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  1. michael jenkins vs marques colston

    I like your choice better too. Atlanta is definitely a run the ball run / out the clock kind of team. Jenkins is decent, but I like Brees and NO as well. Colston MAY however be the perinial 1 week wonder. It's too early to tell though. I just picked him up (Colston) but he will be riding the pine for a couple weeks until he proves me that he is worthy of filling in some upcomming bye weeks.
  2. WDIS #2 RB and Flex

    I may be a little bias in saying this, but the Colts D line faced a tough O-line and one of the leagues best RB's. They're about to see the exact opposite this week. Tough call.. I would personally take my chances with Jones, although he may not do much better against a great D. The Colts will put up points right away this week on an improved but still weak defense. Houston will be trying to play catch up all day, which will come via the pass. Take the "safer" bet in Jones.
  3. Trade Advice

    I'm not a big fan of the RB/WR combo either. However I just made a trade for Burress when I have Barber, but that's a little different than Jones/Williams. I still think that you have a better squad with what you have than making that specific trade. Maybe you can package both Jones and Williams and see if someone will bite for a better RB or WR. I dont think you're going to get too much response though. It's too early in the season.
  4. Trade Advice

    I think Kevin Jones still has something to prove this year. While it definitely was not last week, and probably wont be this week against the best D in the NFL, I say that you hang on to him for another week or 2. I would. If you do however feel the need to make the trade now, I would go with Lewis hands down! However I feel that Jones will have put up the most FF points out of all 3 of these RBs listed by the end of the year.
  5. OK Call me Stupid

    STUPID!! J/K - You asked for it. Personally l would start Bush. Even though he's the backup, he's got a much softer defense. Seattle's defense is pretty underrated. The Cardinals are going to fall behind somewhat early in this and IMO will be passing a lot this week.
  6. Trade advice

    No way dude.. Brees and Johnson are far more valuable than Brady and Evans. I'd stick with what you have. You're better off IMO
  7. This week I am in a toss up of starting Kevin Jones (starter) against the Bears defense, or do I have a better chance with starting Laurence Maroney (backup in a RBBC) against the Jets defense? Any thoughts????
  8. Trade Offer

    Lewis decent, but Branch really is not worth much of anything. They were already too crowded at WR, now they just got more crowded. I feel that you're better off with hanging on to Taylor. Other than playing against the Bears defense 2 times this year, he's got a pretty favorable season.
  9. L. Maroney

    Do you play with a bunch of first year fantasy players? I am still having trouble trying to figure out why that guy dropped an NFL star in the making for a so so RB. I'd find SOMEONE on my team to drop to snag him. He will be the feature back there before the season is over. Get him while you can!
  10. Not that I'm a Seattle or Patriots fan, but a 1st round pick? Seattle ALREADY has a crowded group of receivers. I know that they're all highly prone to injuries, but this doesn't make any sense at all..
  11. Would YOU drop Horn for Branch?

    No way! Horn is Bree's go to guy.. Branch may be talented, but there are now 4 decent options there in SEA. Jackson, Branch, Engram, and Burleson. Too crowded.. I'd stay away from it..
  12. Blockbuster Trade

    Tough call.. I am still a strong believer that Alexander will not perform to expectations this year. I mean it was only 1 game but look at yesterday against the Detroit Lions!! They used M Morris and M Strong JUST as much as Alexander. I like Gore's potential this year. And TO even though playing for the same team and having the same QB throwing to him, will still outperform Glenn. As odd as this may sound to reject Alexander, me personally, would not do it. But that's just me.. I'm sure there will be more people telling you to do it than not..
  13. Crystal Ball time

    I wouldn't bet on that. You never know. Brooks is very suspect and dont know what to expect in OAK. Moss on the other hand, it this is a game where he decides to play, then you're probably going to be in a world of hurt. Based off of last years Chargers, they were pretty good at stopping the run. If that's the case again this year, then look for a lot of throws from Brooks to Moss. He will be double covered all night, but that has never stopped him in the past..
  14. Frank Gore

    This was just 1 game brotha. And Arizona's defensive front 4 is nothing to brag about. If he can do this consistantly, then it's time to get excited.
  15. no ones trashing Bush today?

    You said it yourself bro.. It was just 1 game
  16. Trade Proposed!

    I was about to say the same thing. Manning will be back to his passing ways this year. Harrison will still get the double coverage. HUrry up and accept before he realizes that he just f'd up
  17. Pimp my Squad

    I think your team is just fine! Too many people are already panicking with CPep. He's no Manning, but it was the season opener. He had the yards, just missed the TD. He was passing against the best D in the league the other night. He will be fine this year. I think you'll be competitive all year and should be in the thick of it until the end.
  18. Rate my team

    Not saying to do this, but if you REALLY want Norwood, I would personally drop Leinart. He may be talented and have potential, but seriously.. How many rookie QB's have come in and just tore it up their first year? Manning.. He didnt have the wins to go along with it.. He had 4 300yrd games and 4 3-td games.. I know what some of you Steeler Homers are about to say. Big Ben had an impressive record, but he sucked fantasy wise. I know cause I had him on my bench the 2nd half of his rookie season. That's just me though.
  19. Defensive help....

    First of all you shouldn't not play a defense cause you have a player on an offense facing that defense. You may want them to score, but what if they dont? You'll be kicking yourself all game long. Second of all, the matchup out there that you should have to go with is the Cardinals D vs. San Fran. It's the best matchup, and 3rd... Rivers is a 3rd year player - first year starter.
  20. Help

    No way! Rhodes is the starter. Indy may be going with the infamous RBBC this year, but Rhodes it the primary back there. As l said in another post, Indy may have lost the Edge, but they didnt lose an offensive lineman. It's one of the most UNDERRATED offensive lines in football. Norwood is a ROOKIE BACKUP.. He may show promise, but you'd be downgrading... Hang on to Rhodes. You'll probably be surprised!
  21. Trade advice

    You should tell that guy to go and try to bend someone else. I wouldn't even think about it. Decline it bro.. Williams may be a rookie and a backup, but he will be a starter by mid season. If he is not the guy holding Foster, you should offer Williams to the Foster owner for a better receiver than Muhammad. If this is as best of an offer that you can get, hang on to him. His value will only rise as the trade deadline approaches..
  22. Which RB should I start?

    Regardless of your scoring system, you should stay as far away from Betts as possible. There's too much of a crowded backfield there. Dunn is by far the best RB there, but he's going up against a VERY stout Run Defense. Rhodes isn't much better, cause that game they will probably be trading scores. If it were my team, I would take my chances with Rhodes, only cause Dunn wont do too much against Carolina. You never know though. You know what they say in Fantasy Football: Always Start Your Studs. In that case, you got to start Dunn. Personally, I would start Rhodes though. It doesn't matter what RB is playing in Indy.. Rhodes is listed as the primary back. They may have lost the Edge, but they didnt lose anyone from the offensive line. It's one of the more underrated lines in football. And as long as Manning connects for 1 or 2 mid range passes, the running lanes will open up due to defenses trying to stay honest, and play against the pass.
  23. Who do you start and Why?

    Foster only had 2 100yrd+ games last year. BOTH were against Atlanta. If history says ANYTHING, you have to start Foster. You never know what you're in with with Shanahan and Denver. He ssays 1 thing all week, then does the opposite come game time. Foster is the safe start..
  24. Deshaun Foster and Corey Dillon for McGahee?

    You're giving up way too much for a good RB on a terrible team. McGahee will be overworked this year.
  25. TJ Housh or Nate Burleson?

    Another vote for Burleson