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  1. Who is catching your attention this preseason?

    MARONEY!! I dont find it as a surprise though. Dude WILL win the offensive ROY. He's a more NFL ready back than Bush. Too bad the Colts didnt trade up a few spots. If they did, they wouldn't miss a beat!
  2. RE: Article about picking Manning first

    But it doesnt say what type of league it is. I have the #5 pick in a 10 team standard scoring league. Which gives me #15 and #25.. It's all a crapshoot! I could have a stud QB, and 2 stud WR's, and a mediocre RB, whereas someone else has 1 stud RB, above average WR, above average WR/QB, and mediocre RB. Guess it depends on the paramaters of the league.
  3. Give me your advice Draft 8/26

    I personally think the recipe for success this year is RB in round 1, WR in rounds 2 AND 3, and RB or top QB in round 4. There are so many RB's out there this year. If you cant get one of the top 4 or 5, anyone you take is probably going to be sharing carries with someone else this year, so your next best bet would be to start mopping up the WRs.
  4. Just Drafted Today!

    How the hell can you be in a league for 6 years with a bunch of vets? Brown almost warrants the #4 overall pick! #6 at the latest! Portis, well at least he's not your top pick. Dude is falling fast.. People try to downplay the injury, but I think it's more serious that everyone thinks.. It will be lingering all year.. But you mopped up the WR's to make up for the difference. If Walter ever makes it to become the starting QB in OAK, that alone takes Moss from being the 7th or 8th best WR to at least top 3!! Great draft though
  5. On the clock NOW...Pick #8 rookie...

    Is Lawrence Maroney there? If he is, take him.. He will finish ahead of Bush for the rookie of the year. Otherwise, I'd take Addai. Probably the most NFL ready back out of the 3 listed. Also playing in a powerhouse offense..
  6. RE: Article about picking Manning first

    It all just depends on the scoring. From watching them in the first 2 preseason games, you have to figure that the colts will be passing about 75% of the time this year. Only will be running to keep the defenses honest. And with all the talent and $$ wrapped up in the passing game, you'd be silly to pass on him in the 1st round. There's only 2 players that SHOULD be rated higher than Manning. LT, and SA. LJ is going to flop this year. They cant get it together in KC so far, and it's going to be a LONG season for those who took him with the 1st overall pick. I have yet to have my true draft, but have done MANY mock drafts, and there are still QUALITY RB's there in the 3rd and 4th rounds.. To take Manning and top WR's and good/mediocre STARTING RB's, you're only looking to make it to the FF Superbowl. You could make the case by saying what if he gets injured? What if anyone's #1 round gets injured? You can write them off.. I have the 5th pick in my draft, and if Manning is there when it's my pick, he wont be there at the 6th overall pick. Barber is overrated. Portis will be lagging due to a sore shoulder all year.. R Brown has a lot of upside, but will he be able to stick it out AND carry the entire load for an entire 16 game season? The ONLY player that warrants consideration there is S Jackson. He's already proven himself, and he's young. But will I take potential over a full thing? Absolutely not! There couldn't be a more solid sure pick this year than Manning! Now start laying into me and shread this apart!
  7. Which WR combo

    Another vote for CJ-Boldin.. Smith/Harrison I think is the safer pick, but will not be as rewarding.. Harrison will get his fair share but with all the targets there, his value drops a little. And I really think Carolina will definitely be a Steelers type offense this year. Only throw when they absolutely have to. Have a stable enough run game to pound it out and eat up the clock. The Cardinals will still have to pass cause with the o-line as in just as much shambles as it was last year, Boldin will get his on a weekly basis. I know that Fitz is there, but that's it.. And CJ is just a stud with an all pro QB always looking his way first.
  8. who to pick

    Here's the top seven backs left (in my opinion) who are available -- who would you pick and why? Brian Westbrook, RB, Eagles Reggie Bush, RB, Saints Domanick Davis, RB, Texans Willis McGahee, RB, Bills Jamal Lewis, RB, Ravens Chester Taylor, RB, Vikings Reuben Droughns, RB , Browns You have to go McGahee!! I feel that he is underrated, but his QB is holding him from becomming an elite RB. Other than Westbrook (balanced offense) not being too far behind, McGahee is by far the best talent out there.. Everyone else up there is a 3rd tier RB. Bush is raw... Davis is hurt and will play like all year long.. J Lewis is still overrated in my opinion. May be better this year with a real QB to stretch the field, but he'll NEVER return to old form. And Droughns plays on a team that just plain out sucks!!
  9. WORST NIGHTMARE Came True !

    What about Ronnie Brown? He's flying under a lot of people's radar. Before the "pre"season started, I would have laughed at the thought, but he will be the heart of that offense. On top of that, there is no R Williams to steal carries away. And who is the backup??? Sammy Morris?? I dont think that he's going to pose a huge threat. #4 might be a little bit of a reach, but with Portis's current situation, may be back week 1, but the injury will be lingering all year! I dont like Barber that much either. I really think that he will be this year's Curtis Martin. Great season last year, mediocre year this year. The only thing that makes him appealing is the continued development of Manning. They'll probably have more redzone chances this year outside of the 10. Last year anything inside the 10 went to the TD hog in Jacobs. I think that Barber offers the biggest risk/reward, and I think that Jackson will be the safest pick, but will it be the smartest? I say Jackson or Brown. Both are the #1 RB's with no decent backup. They wont be pulled very often...
  10. Hate to keep beating a dead horse, but it's your pick in the first round in a 10 team standard draft league. Scoring = 1pt per 10yrds rushing/receiving; 6 pts per TD; 3 pt bonus for 100 yrd rushing game. I like Barber the best cause of his experience and the offense he plays in, however I cannot justify the difference if Jacobs will still be mopping up the TD's when Barber got them all the way down the field. My personal choice is SJAX, cause he is the pure #1 RB there, but as it has been said before, he's only a top back as long as Bulger is healthy, in which I would not put any amount of $$ riding on him staying healthy for an entire season. Which leaves me with R Brown. I know that this kid has huge upside and potential, and without R Williams there to steal carries away that only solidifys his value that much more. I am just not too comfortable in taking a sophomore RB this early in the draft. Seen it way too much. The dreaded "Sophomore Slump". K Jones had it, J Jones had it last year. Manning is gone, and I'm not taking any chances on Portis. Who do you take????
  11. What needs tweaking?

    If this were my team, I would consider packaging Hasselbeck and either Bennet, Wilford, or Toomer for another solid receiver. And the reason I say Hasselbeck is cause you have Kitna. The name alone doesn't say much, but the new faces in the coaching staff do. And there is still talent in their receiving game. I honestly believe that Kitna will be "This year's C Palmer". He's on my radar. Looking to get him in the later rounds.
  12. Suggs

    Just "another" RBBC
  13. S Jackson, R Brown, or T Barber

    #5 LT, SA, LJ, and Manning are the 1st 4 picks.
  14. Help Me Win

    You should go after by far the best WR out there. TJ Who's your mamma! Yeah!!!
  15. Tiki,Portis or Steven Jackson @ #4 pick?

    Goes against everything I've ever said as well as drafted, but with all the RBBC's this year, you COULD (not saying would) consider Manning at #4. We all know that the dude is going to tear it up this year with a step back in the run game. There will still be a quality RB there in the 2nd or WR, and you have a pretty early 3rd Round pick. I probably wouldn't do it, but would give it some serious consideration with Portis's situation now. I dont think that Portis's situation is as bad as it seems, but I do think that it will be lingering all year. I wouldn't take him at #4 now, not even #5. Tiki or SJax if you're set on a RB. Both the clear #1 guy for their respectable teams, and both will get most of the looks. The only thing I dont like about Tiki, if (and when) the Giants lock up a playoff spot (during the FF Playoffs) Barber will be benched. I think the Rams will be in it until the end fighting for a spot. A lot of people over look the FF playoff schedule. I got bent last year losing in the first FF playoff game, cause I had Manning, E. James, R. Wayne, AND the Colts D. I did however win 40% of the overall pot for winning the overall points though. Anyway, I think it's a tossup between Manning and SJax. Got to go with your gut..
  16. Top rookie RB's for Keeper League

    I cannot stand the NE Pansy's, but they got a gem in Maroney. I have a very strong feeling that he will be the next LT in maybe as little as a year. Dude is a stud!! He'll be the starter in NE before week 8. That's my prediction. You may think twice about it now, but you'll thank yourself later! Just too bad the Colts didnt make a stronger push for him. Could have traded up..
  17. Trade offer / Advice Needed

    I would take this in a heartbeat before the other guy wakes up and changes his mind! Boldin will be just as productive as Johnson, and you're getting Gates as a gift!!! Pull the trigger bro!!
  18. Harrison vs Moss

    Look at the starting QB's. Then look at the starting RB. The Colts are going to have to be a pass first team this year. Teams will know it's coming, but will they be able to stop it? Look at 2 years ago. Teams knew it was coming, but they couldn't then. Enough said. Moss has better downfield big play potential, and Harrison will lose a little to Wayne, BUT Stokley got hurt in practice over the weekend, and it's not looking too good.. Leg injury and he had to be carted off on a cart. The next receiver in line there is Aaron Moorehead (who if I may add may be a huge darkhorse - sleeper if Stokley misses a lot of time). Colts will be passing more, and they have the most accurate and arguably the best QB in the NFL today. Harrison is older, but a better route runner, and he has never "Taken plays off". I would personally take Harrison over Moss. Some people will argue this though..
  19. #3rd pick

    Didn't read my post before I posted it. Me personally would go with a WR in the 2nd, and probably will go with one in the 3rd as well. In my opinion, WR's are JUST as important as RB's.
  20. Ok, I did post a poll in here a couple weeks ago asking for advice. I had pretty much made up my mind that I was going to take Portis for he was going to be the one available at #5.. But now it has changed.. #1 is taking L. Tomlinson #2 is taking S. Alexander #3 is taking L. Johnson #4 is taking P. Manning (yes this is stupid and a reach, but works for me!) #5 is my pick.... I had my sights pretty much locked in on Portis, but now with the shoulder injury, I dont know. I mean I dont imagine that the injury is going to be season ending, but I do think that it will be lingering all year. And I like Barber here, but with getting cheesed out in the goal line situation TD's, that hurts his value. And I personally think the player with the highest upside and the youngest is S. Jackson, but I really feel that he is a reach at #5. If I could trade down here, I definitely would. But this is a standard draft league, and there is really no advantage to doing so. On top of that, no one wants to trade up. We have our Draft on Saturday August 19th, so I would appreciate some advice before then. Thank you!!
  21. What to do with the #5 pick?

    It's pretty standard scoring.. 10 team league 1 pt - 20 pa yds; 10 ru/re yds; 6 pt - TD's No PPC/PPR.. There is however a 3 pt bonus for a 100yrd game ru/re, 300 yrd pa.
  22. #3rd pick

    I've done 3 mock drafts so far with the #5 overall pick, and in 2 of them I've gone RB in the 1st, WR in the 2nd and 3rd, RB in the 4th, and QB in the 5th. In the last one, I went RB, RB, WR, WR, RB, and that one didnt look as good as either of the first 2. The first 2 mock drafts it has me with a strong core of starters. There are still a lot of quality RB's still there in the 4th and 5th round. I mean I dont think Gore, D Rhoes/Addai, and or the Packers RB's are going to tear it up this year, but I've seen them fall all the way to the 9th round in a 10 team draft. Still some quality there though. That's just my opinion, and I think will be my pre-draft strategy. Although once the real draft takes place, I may change it up to draft the best available player when it comes to me.
  23. #5 Overall Pick

    I am drafting with the 5th overall pick in a 10 team league. Looks like the first 4 picks are set in stone (Johnson, Tomlinson, Alexander, and Barber) from talking to people in my league so far. I like James's upside in playing on the up and comming Cardinals, but has that o-line been addressed enough for him to justify me taking him with the 5th overall pick?? I really DO NOT like Portis, nor do I like the offensive system that he plays in. James SHOULD have a better statistical season that Portis, but it's all up to the shaky o-line in AZ. Last off.. Manning. Do I take him this early? I mean he SHOULD be passing more with the loss of James, and each year he is a slow starter, but always finishes out the season as the best fantasy QB (arguably the best QB in the league). That puts me at a big disadvantage without a star RB. I'd be going against the way I've drafted for the past 7 years. Any advice????
  24. #5 Overall Pick

    That's just it. I've never taken a QB in the first round, and still believe that you can get a quality QB in rounds 4-6. I've won $$ in this league the past 3 years. I just dont see that much upside in Portis. I dont know. Still got a few days before the draft. I have a strong feeling however that #4 will take Portis over Barber. If that's the case, then it's clear cut. I'd take Barber. And do you really think that Rudi, Lamont, and SJack (well maybe he will) will all have better years than the Edge? I dont see it. Oh well.. Advice is what I asked for..
  25. I think you're better off with the team you currently have. Brown will eb a workhorse in Maimi, but LJ has a little more upside, so I say LJ has a +1 there, but Drew Bennet for A. Boldin?? I say that Boldin is probably +3 here. You'd be getting a back with more scoring potential, but now with Roaf pondering retirement, LJ is going to fall.. DONT DO IT!!! You'd be getting bent!!