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  1. Sammy Morris a Patriot

    Fantasy wise, I agree this hurts Maroney's value a little. But as a Pats fan, I think it's a great signing. I hate to admit it, but Maroney didn't look ready for 25-30 carries. His playoff performances had me a little concerned about his ability to handle the full load. I still have high hopes for him, but at least now we have a good insurance policy in Sammy Morris.
  2. Randy Moss

    They only signed Welker to an offer sheet - Miami has one week to match or they will get NE's 2nd round pick I believe. Early scuttlebutt is that the Dolphins will match, leaving the Pats still searching for WR help. So I would imagine, if Miami matches, you'll hear the Moss to NE talk again. As a Pats fan, I DO NOT want this cancer on the team.
  3. Last WR WDIS of the year...

    I would normally say Walker given the matchup and playoff implications - BUT WATCH THE WEATHER.
  4. Last RB WDIS of the year

    Gore & MJD SJax & Brown KC at home is very tough - I would sit MJD in your 2nd game. Everywhere I've looked, Brown is being called a must start this week. I'm benching SA in favor of Brown in my title game. Good luck.
  5. Early Championship WDIS

    That's pretty much what I'm thinking now - Gore is in and I'm leaning towards Brown over Alexander just because of the possibility of Alexander resting in the 2nd half. Thanks to everyone who answered.
  6. Championship WDIS? WR

    Boldin. Please see both of mine if you get the chance. Thanks.
  7. wide reciever advice

    Stick w/ AJ. And I personally would start Ronnie Brown over Rudi. Please see both of mine if you get the chance. Thanks.
  8. Keeper Question

    Gore, Taylor, Wayne. Please see both of mine if you get the chance. Thanks.
  9. WDIS

    Go w/ Dallas. NO Saints have nothing to play for. Good luck. Please see both of mine if you get the chance. Thanks.
  10. Need opinions

    std scoring, no ppr Andre Johnson vs Cleveland Lavernues Coles vs Oakland Ronald Curry vs NY Jets Mark Clayton vs Buffalo Need to pick 2 to go along w/ Wayne... I curently have Coles & Clayton in my lineup. Thanks.
  11. RB and WR Picks

    Please see mine. Thanks and good luck
  12. Week 17 Championship HELP!

    I like Fitz, Coles and Hackett myself.
  13. deangelo or noorwood?

  14. Pick 1 of these 3 guys.

    I would go w/ Curry. Henry disappears to often for my liking.
  15. Which stars sit out some of week 17?

    In the NFC, I'd be careful with Saint players in particular. As for Seattle, Holmgren has already stated that he's playing everyone in hopes of building momentum after 3 straight losses. The only AFC team that I can see resting people would be the Pats. SD & Baltimore are still playing for the #1 seed - the only concern would be if Buffalo upset Baltimore in the early game on Sunday. If that happens (very unlikely IMO), the Chargers would clinch the #1 seed before they take the field.