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  1. Who's the Snitch?

    Didn't same thing happen with the Giants and Coughlin a couple of years back?
  2. Giants running game

    Newark Star Ledger reports Rhodes visited Giants yesterday "without a contract, but doesn't mean there isn't one coming" Also.."the agent for Travis Henry said the Giants called soon after he was released by Tennesse. Henry isn't yet shceduled to visit the Giants, but might do so in the future." "Meanwhile the Giants appear out of the running for OT Leonard Davis...Its between the Redskins and the Cowboys"
  3. Indy Homers-back from Combines

    And they don't give you a chance to test it!! Its served covered with the sauce so you have no choice but to go fishing for a shrimp! No dipping here.
  4. Gentlemen I took your suggestions and hit St. Elmo's one night and Oceanaire another. St. Elmo's was a bit loud and very much the "Guy's Steak Place". My wife wasn't thrilled, but she dealt with it. The frick'in shrimp wasn't was G*D D*M PSYCHADELIC!! Needed to water that bad boy down! I tried the 30 oz Prime rib and fell short of doing it justice. I'm getting old. Oceanaire was much more to the wife's liking and, believe it or not, the rib eye there was very good! I was surprised! I also dropped $170 there with only one drink (for the Mrs.) on the tab. We got a recommedation for a little Italian place called Amici's for Friday. They told my wife it was an old Victorian. I think it was an old house owned by someone named Victoria. It was a dissappointment to say the least, but it was the cheapest meal of the stay. I also walked the Center Mall. What a great Colts Shop! I don't think I've ever seen a store as complete with gear for one team as that! I've been to the Yankee store at the Stadium, and , grant it, its not as big, but certainly not as well stocked. By the way, they didn't let any of us into the Combines. The chiro's were relegated to meeting outside and discussing treaments, etc. Too bad. But I'll probably go back next year. Thanks gain for the recommendations.
  5. Indy homers

    Thank you gentlemen. I will certainly make St Elmo's a must eat! I'll let her pick the other two nights. Some of the NFL docs are getting together in conjuction with the combines. Don't know whether we'll actually see them are not. Let you know when I get back.
  6. Indy homers

    Huddle bretheren I'm heading out to Indy for the weekend (with the wife ) Any suggestion for places to eat? Suggestions from mid to upscale (the wife) would be great. Gonna be there Thurs-Fri -Sat before heading out Sun morning. Don't know the area at all, but if it helps. I believe I'm staying at the Hilton. Thanks
  7. Lawrence Taylor chasing down Randell Cunningham behind the line of scrimmage from the far side of the field on a roll out. Can still see that play in my mind after all these years.
  8. I had heard a statistic, oh..about 1-2 years ago.......that the number of 300 lbs+ linemen starting in the NFL today dwarfs the amount a couple of decades ago. Something like 5 in the entire NFL to 55. Don't quote me on the numbers, but that may be the direction to go. Its quiet possible that the steroid influnce took over AFTER the draft, ....while in the NFL camps. Or maybe it was the more advanced lifting practices
  9. Lavar released by NYG

    The local paper reports that the Giants will free up over $5 million in cap space with the cuts. Petitgout alone was scheduled to make $5 million, I believe.
  10. 2006 Huddle Awards

    *Forum Awards* Fantasy Guru Award (for best Fantasy Advice forum poster) - Huddle Heisman (for best College forum poster) - IDP Intellect (Individual Defensive Player forum guru) - Tailgate Award (for best Tailgate poster) - Homer Hero (for best homer info) - Culinary Connoisseur (Food & Beverage forum award) - Skybox Award - *Site Awards* Best Huddle Game - MVP Challenge Best Huddle Article/Weekly Feature - Rising free agents Best Post/Thread - If Michael Vick were the holder instead of Tony Romo.... Best Link - Best Forum Feature - Cheat sheets *Individual Awards* Best Username - Best Sigline - Best Avatar(s) - Six Kings Best Fisherman - Funniest Huddler - Most Respected Huddler - Big John Most Annoying Huddler - Huddler you most like to read - Rajncajun Who you'd most want to have a beer with - Who you'd most want to talk football with - DMD Newbie of the Year - Newbie Tool of the Year - Most Valuable Huddler MVH -
  11. Halftime Show

    I figured that was why the cameras kept changing try to avoid a real phallic display. Loved the show, though!
  12. I don't care who wins the SB...

    Does this mean Rex has no bells??
  13. F**K da eagles girl pics are in

    Still reminds me a little of Pink.
  14. Team cap space

    Its possible they would have LESS if they dump TO, depending on bounuses. My understanding is that a signing bonus, for instance, is pro-rated against the cap for the legnth of the contract. If they cut him, they take the entire hit immediately, instead of spreading it out over the contract period. I could be wrong.