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  1. TJ Housh or Nate Burleson?

    Another vote for Burleson
  2. Shockey or Watson?

    If this were my team and I had both TE's, I would trade Shockey. His value is through the roof. He is very injury prone, and NYG has a balanced offense. Barber will be getting many carries, and there are plenty of good WRs to steal catches from Shockey. Watson so far looks to be Brady's go to guy. I would hang on to Watson, and trade Shockey. You'll thank yourself by week 4 when Shockey gets another concusssion, and/or tweaks his glass leg/ankle again.
  3. Is this a good trade?

    IMO Watson for Shockey is fair enough. Watson will see a huge # of passes thrown his way with no true #1 WR in NE. If Branch had decided he wanted to participate in the NFL this year, then I would say no. But if you are getting rid of Shockey for Watson and Norwood, I would pull the trigger. Norwood is young and raw, but in a keeper league, he will be the next RB to take the reigns in ATL. I'd do it if I were you.
  4. This guy looks HORRIBLE! Does Culpepper always have to have a receiver who just decides to take games off? Chambers looks HORRIBLE!!! I couldn't be happier that I did not draft this guy!!! What a choke!
  5. I HOPE none of you guys started this guy.

    You would have to really "woo" me for me to trade my first pick. I stayed away from this guy in 5 leagues for a reason. Every year he's all hyped up and people say that this is going to be his breakout year. I know it's week 1, but seriously. He's had 3 passes hit him in the #'s and he just lets it go. Looks like a mini-Moss..
  6. I'm curious to know why there are more votes for Smith and Heap? Owens is a better receiver. He has problems, but not injury problems. Smith has 2 bad hammy's. I just dont feel Steve Smith this year. And Watson will be Brady's favorite target with Branch deciding to not take part in NFL activities this season. You're way better off with Owens and Watson.
  7. RB Trade Help!

    If it were just Dunn/Norwood for Dillon/Maroney, I would say pull the trigger in a heartbeat. But with you giving up Watson for Cooley, that really balances it out and in my opinion favors the other guy. Brady doesn't have a go to receiver with Branch not looking like he wants to be a part of the NFL this year. Watson will see many passes thrown his way. I would stick with what you have and look on the waiver wire when the time comes for 1 week to fill your bye. See if he will do it without swapping TE's. If he does, then by all means pull the trigger. If not, then I would seriously consider sticking with what you have.
  8. I say Thomas Jones and Corey Dillon
  9. Trade offer

    2 words.. No way
  10. Quick! Please help with trade!

    Do you not like the Bears?? A Lot of people overlook defenses in FF. Yes, they're a dime a dozen, but the Bears D has been a top 5 DEF for the past few years, and I really dont see that changing this year. If you're set on making a trade, you're better off getting Jordan, however if this were my team, I would just stick with what I have. You're better off In my opinion..
  11. WDIS at WR

    It's pretty much a crapshoot.. Booker has better potential only cause he's a veteran. You dont know what you have with Jennings. (I have him on my team as well, but I benched him for this week due to a BAD matchup against the Bears). I think I would play it safe if you can call it safe and start Booker. Hang on to Jennings, and see what you have next week..
  12. Quick! Please help with trade!

    I wouldn't do it. You're losing a top 3 DEF, and trading starting RB's. I think that T Jones is still underrated in Chicago. Yes, Benson is a threat to steal away carries, but Jones is the man until he gets hurt. If it were RB for RB, then I would do it. Definitely wouldn't do it if your Bears D is included. Hell, I still wouldn't do it if he offered you his ATL D. You're better off with what you have.
  13. Trade Gore and Rhodes for Portis

    Regardless of who else is on your team, I wouldn't do it. Portis will end up giving up too many carries this year in that NOW crowded backfield. Gore is the MAN in SF, and Rhodes in my opinion will be the #1 guy in INDY most of the year. Addai is too raw and needs time to develop. Rhodes will lose a little bit of time to Addai, but not as much as Portis will to L Betts, and T Duckett. I would definitely not do it..
  14. Ok.. I'm in a 10 team PPR league.. 1 pt - reception/10yrds rush-rec/2 pt bonus for 100 yrd game rush-rec/6pt TD. We can start a variety of different positions. HAVE to start 2 RB's and 3 WR's. There are however 2 Flex spots.. RB/WR, and WR/TE so I can start 5 WRs each week.. Take a look at what I did My team WAS as follows.. QB - Warner; Mcnair RB - Barber; K Jones; D Foster; W Lundy; B Jacobs; J Harrison; L Maroney WR - L Fitzgerald; R Moss; D Mason; A Johnson; G Jennings TE - LJ Smith K - Vinatieri DEF - New England The dude I just made a deal with had V Morrency; D Davis; D Williams and M Anderson; and J Norwood as his RB's. I ALREADY completed a trade with him.. I gave him D Foster, W Lundy; and Patriots defense FOR I received P Burress; Chicago's D, and J Norwood So that puts me with a huge risk of hoping Barber and K Jones can hold down the fort until some of those other guys (hopefully) get a shot but I got 5 STUD receivers!!! There are a few people in my league telling me that they CANNOT wait to play me and they hope for my sake that the Bears D can carry me through the season? Am I missing something here? I mean Foster was useless to me without Williams (who is owned by the guy I traded him to) and Lundy (who would have sat my bench anyway - so I traded him to the guy who had his backup), as well. I got another solid WR who I will start every week and a top rated D in return. Did I do the right thing???
  15. Did I make the right move?

    But that's just it. 2 POSSIBLE starting RBs. I hated to come off of Foster, but he's historically not a full season RB. Now with Williams there, his value goes down even that much more. And Lundy. I got him off the waiver wire. So for my 6th round pick in Foster, my last pick (15th) in Atlanta's D, and a waiver wire pickup in Lundy, for a 4th round pick, and a top 3 defense. Lundy was going to sit the bench anyway. I dont know. I was very iffy about doing it at first, but being able to start 5 of the arguably top 15 WR's, in a Receiver dominated points system, I am starting to like it. I dont know. Only time will tell I guess. I dont feel like I got that bad of a deal. I gave up depth, for more points out of my starters. If healthy, I feel that I have a pretty lethal lineup. Oh well. I asked for thoughts and got it! Thanks
  16. Dude.. I would take this trade and RUN!! Johnson is a top 2 WR, and Plax is maybe top 10. The Giants have a balanced offense, where the Bengals are like the Colts in a super pass heavy offense. Take this trade and run before the other guy realizes what he is doing..
  17. who to drop for Favre?

    Are you ABSOLUTELY sure you want him? He looks HORRIBLE!!!! Is anyone watching this game?? Dude should have hung it up 2 years ago!! I think you're better off with Carr
  18. Any Thoughts?

    I know you all hate reading these, but I am just curious if anyone wishes to add their input.. Had a 10 team redraft league.. Have to start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 WR/RB/TE, K, DEF.. Only have to start a TE 8 total games.. Scoring is as follows: 1 pt = 10 yrds rushushing/receiving; 20 yrds passing.. 1 pt= reception 6 pt TD's (All categories) 3 pt bonus = 100 yrd rushing/receiving; 300 yrd passing.. I had the 5th overall pick in a "snake style" draft.. Here's my team.. QB - Warner(8); Mcnair(15) RB - Barber(1), K Jones(4), D Foster(6), L Maroney(9), B Jacobs(12), C Houston(13) WR - L Fitzgerald(2), R Moss(3), D Mason(5), A Johnson(7), R Caldwell(14) TE - LJ Smith(11) K - Vinatieri (10) DEF - Atlanta(16) Where do I need the most help if at all for now???
  19. Any Thoughts?

    So If I were interested in making a trade, which RB's should I package up for a solid #2 RB?? Or just leave it as it is for now and see if Jones pans out?
  20. so who is # 1

    I really think you're making a mistake.. But that's just me. If I was at #3, I would LOVE for LT to fall to me. LJ WILL NOT finish in the top 5 this year in fantasy points for RBs
  21. so who is # 1

    With this scoring system, you'll be kicking your own A$$ ALL season long for passing up on Tomlinson. Johnson will be a bust this year... At least for those people who take him with the #1 overall pick. Alexander is a safer bet than Johnson, i just like the game that Tomlinson brings, he's younger, and he will be catching all kinds of passes as well out of the backfield as well.
  22. Boldin, Owens, or Moss

    Boldin gets my vote
  23. Maroney vs White vs Williams

    Maroney will be a top 3 back in as little as 2 years. He's by far the best one up there.
  24. Gates / Wayne

    I would do it in a heartbeat! Just dont think that the other guy will accept it.
  25. Portis At number Ten

    Are you sure Betts is a safe pick? Does the Redskins looking to acquire TJ Duckett say something about his injury? I personally wouldn't touch Portis. I think his shoulder is more serious than the team wants people to believe..