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  1. Drop K. Jones or Green for DeAngelo Williams?

    I think a lot of people are giving up on KJ. He had a pretty poor year last year, but no one on that team last year had any REAL fantasy value. This year I feel like there are some big things coming out of that offense. This week should show if KJ is the real deal, or a wanna be. So far, they've played against 2 of the best run stopping defenses in the NFL. This week they play the HORRIBLE pack. I would say hang on to KJ for one more week and see what he can do this week. If he's still a dud, then by all means, cut all ties. But at least give the guy one last chance against a pretty poor team..

    I have been offered: M Harrison; D Rhodes; J Addai FOR A Johnson; D Mason; K Jones; M Turner (he has Tomlinson) Should I or should I pass?? My team is in my signature.
  3. Final Trade Offer i need help on

    I would pass as well.
  4. Nice game Manning!

    That was HORRENDOUS!!! All of us Colts fans loved it!!!!
  5. The Randy Ratio is non existent

    I can understand why people are low on Moss. If there is any fantasy value on that team, it's him (I'm sorry if you have him, but Jordan is highly overrated). I mean look at the 2 games the Raiders have played. They played against (IMO) a top 10 defense in San Diego, and last week against arguably the best defense in the league. Their offensive line so far looks like by far the worst in the league. But I have a STRONG feeling that Art Shell will not allow this to keep going on. I mean there's not much he can do, but if it means pulling a starter and replacing him with a backup who wants to get in there every week and make a name for himself, then I see it comming. Moss will be fine. He won't ever be the Moss that he was in MN, but I feel that he will be a strong #2 before long. Look at their schedule and tell me otherwise. Bye week in week 3; at HOME against Cleveland in week 4 @ San Fransisco in week 5; @ Denver (iffy) in week 6; and at HOME against Arizona in week 7. He will come around.. Stay patient!!!
  6. BLOCKBUSTER trade..

    I was just offered: LARRY JOHNSON for TIKI BARBER BRANDON JACOBS RANDY MOSS Should I or shouldn't I?? My current team is in my signature.
  7. Trade offered

    Am I making a mistake in this? I dont feel that I am, just wanted to get a little advice first. The "other" guy has W Dunn and C Dillon I have J Norwood and L Maroney. He will not come off of Dunn. So I told him to make me an offer for Dillon. He offered me Dillon for J Norwood (he only wants him for insurance) and D Mason. I told him that there is no way, but have yet to reject it. Dillon is ALREADY splitting carries with Maroney, so I would have to start both of them to get the max out of the NE running game, and I have read that Dillon injured his leg yesterday but it's yet to be known how severe it is. I'm pretty sure that I will be doing the right thing in rejecting it.
  8. BLOCKBUSTER trade..

    Now I'm getting myself into it. They guy who has S Alexander has already told me if I am willing to move Moss and Barber, then he would seriously consider moving Alexander for them. Which one should I go after??? Alexander or Johnson????
  9. BLOCKBUSTER trade..

    What if I take Jacobs out and throw Norwood in? He also has W Dunn..
  10. WDIS @ RB

    Got to go with Taylor. The vikings have probably the MOST underrated o-line in all of football. They have a decent RB. Look at what CAR gave up last week to ATL.. Taylor is the better and safer start IMO
  11. IMO, you'd be hurting your team more than helping!
  12. Do I really need this?

    Dont do it!
  13. WDIS Thomas Jones or Mike Bell?

    T Jones. The other Bell will see most of the carries this week.
  14. Start help! Advise..

    I'm going to go the other way and say Maroney. He looked pretty good last week. He's only going to continue to get better! It's also been said that Tatum bell will see a substancial amount more than he saw last week due to the finger injury to Mike Bell. I think that Maroney is not only the safer pick, but better pick.
  15. I currently have R Moss in my active roster, but I COULD replace him with one of the following: K Jones vs. CHI B Jacobs vs. PHI J Norwood vs. TB M Colston vs. NO LJ Smith vs. NYG M Turner vs. TEN Who should I start?? Should l leave Moss in there???
  16. WR help

    Another vote for Heap
  17. Thoughts on this trade?

    Pretty fair I suppose. Neither of you are gaining much, neither are losing anything..
  18. Is benching R Moss a good idea?

    I also just read that the Raiders BEST offensive lineman in Gallery is out for 3 weeks. That line looked horrible (at best) the other night, and it just got worse. If they weren't playing against Baltimore, I would play him.. But I just dont like it. The rest of my lineup is set: QB - Warner RB - T Barber RB - L Maroney WR - P Burress WR - L Fitzgerald WR - D Mason WR - A Johnson RB/WR/TE - ??????????? K - Vinatieri DEF - Bears
  19. Am I stupid?

    Dude, if you have already made that trade, you should NO LONGER participate in Fantasy Football.. You should take up knitting or sewing instead. Boy if I saw you in person, I would beat the sh!t out of you with your purse! Are you retarded!?!? You'd be giving up 2 first round picks for what? R Brown??? No way!!
  20. Norwood?

    I dont see too many people or posts talking him up. However, he's definitely worth picking up and riding the pine until Dunn goes down. When that happens, you've got a gem sitting there waiting. He looked outstanding in PREseason (PRE - being the key) and looked pretty f'ng good against a top 5 defense last week.
  21. LT for Randy Moss and TO

    You'd be putting yourself WAY too thin at RB. You already have 2 pretty good WR's. What would you really be getting out of this deal if you're getting 2 WR's (when you already have 2 weekly fantasy starters on your team)?? You would have a stud sitting on the bench each week. Think if the other guy will wait, you should hold off for another week and see what you have.
  22. Need trade advice

    IMO, I dont understand why you are trying to get Johnson. I mean the dude is good, well I take that back.. The guy is great, but anything you give up for him will be too much.. Giving up Jones and Walker again IMO is too much. Neither are a stud #1 WR like Johnson is, but it's only been 1 week. Jones and/or Walker are on teams with (again IMO) a stronger passing game than a running game. Cindy is very balanced. And on top of that, Johnson is one of those receivers who will be double covered just about every team he plays.. I feel that you would be hurting your team more than you would be helping it. However, give it time.. Someone will tell me that I am completely wrong.
  23. Gado or Norwood, time is of the essence!

    Keep Norwood Bro.. He's starting to make a name for himself. He's already worthy of a RB#3 each week. He will split (well not necessairly split - but be the change of pace back) carries with Dunn. Atlanta is pretty much a running team. And imagine what you are holding if dunn gets injured? Gado showed promise last year, but in Houston (already getting crowded there), it doesn't matter who is running there. It's a HORRIBLE o-line, and they will be playing from behind for most of the year, which means Carr will be airing it out a lot this year (That is if his line can give him any time). I would hang onto Norwood..
  24. Alex Smith or Kitna?

    I think Smith starts out slow again, but settles in and has a better 2nd HALF of the season than that of what Kitna does. IMO, I would take a chance on Smith. Most QB rankings and projections have Kitna listed as the better of the 2 though.