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  1. MLB Is Stupid

    Doesnt really make much sense to me either. I live in Phoenix. And although the ballpark can seat 55,000+ people, they only sell an average of 18,000 - 20,000 tix per game. All but 18 games are televised here locally. Sorry bro.. You've got a hell of a ballpark out there though. I went out there last summer and although the team was playing, I was more fascinated with the view and the feel of the ballpark (and still had visions of some of the girls from hi-tops in my head) I really didnt pay too much attention to the game. Needless to say, they lost..
  2. September 9th Dallas vs. Giants

    Colts to open season at home vs. Saints Story Tools: Print Email Blog This Associated Press Posted: 8 minutes ago PHOENIX (AP) - The Indianapolis Colts will open the NFL season on Thursday night, Sept. 6, with a home game against the New Orleans Saints. In what has become a recent tradition, the Super Bowl winner hosts the opening game three days before the full schedule begins. "The Colts are the Super Bowl champions and New Orleans obviously was a terrific story on and off the field for the league," commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday at the NFL meetings. "We felt it's a great game to highlight during the 2007 season." Also, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, the Super Bowl MVP, is from New Orleans, and Manning was beaten out for the All-Pro quarterback spot by Saints QB Drew Brees last season. The two national games for the full opening day of Sept. 9 will feature NFC champion Chicago at AFC West winner San Diego at 4:15 p.m. EDT, and the New York Giants at Dallas, both 2006 playoff teams, in the night game at 8:15 EDT. As the league did a year ago, it scheduled a Monday night doubleheader to open the season. Baltimore will be at Cincinnati in the 7 p.m. EDT game, followed by Arizona at San Francisco at 10:15 p.m. EDT. On Thanksgiving, Detroit's traditional home game will be against Green Bay at 12:30 p.m. EST. That will be followed by the New York Jets at Dallas at 4:15 p.m. EST. The night game on Thanksgiving will have the Colts at Atlanta at 8:15 p.m., the first of the NFL Network's eight telecasts for late in the season. Previously, the league scheduled the Miami Dolphins to host the New York Giants at Wembley Stadium in London on Oct. 28. It will be the NFL's first regular-season game outside North America. The rest of the schedule will be announced in April.
  3. Breaking News

    It's the same thing us Colts fans have been hearing for the past 2 years.. "Window is closing"
  4. Breaking News

    Didn't Philly trade for him last year? What did they give up for him? Now there's a team that will always fall short IMO..
  5. Beware, LJ owners!

  6. It's changing how you draft espicially in re-draft leagues. ESPECIALLY in the PPR leagues. It puts a stronger emphasis on WR's and keeps it more balanced IMO
  7. ESPN Radio - Dan Patrick SHow

    If I may just state my opinion.. Not to take anyone's side here, I would in a heartbeat trade Aaron Rogers for Randy Moss right now. What does that do for the now? It makes the Packers "arguably" the NFC North's best offense.. Detroit and Minn have both lost DB's, and the Bears got burnt deep all year long. As I did ALL last season (and still do with all the bonehead moves they're making), I still think that the Bears are overrated. They need help on offense, yet they GIVE away their best offensive player??? Anyway, that's neither here nor there. If you're a Packers fan, I can understand not wanting Moss on your team (I mean he mooned them for starters). But from a talent standpoint, one player (and have to agree with Swerski here) "arguably" a top 3 WR in today's game, will take your team from mediocre, to well above average. But if they do take Moss off Oaklands hands, they'd better find a replacement for Ahman Green. As a fan of the Colts, they show that the key to a successful passing game is a strong running game. Moss has stunk it up pretty bad in Oakland. But why? What did he have to play for? A team that had no o-line to give either Brooks or Walter more than a second in the pocket for Moss to burn his defender. He still has that breakaway speed. He's 30. So is Torry Holt. So what? They're pretty comparable on the field. Both have great hands, both have the ability to run a solid route, and both are great at burning their defenders. Oh well.. I dont know, however IMO, I would love R Moss on my team if it would just cost me a backup QB. Who cares where he was drafted cause what has he done for you? What's he doing now??
  8. Randy Moss

    Dont forget about Chad Jackson. If he can ever get past this injury bug he's been bitten by. He's young and now a year behind schedule with all the time he's missed, but I really like the potential in him. As for Moss, I just cant picture him in a Pats uni this upcomming season.
  9. Fragile Fred Taylor

    Jags RB Taylor signs three-year extension By Len Pasquarelli Fred Taylor Running Back Jacksonville Jaguars Profile 2006 SEASON STATISTICS Rush Yds TD Rec Yds TD 231 1146 5 23 242 1 Tailback Fred Taylor on Thursday signed a three-year contract extension that will essentially double his compensation for the 2007 season and all but guarantees the Jacksonville Jaguars' star will finish his career with the team that brought him to the NFL in 1998. The extension, which runs through the 2010 season, has been the subject of recent offseason discussion between Jacksonville officials and agent Drew Rosenhaus. Taylor was under contract for the 2007 campaign, so the extension essentially creates a four-year deal which is worth $23 million. "If I stay healthy, I'll be able to finish my career with the Jaguars, which is a pretty big thing for me," Taylor said on Thursday afternoon. "That would mean a lot." Under his previous contract, Taylor was to have earned a base salary of $2.55 million for 2007. The new deal reduces his base salary to $800,000 but also rewards Taylor with a $4.2 million roster bonus, bringing his total compensation for 2007 to $5 million. For the 2008-2010 seasons, Taylor is due annual spring roster bonuses of $1 million each. The base salaries for those years, which represent the extension part of the contract, are $4 million for 2008, $5 million for 2009 and $6 million for 2010. It's likely that Jacksonville officials will closely examine Taylor's production each season before determining whether to pay the roster bonuses and retain him. But even for the short-term, the new deal represents a significant gain, since it doubles Taylor's pay for 2007. Taylor, 31, has been seeking a contract that would pay him an average of $5 million per year, but Jaguars officials had consistently balked, and pointed out that the nine-year veteran has never been to a Pro Bowl game. The extension consummated on Thursday appeared to address the needs of both sides. The team's first-round choice in the 1998 draft, Taylor has rushed for 1,000 yards in six different seasons, including 2006, when he carried 231 times for 1,146 yards and five scores. His workhorse role was reduced last season with the addition of second-round pick Maurice Jones-Drew, and the pair comprised one of the NFL's premier tailback tandems. For his career, Taylor has carried 2,062 times for 9,513 yards and 56 touchdowns. He also has 261 receptions for 2,205 yards and eight touchdowns. The former University of Florida standout has appeared in 112 games and started in 108 of them.
  10. Sounds like Joey Porter is going to be let go

    Jamal Lewis is available... How would Steeler fans embrace him if he were to go there? Not saying that he will, just curious..
  11. Sounds like Joey Porter is going to be let go

    He just was... Steelers cut Porter, Haynes to get under the capBy John Clayton After two weeks of internal debate, the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to cut ties with one of their most recognized players -- linebacker Joey Porter. Haynes Porter Porter and running back Verron Haynes were released Thursday as the Steelers got under the salary cap. But the decision to release Porter wasn't as much a cap move as it was a change in direction. A three-time Pro Bowl performer, Porter turns 30 on March 22. And with new coach Mike Tomlin taking over for Bill Cowher, the Steelers were looking to go in a different direction with their linebacking corps. Porter is one of the league's most outspoken players and is willing to verbally challenge opponents. His approach at time did not mesh well with the Steelers' image. Over the past couple of days, Pittsburgh shopped Porter in trade discussions and there was some interest. In the end, the Steelers decided to give him the chance to find a new team instead of sending him somewhere he might not want to go. Porter was entering the final year of his contract and there weren't any plans to sign him to an extension. Porter was scheduled to make $5.225 million this season. His release, and Haynes', save the Steelers $6.065 million of cap room. Because Porter is still a productive player, some people in the organization wanted to keep him. On Thursday, management decided to move on. James Harrison is expected to take over for Porter at outside linebacker. John Clayton is a senior NFL writer for
  12. Bly traded to Broncos for T. Bell, Foster

    FYI - there's not going to be a "Madden" '08
  13. Del Rio: Leftwich will start for JAX in 2007

    And as unfortunate it is for the Jags and their fans, they're going to AGAIN fall short in the AFC South. I cannot figure out for the life of me what they see in him down there in Jacksonville. He's an NFL backup at best.
  14. Trade Rumor: Cards and Lions

    The Cardinals have proved that they have probably the WORST o-line in all of the NFL and with losing an overhyped and underperforming Leonard Davis, they need that key o-lineman to build around. If they do trade up, Joe Thomas will not not be there come time for the 3rd pick..
  15. Take your own wonderlic test

    11/12 Skipped #9
  16. Raiders release Aaron Brooks

    Jake Plummer is available via trade.. There's a proven winner!
  17. Colts clear cap space

    Does this do enough to help the Colts retain Cato June, or does this just make sure that they will have enough to sign all of their draft pics and/or possibly make a free agent acquisition?
  18. Ron Rivera

    I dont know too much of him, and I'm sure that the Bears are very happy to retain his services, but what's wrong with him? Is he not qualified enough, or is he just a bad interview? I mean I dont know exactly how many jobs he interviewed for, but his name was mentioned in just about all of the "at the time" vacant HC jobs.
  19. Norv to the Bolts

    I wasn't going to say it. Some things are better off left "unsaid"..
  20. Brady puts a bun in Moynahan's oven

    For any of you who are at work, I would not open this there. I just did and wansn't too smart! Hot chicks though!!
  21. Norv to the Bolts

    Not that Turner is a bad coach, but I dont like it. The Chargers were really burned by getting into the HC race way too late. And I cant really blame him for leaving and accepting the Miami job when he did, but I wonder what Cam Cameron is thinking? The Chargers job could have been his. A team he was VERY familiar with, and he wouldn't have to move.
  22. Perception

    I'm not trying to take anything away from Jackson. I'd take him as my #2 on probably all but 2 teams in the league (IND and AZ). He's a solid #1 on better than half the teams out there. However IMO I can think of 3 more guys I'd include in this list (to be above Jackson) IF this is just based on talent. R Moss D Driver M Colston (kinda walking the line with this one - only a rookie, but he looks like a STUD in the making with his breakaway speed, and the glue that he has on his hands).
  23. nasti nate ilaoa

    Gezus!! This guy looks like he WAS their offense! Looks like he could be a stud, but so did Timmy Chang when he was the QB at Hawaii a few years ago!
  24. Perception

    You could always bring back K Rob. Oh look.. He just dropped ANOTHER pass!!
  25. Not many players will be franchised this year

    I'm surprised that you even mentioned J Stevans in your list of people who could be franchised. Why?? He's had a couple good games in the past, and he was looking like he was emerging in the 2005 season, but IMO, after recovering from his injury this past season, his #'s didnt jump out as anything that's "out of the ordinary."