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  1. OG Check-In

    present But about to exit stage right evennnnnnaa
  2. The Twins Are in Trouble

    I wouldn't say the "BEST" farm system in baseball. One of the top 3-5.. Yes.
  3. Freeney signs $72 million deal with Colts

    And Terrell Suggs
  4. Homerun Derby

    Outside of him (Holliday), who else is there to cheer for? A washed up Todd Helton???? Colorado SHOULD have traded him this past offseason and actually got something for him. I mean they're the perrinial cellar dwellars in the NL West. I dont see them doing much to attempt to move up even the slightest.
  5. Grant Hill to the Suns

    I can see why you say good riddance. I mean you guys paid him $93M for what?? Potential?? He didnt have a half bad season last year. Played 65 games, averaged over 30 minutes per game, .518 FG% with 14.4 pts/game. That's not too shabby for someone who may be coming off the bench. If he starts (he's rumored to maybe take the starting spot away from Diaw) then that's a different story. However a new system may do him some good. It's far too early to speculate. I'm just glad he didnt go to Dallas or San Antonio.
  6. NBA Draft!

    What trades have happened? I dont have access to any of the sports sites to look at anything. All I can do is look here and read what's posted. What's happened so far. I'm a Suns homer. Dont get off work for another 3 hours.
  7. Garnett to the Lakers?

    They barely lost the game at home with out Stoudemire and Diaw. If they were active then it would definitely have gone 7. No one's to say that the Spurs would have "rolled over" but the Suns would have given them all they could have handled at a game 7 at home. I think we'd have a different champion if cheap shot bob didnt play dirty.
  8. Garnett to the Lakers?

    By Chad Ford and Marc Stein Updated: June 27, 2007, 10:05 AM ET There was a growing sentiment around the league Tuesday night that the Kevin Garnett sweepstakes are nearing a conclusion and that the Phoenix Suns are the most likely winners, that could potentially land Garnett in the desert by draft night. With the Los Angeles Lakers' attempts to construct a multi-team deal or a direct trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves collapsing, ESPN's Jim Gray reports that talk of a potential three-team trade that would involve Minnesota, Boston and Phoenix has been rekindled, in which the primary cost to the Suns would be All-Star forward Shawn Marion moving to the Celtics. Indications from various NBA front-office sources suggest that Garnett being moved in conjunction with Thursday's draft looks more likely than ever before, with the Suns -- identified by last week as KG's first choice for a new home -- in prime position to make the big score. In the scenario reported by Gray, Garnett would go to Phoenix, Boston would land Marion and the Wolves would receive a package featuring the No. 5 overall pick in Thursday's draft along with Theo Ratliff of the Celtics and Kurt Thomas of the Suns. Phoenix may also include their No. 29 overall pick to Minnesota. The key stumbling block for Boston would be Marion's reluctance to play for the Celtics, which sources say was conveyed to both teams last week when the idea of a three-team trade involving these clubs was first made public. With Marion possessing the right to opt out of his contract after next season and become a free agent in July 2008, Boston would undoubtedly be seeking assurances from Marion's camp that he's interested in signing an extension with the Celtics, even though league rules technically would preclude such negotiations until after July 1 (and after the trade). TODAY on a local radio show, they had stated that Shawn Marion is on his way to Boston to discuss a long term big $$ deal. Take it as you wish. I just read another article stating that Boston says they're not trading away the #5 pick, but IN THAT ARTICLE, it states that they are still talking to a few teams and a big multi-team blockbuster trade is definitely not out of the question.
  9. Garnett to the Lakers?

    It's all rumors at this point. It may not seem like a boatload for him, but they already have the #7 pick. They would be getting the #5 pick. And throw in 2 veteran big men. Pair them up with some SOLID draft picks. They're not going to the NBA finals, but it would make their team better! Besides, Garnett is aging. It's only a year or 2 before he's on the downfall of his career. Get something for him now before it's too late. And as much as I hate the Lakers, that's what they SHOULD be trying to do with Kobe. I mean you've got the best player in the league on your team. However he's also getting to the later stages of that "prime". Trade him while his value couldn't be any higher. Get a boatload for him and/or a nice couple of draft picks. This is one of the best draft classes in quite some time. Get something for Kobe before it's too late. However they wont. And I can only hope that Kobe opts out of his contract next year and bails, leaving the Lakers high and dry!
  10. Garnett to the Lakers?

    It's being reported on ESPN radio here in Phoenix that a 3 way deal between Boston/Minnesota/Phoenix is about to be finalized. Shawn Marion met with the Suns brass last night to confirm that he is not in their long term plans. It is reported that today he is on his way to Boston to talk to the Celtic's brass about a long term big $$ deal. If he approves the trade (he has a no trade clause or "opt-out agreement") here's what's being said is completed - ALL 3 teams are ready to pull the trigger. MINNESOTA gets: #5 overall pick AND Theo Ratliff from Boston, Kurt Thomas from Phoenix... BOSTON gets: Shawn Marion and the Suns #29 overall pick.. SUNS get: Kevin Garnett We'll see if anything comes of this or not... As a Suns fan, I dont want to see Marion go, but love the thought of having a true defensive big man in the middle.
  11. Asante Samuel unhappy

    Until they lose 2 games in a row while Brady throws most of the deep passes to Stallworth.
  12. I've played in the same 3 leagues for the past 6 years. 2 are re-draft leagues and 1 is a "franchise league". The WHOLE problem with leaving the commissioner in charge or the final say on a trade is this: In one of my re-draft leagues (my favorite one) last season durring about week 6, I was desperate for a RB who was producing. The commissioner offered me a trade of: B Westbrook and M Colston for T Barber, L Jordan, and P Burress.. I was already stacked at the WR position and Westbrook was a step up from Barber cause Westy actually got IN the endzone and didnt just see it. I accepted it on Sportsline and it was just pending the commissioner's approval. Like I said, the guy I was trading with WAS the commissioner. He called me that night to tell me that he was getting on his computer to process it, but then had to go cause he had another phone call. Well come to find out, that phone call was from another member in our league, and a close friend of his. I kept refreshing my team page so I could make the appropriate lineup changes for the upcomming week. After about an hour I refreshed it, and it said that my trade was "VETOED" by the commissioner and about 2 minutes later, there was a trade that was accepted and processed BY the commissioner for a trade with him and his buddy. He gave up the same 2 players - Westy and Colston for F Gore, C Taylor, and R Wayne. I was FURIOUS!!! I sent out an email to the entire league letting everyone know what just happened, and that the commisioner used his veto priviledges to better his team after a trade had already been accepted and waiting to be processed. He then fired back and told me that he would have done this for anyone out there. B.S.!! We shared some pretty nasty words, and he was upset at me for telling HIS league that he has ran for the past 12 years that he is a cheater. I just told him the proof is in the transaction report. Anyway, the only way that we could get past this was he refunded me my $150 league entry fee and left my team intact. He stayed true to it and put the best lineup each week in there for my old team, but low and behold, he not only won the championship but he also won the points pot as well. So he got 100% or $1800 in this league. I guess my whole point here is BE CAREFUL of what your league rules are, and BE SURE that you have a trustworthy and honest commissioner if trades are up to his final approval. Yes I'm still bitter about this. We are still friends - not near as good as we used to be, but I will NEVER again play in another one of his leagues. Oh well..
  13. LJ to see more touches as receiver

    My question is, will TRENT GREEN even be the QB there this year???
  14. 2007 NBA Draft

    More like dominated by Jordan
  15. Draft Lottery

    Are you still crying???