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  1. Milk Carton Thread

    Paging AJ BROWN. Will someone please tell him and Tennehill that the game has in fact started??
  2. T Higgins or B Aiyuk

    Who do you like as your WR3 if those are your 2 options?
  3. Hey Shortynazz!!!

    Nope, been 43 for a little over 6 months now. 😁
  4. Hey Shortynazz!!!

    IDK if the jokes on me or what. But until it comes to light, bow down! Ya'll better recognize!!!! 🤣 🤣
  5. How much FAAB for Latavius Murray?

    Murray being the bell cow is not a given. I wouldn't spend ANY more than 5%. I think Williams will surprise a lot of people this weekend. All I'm saying is keep your expectations in check.
  6. Hey Shortynazz!!!

    Uhhhhh.. Here...???
  7. Drop anyone for Murray or Bell?

    I wouldn't
  8. Cam Newton cut

  9. Mac Jones starting for NE means...

    It means it's gonna be several years until NE is relevant again - not that they were relevant with Scam Newton
  10. Message Board League 1 - 12 teams

    Or stand next to him and both give you the one finger salute!
  11. Is James Conner a possible sleeper?

    Kingsbury has already said Edmonds / Conner are gonna be 1a / 1b.
  12. 10 team PPR - I had the #7 pick. Travis Kelce went #2 overall, D Cook #3, Barkley #4, Zeke #5, Josh Allen #6 (Bills homer - still scratching my head), I landed Kamara at #7 My draft looked like this. QB: K Murray (6th QB off the board); T Lawrence RB: A Kamara; J Taylor: Z Moss; N Hines; L Murray WR: AJ Brown; C Godwin; DJ Moore; T Higgins; B Aiyuk TE: TJ Hockenson (6th TE off the board); A Firkser PK: R Gould DST: LA Rams (5th DST off the board) Feeling pretty stoked - felt like Christmas every time it was my pick!
  13. Message Board League 2 - 10 Teams

    Sounds like 10 too many - at least for me. I'm usually in 2 or 3 leagues a year, but 3 or 4 years ago I went ham and was in I think 12 - joined several of the BOTH leagues - it was overkill and it burnt me out. I lost all interest in fantasy at that point. Still haven't really 'recovered'. It was so draining - too much to manage and far too many players every week I wanted to score 17 points. Not 16, not 18 - cause it would affect other leagues, just 17. lol I didn't play for 2 years after that - decided to re-join one last year, and came back for more punishment this year.
  14. One song

    Dirty Laundry - Don Henley
  15. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    Agree it is a tough situation, but dude - you can't be serious. Put yourself in the shoes of the parents of the 12 other kids. I can only assume (and hope) you're not a parent.
  16. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    Here's a good one for you.. Here in AZ, our governor Doug Douchey has signed a law making it illegal for any government or state run business to mandate masks - that includes schools. Last night I spoke with my sister in whom is a 3rd grade teacher - and school in her district started last Monday the 9th. She has a class of 23 students. She can't require students to wear masks, she can only encourage it - some kids do, some don't. She said there is a problem child that everyone in the school knows about (autistic kid) who has already been held back twice mainly for failing and not doing any school work - once it was at the request of her father (divorced) and last year the school chose to hold her back as she is failing and won't do anything that's expected of her. The kid lives with her mother (divorced) in whom is very very confrontational and defensive about her daughter (I suppose I would be too - to an extent). Last Thursday, the kid was running around the room disrupting the entire class - she was sent to the office for not listening, and started complaining that she does not feel well and that's why she's not listening. School called mom, mom said to leave her there, she's fine. Kid was sent back to my sisters classroom and my sister said she (the kid) started looking ill and sent her back to the office / nurses office. They took her temperature and it was north of 102. Mom refused to come and get her, so they called Dad. He was like WHY IS SHE AT SCHOOL? SHE TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID 3 DAYS AGO! Uhh.. What. The. Fluck?? Come to find out - mom knew about it and said that she cannot take the stress of having her kid at home any longer and she needs to be in school. What she was actually saying is you guys deal with her for 7 hours out of the day so I can have a free babysitter. Yesterday, my sister's classroom was down to 11 kids as now 12 of them have all tested positive for Covid. Somehow my sister has tested negative now 3 days in a row - but she's taking proper precautions. I asked her if she gets paid if she comes down with it and is required to stay home and quarantine? She said no - the state took away Covid pay this year. Douchey pretty much said if teachers contract Covid, that's on them for not taking the proper precautions to avoid it. Again - What. The. Fluck???? This really has nothing to do with vaccinations (although my sister is vaccinated), but the complete disregard for others that some people seem to take is extreme. Unfortunately the only thing my sister can do is quit, or stay there and try to make the best of it. She said if she quits, she's under contract and it will go against her teaching license making it very difficult to find work elsewhere. Not sure I really have any point to this story other than this is what we are dealing with. Not only does it affect people who don't want it and can't receive vaccination (kids) but those kids are taking it home to their families and spreading it at home - who knows what precautions they take at home. I told my sister that we weren't raised to be sue-happy and go searching for free money, but holy hell man - this screams lawsuit in my eyes. I don't know that they can 'prove' that more than half the class got it from this one student, but seriously - the writing is on the wall - some dumbass knew her kid was infected with it but negligently sent her kid to school anyway cause she "didn't want to deal with her kid for 7 hours out of the day". Just wow!!!
  17. Message Board League 1 - 12 teams

    Dude - go away (again).
  18. One song

    Weak - AJR
  19. Message Board League 2 - 10 Teams

    I miss the days when Mill was fun. Maybe it still is and I'm just getting crotchety as I get older - hell, back in the day when I wasn't married and kid free, we had guys' night pretty much at will. Now that we're getting older - stupid responsibilities get in the way. I haven't been to Mill or bar hopping down there in probably 8 years or so. At least you're hopefully staying somewhere close to the area so that there is somewhat of a night life. Old Town Scottsdale has a lot of cool bars to check out as well, but not sure how busy they'll be in these times and on a Thursday night. I travel frequently for work as well - and hanging out in a hotel room makes me stir crazy. I'd for sure offer to meet up, but I'm traveling to Miami for work tomorrow afternoon - never been, but pretty sure what to expect so long as there's no hurricanes in the forecast!
  20. Message Board League 1 - 12 teams

    May have pulled the trigger a little too early based on his ADP (at least on the draft site), but I have super high hopes for Rondale Moore. Local beatwriters and Cardinals insiders say he could easily finish the season as the teams most productive WR - yes, better than Hopkins. I've also read numerous different analysts compare him to Wes Welker of the New England days, and on ESPN2 last night they were airing some sort of fantasy program where they too featured him as a sleeper that is getting too much pub. I'm always hesitant to go too big on rookies in redrafts, especially WR's, but he's high on a lot of analysts and sites as a strong sleeper - someone who could easily finish as a top 10 fantasy WR. I'll believe it when I see it, but hopefully it works out.
  21. Message Board League 2 - 10 Teams

    It sucks. You're better off going to the website on your phone and then in your browser settings select desktop view. That way isn't much better, but at least it's the same thing you'd see on your laptop - just a much smaller screen.
  22. Request to Owners/Moderators/Hall Monitors

    Welp, if Twitter and Facebook can ban you for posting something that doesn't line up with their rhetoric or views - at least these forums got that going for them. Just my
  23. Wuuuuuuttt?? I feel like the mods needed a reason to bring us all back together with one common dislike - and it just happened!!!