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  1. FF Magazine

    I need something to read when I don't have access to my computr this summer. Any suggestions?
  2. That is what I thought. Thanks.
  3. Does it mean you only score points with touchdowns and does it mean absolutely no TEs can be drafted (opposed to TEs can be drafted but can be used as WRs). Thanks.
  4. Trent Green

    Well duh. I know that. But I mean how much? I think Ronnie Brown might actually make a nice 10th or 11th pick in the first round.
  5. Trent Green

    How does this affect the stock of Ronnie Brown and Chris Chambers?
  6. Draft Order

    That's crazy. I can see 1 of those guys fallen to 12, but 2? I had 12th last year too, but in re-draft. Neither of those guys available at 12 so I settled on Westbrook and McGahee.
  7. Draft Order

    12th over 2 and 3?! I had 12th last season and although I had the playoffs I felt that I was always behind in each position having lots of good but not great difference makers.
  8. Draft Order

    This year is it worse to be picking 12th, 6th, 8th?? 1,2, and 3 are obivously the best. Not sure where I want to be after that with so many question marks, players on new teams, and injury risks.
  9. Strategy In A League That Is QB-Centered

    You are assuming you can't get both.
  10. With so many guys to choose from if the opportunity arrises do you go for it - provided a Lynch, Jacobs, or Green is the third? It seems like there are few clear cut WRs to chose from (if any) and solid QBs seem to pop up all the time.
  11. So, DMD let the "cat" outta the bag.

    Thanks. I am sure you can tell I am pretty new to the site, but I have a great deal of respect for many of the guys who post here. It's too bad there are so few people who want to talk Fantasy Football in May. Yes, yes I know it is a long way to August/September.
  12. So, DMD let the "cat" outta the bag.

    Laugh away. Who is DMD?
  13. P Manning

    How early would draft him in a 12 Team League?
  14. First Year RB Starters

    Also while QBs seem to be hit and miss I don't think you want to wait too long to pick your QBs even if you are picking 3 in a row. Sims was supposed to be a terd anyways so I wouldn't even count him. I think if you jump on the QB at around 9 or 10 and THEN pick 3 of them, you should hit at least one solid option.