. My gut says Dayne cause Houston has nothing but a running game. Seattle will have to pass after L.T. lays 3 straight T.D.'s on them. You could say the same about Indy getting out ahead of Houston, but you have to hope that the Texans can do a better job blocking than did the Cincinnati rookies. Also witness how well the Chargers bottled up L.J. Please see my post.
  8. Super Bowl Line-up

    P.S. Cowboys are at home against the Eagles who's run defense ranking has been dropping. Bush is at Giants who have a good run D. Bush may not get as many passes with Colsten back in the line-up.
  9. S Smith to the bench?

    Agreed. Go with Colsten. NO is a strong passing team when he is in the line-up.
  10. Brees is obviously a no brainer. I like Rhoads this week getting most if not all the carries. I picked Colsten #3, but Reggie could have a good game (Dallas has been suspect against the pass and Garcia is hot). please check my post.
  11. RB and Flex in the finals

    Your running back situation is tough. I too would go with Morris. I'd take Glenn as your flex because he is the most consistent. thanks for answering mine.
  12. Which QB for Superbowl?

    Tough call. Both should be high scoring affairs. When in doubt, go with experience of which Eli has more. Please check my post.
  13. D. Henderson or DJ Hackett?

    Henderson should do okay (he's a speedster), but Colsten is back and when he's in Devery gets fewer looks. Hackett should get a lot of looks (will he catch them?). Please check my post.
  14. WDIS at QB

    Miami has nothing to play for. SF is still in the playoff hunt and is playing emotional football. SD def is TOUGH. Go with Pennington. Please check my question.
  15. Super Bowl Line-up

    I'm going for my third championship in eight years. Barely made it to the Super Bowl because I started Bush instead of Barber. 1 pt. - 10 yds rush 1 pt. - per reception 1 pt. - 20 yds receiving 6 pts. - per touchdown I have Gore going against the Cards but I need some insight on Bush (against the Giants) vs. Barber III (against the Eagles). Thanks - will answer yours.