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    I was just offered: S Jackson C Johnson for L Fitzgerald P Burress K Jones OR L Maroney Do I do it? And if I do, do I give him Maroney or K Jones???
  2. Is Randy Moss worth picking up?

    Another vote for pick him up. It's Moss. He's one of the most talented WR's in the game, playing on probably the worst team. They will be behind a lot, which means lots of passing. He's not going to put up the #'s that he did while in Minnesota, but he should be a decent #3, or a good bye week filler.. If he does turn it up, he may be decent trade bait before the trade deadline..

    Anyone else have an opinion? I'm still not sure if I should do it or not. If I do, it's going to be K Jones. I think Maroney will soon get the starting job. It already appears as if NE is slowly moving him into the premier back role and slowly bumping Dillon into the change of pace back. It's only a matter of time before Dillon gets 86'ed and is only getting 5-8 carries a game..

    I kind of like S Jackson. What should I counter with??? Fitz scares me with a rookie QB behind the biggest, but worst o-line in the NFL

    Not a keeper league..
  6. Value on the Waiver Wire?

    In my opinion, I think that Colston has the most potential on those listed. Jones-Drew will be the most productive IF (more like when) Fragile Fred goes down. Colston though gets my vote.
  7. Proposed TRADE

    A guy in my league has offered me: F Gore R Wayne for L Maroney P Burress I told him no but they counter offered with F Gore Roy Williams for L Maroney P Burress Am I giving too much, or asking for too much? Should I have accepted his original trade???
  8. Proposed TRADE

    That's what I thought. I told him that Gore scored 35 points (per our league settings) in week 1 and he has a total of 75 points through 4 weeks. That's almost half of his points in one week, and the other half split between 3 weeks. I told him that Maroney is getting better and better each week. And he is slowly being worked into the #1 RB spot and Dillon is getting transferred into the change of pace back. He told me that I will regret it for not making this. He however knows that I am a big Colts fan and trying to pursuade me into this trade by telling me that Wayne will finish the season a stud. I told him that it's yet to be seen. I like the Colts, but I had Wayne last year. He had 3 great games, and 10 where he was a dud. He told me again that I am making a mistake.. I dont see it. I dont know. HE just rejected the trade i proposed. Good though. I really dont want to GIVE Maroney away.
  9. Who to start?

    D Mason vs. DEN LJ Smith vs. DAL R Moss vs. SFO M Colston vs. TB I have a feeling about Moss this week. But I've had Colston on the bench ever since I've had him (3 weeks now). D Mason is playing in the national spotlight on Monday night, and with that running game in shambles they're going to fall behind and will be passing. And then there's Smith. He had a great week 2 (only week I had him sitting my bench). The other 3 weeks, he's been outperformed by the the others with the exception of Moss. Which 2 do I start? (Standard scoring)
  10. Who to start?

    If your highlighted players in your signature are your starters, I would definitely consider starting Maroney over Taylor. Even D Foster over Taylor. Cleveland is horrible against the run this year. And for whatever reason it is, ever since S Smith is back stating in CAR, that is a completely different offense.
  11. WDIS @ WR

    I can start a combo of ANY 4 of these 6: L Fitzgerald (no brainer) P Burress (no brainer) D Mason @ DEN LJ Smith vs. DAL M Colston vs. TB OR R Moss @ San Fran (have a feeling about Moss this week) - If Moss is going to get off anytime this year, I have a feeling this is it. But I hate to put M Colston on the pine. He's had an AWESOME start to the season, I've had him for 3 weeks now, and I've YET to play him this year. I just hate to keep getting burned by Moss. Smith can sit cause he's a TE and really doesn't have WR type #'s. We only have to start a TE 8 out of 13 games. I've already started him for 3. SO.. I guess I'm really asking: Mason and Moss or Mason and Colston Please help!?!?!?
  12. WDIS @ WR

    Should I send Mason to the pine?
  13. WDIS @ WR

  14. LT or LJ?

    +1 LT should have been at the top of all draft boards. ESPECIALLY with the PPR
  15. Trade advice needed

    Curious to know if I am not offering enough, or am I offering too much? I am offering T BARBER L FITZGERALD P BURRESS B JACOBS for L JOHNSON S MOSS Am I hurting myself too much?
  16. Should I make this trade?

    I make that trade in a heartbeat! You still have 3 starting RB's. A little thin but dude.. You're definitely upgrading at QB. (Manning for the past 5 years now has taken about 4-6 weeks before he starts to just get off!!). And A Johnson is definitely a top 5 WR at this point. With Houston falling behind in just about EVERY game, they'll be very pass happy. A Johnson is the big play guy. I'm sure C Johnson will turn it up a little, but last year made a LOT of people buy high on him. He's a top 10, but I think that A Johnson has a better year than C Johhson.
  17. Trade

    Is this fair?? I posted a comment here yesterday about a potential trade. I pulled it back. I am not wild a rookie QB throwing passes to Fitz in a horrible offense, and I would like to get something from Fitzgerald while his value is still high. Burress is just there to help sweeten the pot and help him make his decision. However I am thinking of offering this guy: T BARBER L FITZGERALD P BURRESS B JACOBS for C PORTIS S SMITH Is this trade even or is it a little one sided. Am I stretching in this offer, or an I giving up too much? Do you like it, or am I better off with what I have? Team is in my signature.
  18. Trade

    The thing that scares me is Leinart throwing to Fitzgerald. I have a feeling his production will decrease. And Barber is still splitting carries with Jacobs, where Jacobs is still getting the goalline carries.. And as for Warner. I have a waiver request in for Brunnell. i'll know tomorrow morning if I get him
  19. Trade

    bump again
  20. Tiki Barber

    I heard the other day that he has been talking with Barry Sanders and has hinted that he is losing a passion for the game. He claimed that Barry Sanders told him that's why he left. Lost the love for the game. Personally, I dont see Barber returning next year. There's been too many hints that he's about to bail. And if he does come back next year, he will be splitting A LOT of carries with Jacobs. That kid is coming into his own. If you're trading Barber, good move. If you're getting him, just keep it in mind that he has a lot of miles on those dogs! I'm trying to package him up with someone else on my team and looking to see what is available.
  21. Trade

  22. Proposed Trade

    This guy knows that I like the Colts and has offered me: R Wayne F Gore FOR P Burress L Maroney starting positions 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 RB/WR, 1 WR/TE, K, DEF I think that Wayne for Burress is pretty even, but Gore for Maroney?? I know Gore is a starter and Maroney is a backup, but Maroney has outperformed Dillon just about every week. It's appearant that Maroney is the real deal, and will be a stud when he is the premier back in NE. But Gore is the starter and will see more touches. Is it worth it for me to make this trade??
  23. I like S Smith, and I would like to get him before his value rises even more. Am I giving up too much??? I'm offering: T Barber B Jacobs P Burress D Mason (or should I offer R Moss) FOR C Portis S Smith M Jones - Drew I have a feeling he'll take it cause he likes the Giants, but he's played long enough to know when someone is ripping him off..
  24. Free agent pick up....

    I'd go Colston over Reggie. He's been riding the pine on my roster for 3 weeks now, and every week I regret it.

    I really dont think it's that bad of a trade. Smith is his ONLY receiver of value, and I'm offering him 2 lesser value but still decent (especially Burress) along with a RB in a better offensive system. Oh well.. If he bites, I'll let you know..