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  1. Need advice

    Nope.. I was the 3rd team.. I got screwed out of the deal.
  2. Blockbuster!

    I wouldn't do it. Duce is splitting carries, Tiki isnt.. And Barber has an AWESOME schedule. Berrian for Smith is not bad, obviously Smith is better, but to date Berrian has the better QB throwing to him. Delhomme is stinking it up pretty good this year. I know.. I got him.. Anyway, If this were my team, I would stay with what I have.
  3. Advice for my local.

    Im my opinion, you're better off with what you have.
  4. WW pickup, Bryant Johnson or Deon Branch?

    I think you got to go with B Johnson. It's not that great of a matchup, but we all know that the Cards cannot open any holes for the Edge, and even if they could, the monsters of the midway would still shut him down this week. Seattle on the other hand has the other problem. They have too many targets, and to make it even more complicated, Branch is still trying to learn a completely new offense. Dont like the matchup, but I give a vote for Johnson
  5. RB Trade Advice

    I take LJ and run. The dude is a monster. He's only going to get better when Green comes back. Maroney is good, and has huge potential, but he's no LJ. I'd do it.
  6. Calling All Experts!

    Personally I like Plummer's matchup. However, I dont like Plummer in general. He couldn't get it done in AZ, and he's not getting it done in DEN. Vick isn't bad, but with the PPC, he's not good either. I think the best matchup is Brunnel vs. TENN. Tennessee cant stop anything. Unelss you're an overconfident INDY team. Brunnel is hit or miss though. It will probably however turn out to be mainly the L Betts show though. Portis will probably sit the 2nd half cause the Skins should already have a 3 TD lead, and there will be no reason to pass. That's why I take Plummer.
  7. Trade offered.

    I was offered: McNabb L Jordan L Tynes FOR Delhomme L Maroney M Colston R Gould His other RB's are Foster, Lundy, Morrency, D Williams. His WR's are M Robinson, T Holt, J Walker, D Stallworth, T Brown. His TE is D Clark (chicago), K - Graham and Tynes, and his D's are Jacksonville and New England. He in my opinion is taking really only my depth however they're 4 weekly starters with talent and upside. Where I am losing my depth, but upgrading at QB. Is this fair? Am I giving up too much, or is he???
  8. Trade offered.

    No, this is not a keeper league.
  9. Here it is!

    Ok, last week this guy offered me Gore and Wayne for Maroney and Burress. I didnt like it. However Gore is producing, and Maroney is hit or miss. Wayne for Burress is pretty even. Anyway, I rejected it, and offered him Barber, Jacobs, and Colston for Westbrook and Buckhalter. So he then countered adding everything together. Here's the deal.. He's giving me: B Westbrook F Gore R Wayne C Buckhalter I'm giving him: T Barber L Maroney P Burress M Colston B Jacobs I know it's a lot of players involved, but I'm getting a questionable back in Westbrook for Barber, Getting Gore for Maroney, and Wayne for Burress, and I'm giving him Colston. Am I retarded to accept this?? His only other players of value are M Bulger, and S Alexander. Everyone else on his team is mediocre at best.
  10. The frustrating thing about FFL

    I hear that! Not last year, but the year before my best RB was Stephen Davis (the year coming off the SB loss). He went down for the YEAR in week 1.. I was bouncing around adding and dropping backup RB's ALL year long, until about week 9, when I was 3-6. That week I found GOLD on the waiver wire. I picked up J Jones and N Goings (both had yet to make a name for themselves yet). Jones got off that week, and did so throughout the rest of the season. Goings was the go to guy in CAROLINA, and both of them combined carried me all the way to 7-6, and backed into the playoff's. What happened? They carried me all the way to a FF superbowl victory. Needless to say, last year I wa shigh on J Jones for what he did for me the year before, so I spent a 2nd round pick on him. He did not live up to the hype, and I found myself make the playoffs, but lost in the 1st round.
  11. Here it is!

    It's not that I dont like my team, I have a bad feeling about Barber, and I'm trying to sell Maroney and Colston while their value is still this high. Maroney's could go up even more, and I realize that, but I dont see Coltson continuing to put up these big performances. Barber is starting to show a lack of passion for the game. After watching him for his first 4 starts this year, he looks like he has definitely lost a step. And with the talks (well I guess it's more rumors than talks) about him retiring after the season. I just dont see him finishing strong. And the playoff schedule for Gore is a gift! I think that we all know that SF will not be a serious contender for the playoff's, so we dont have to worry about him being benched for rest gearing up for the postseason. Wayne is a little more consistant that Burress. He doesn't have as many big games, but he doesn't have as many poor ones either. The ONLY player that scares me is Westbrook. I realize before I trade for him that he will be a weekly player on the injury list. But if healthy, this guy is a stud! IF being the key word. I dont dislike this, but I'm not jumping around doing cartwheels either. I'm just looking for a few opinions. I like it, but I do find myself a little hesitant to pull the trigger.
  12. Maroney for Andre Johnson

    I would. I have both of them on my roster, and Johnson is by far my most consistant and highest scorer week after week. Maroney is on bye this week where Johnson is coming off of his. Maroney's value is high for it should be, but Johnson is a stud. He is on a team with a horrible running game, and will have 10+ passes thrown his way each week. Through 4 weeks, he's averaging me 22pts/game (with ppr). Maroney averages 12pts/game if that helps. I would do it.
  13. Do you like it?

    Well, that's not all.. I was offered: B Westbrook C Buckhalter for T Barber B Jacobs M Colston Even before this week I had Colston on my trade block. I am trying to move him while his value is still through the roof. (No this is not a yahoo league where he counts as a TE). Even though Barber has already had his bye week, and Westbrook hasn't AND he is battling injuries, I like Westbrook to finish with a better season than Barber. They BOTH have some awesome matchups, and in my opinion, Westbrook has a better Fantasy Playoff schedule. Not to mention, I am afraid of Barber. He doesn't play with that football passion anymore, and he has already been mentioned as stating this will be his last season. Anyway, I'm curious on your thoughts before I hit the accept button. Thanks for any advice!!
  14. Do you like it?

    I didnt see it.. He wont throw in a receiver though. He's desperate for help at WR. His best WR is Wayne, and then he has Cotchery, Berrian, E Moulds, and N Burleson. His RB's are Westbrook, Gore, and Alexander. I really view it as a trade of Barber for Westbrook. And in my opinion, I like Westbrook better. Colston has been sitting my bench all year (I picked him up after week 1) and has yet to be played. Oh well. You cant do better or worse without trying. I'm about to be 2-3. Need to make a change somewhere.
  15. Do you like it?

    Anyone??? I see people are looking, but no one is throwing in their $.02 telling me that I am stupid. I dont know. Just one of those gut feelings I guess.
  16. Ugh Westbrook

    I'm actually making a trade for Westbrook in giving up Barber. I think that Westbrook will bounce back. He will finish well within the top 5 RB's this season. Oh well.. It's just my opinion though. And Barber scares me. He's playing like his bones are creeking..
  17. He's not bad, but the dude has some issues with his hands. If anyone watched that game yesterday, he had a gift from Leinart in what would have been Leinarts 3rd TD pass. Johnson beat the coverage, turned around in the endzone, and had a pass hit him right in the chest. What happened? He dropped it. That's why Boldin (although drafted after Johnson - Johnson 1st round pick, Boldin was the 2nd) is the #1 WR there. No one knows yet of the extent of Fitzgeralds injury. They said in the game yesterday that it is not serious, but they are leaving him out for precautionary reasons. It wasn't a pulled hammy. It was a strain. Oh well.. It's still early, and at any rate, Johnson is better than C Henry.
  18. Stover v Ravens

    Lol. That's exactly what I was thinking!
  19. It's close. He's done nothing for 2 games, and just got the f' off another. He's playing against a great defense. It's too hard to tell. If it were 4 pts, I would tell you that you're done. But with 6, you have a chance. Slim, but a chance. In my case, I need R Smith to get his block knocked off in the first quarter. We do have 1 pt per reception, and I'm up by 5. I'm done, he has Smith. Needless to say, I'm done!
  20. I go with Gore even though his #'s have been heavily decreasing EACH week. He's home against a horrible OAK team. Indy has a great RB matchup against TENN, however Addai will be splitting carries. My vote is for Gore
  21. TRADE

    I like this trade, but the schedule of the players I would be getting are BRUTAL!!! I denied this trade earlier, but he has asked me to re-consider and think about it before I make my final decision and has re-proposed it. He has told me that his value for Johnson is lower than he had expected, and Fitzgeralds status is up in the air with a rookie QB, and a poor o-line. My current team is in my signature. I would be upgrading at RB, and trading 2 good WR's for 1 potentially top 5. What do I do??? He offered: S Jackson C Johnson for K Jones L Fitzgerald P Buress
  22. TRADE

    Any thoughts on this before I probably turn it down again?
  23. Benching FITZGERALD?

    I can have 4 of these 6 play. P Burress (starting) R Moss (starting) D Mason (starting) LJ Smith (iffy start) M Colston (want to start) L Fitzgerald (to the bench????) Any advice??
  24. Benching FITZGERALD?

    That's who I want to bench. But OAK is playing against the lowly 49ers this week. They cant stop ANYTHING. They've given up 8 passing TD's so far this year.. If Moss is going to put 1 good game together this year, this looks to be the one..