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  1. Lavar released by NYG

    Someone will overpay for him..
  2. Players you'll avoid in '07

    AND/OR did you say Dominack Williams?
  3. Players you'll avoid in '07

    I read somewhere that Cindy is interested in bringing in Rhodes. I know it's early. It's hard for me to say that the Colts wont miss him cause it's really hard to tell how Addai will fit in as the primary RB. And to have possibly a rookie in there as the change of pace back makes me kind of weary. If Addai can stay healthy all year, then it shouldn't be too big of a deal. But it he does get hurt, it's looking like Manning will be attempting to break his own record of TD passes in a season. Oh well.. A lot is going to happen before we get back in to it.
  4. Brees Dislocates Elbow in Pro Bowl

    Brenda Warner would probably start yip-yappin' demanding a trade out of Arizona so Kurt can get another starting job. Geesh!
  5. Players you'll avoid in '07

    It's rather hard to stay away from the RBBC. Just about every team is moving into a 2 RB role. Obviously in most cases, the starter is the better one, but you never know. Look at JAX last year. Taylor was decent and the starter, but Jones-Drew was a stud! I never really looked at the stats cause I didnt have either one, but something tells me that Jones-Drew probably outperfomed Taylor fantasywise.
  6. Players you'll avoid in '07

    I know the original question says which RB(s) will you avoid. However, I dont care WHERE Randy Moss ends up, I will NEVER draft or trade for him again in the future. I traded for him 2 years ago before he got hurt, and last year he was my 3rd round pick. He looked fantastic in the preseason. NEVER AGAIN!!!
  7. Big Ben

    As reported in the "Ben Maller" rumor section of "The primary job of the Steelers' new coaching staff? Resurrect the Ben Roethlisberger of 2004 and '05, when he was the best young quarterback in the NFL. Roethlisberger will have a new center and perhaps as many as three different offensive linemen since last season. What he needs most is the kind of protection even the best of blockers cannot bring him -- one that prevents traffic accidents and emergency surgeries. "We have an elite quarterback -- or someone who can be elite -- and we need to get him to that level," said Bruce Arians, who was promoted to replace Ken Whisenhunt as offensive coordinator." Bruce Arians called Ben Roethlisberger an "elite quarterback". I know I cant get an answer from him, but I'm curious as to WHAT makes him elite? He's got a ring, but was he responsible for it? Maybe a little, but the defense and the run game carried that team all the way. I'm not trying to start a war here against Steeler fans, I'm just curious what makes him elite?
  8. I was listening to a sports radio show yesterday on the way home, and the topic was: WHAT 3 QB's IN TODAY'S NFL, NEED TO GET OVER THAT HUMP?? He was referring to Manning and how he was viewed before he finally got his championship. However I got home and turned off the radio before I heard what the host was thinking. But then I started thinking last night? What 3 QB's out there still have something to prove? I would say... #1 - D McNabb #2 - S McNair #3 - M Vick in that order. The first 2 have had a taste, but fell a little short. Vick on the other hand I think is overrated, but the media is all over his nuggets.. What do you think? Who out there has something to prove? Someone with enough talent that could put a team on their back to get it done, but has failed to do so. The only other one I can think of is D Brees, but he's still young. He has quite a few years left.
  9. Not football related

    I just read that Anna Nicole Smith kicked the bucket today. I never really liked this chick, but she did have some big ole...
  10. Curious Cowboy's and Chargers Homers

    Not a fan of either team, but look at today's NFL. With the exception of maybe 4 or 5 teams with "elite" RBs, every team out there is now employing a backfield with 2 RB's to get the job done. I dont see anything different next year with the Cowboys. I see Jones still as the starter, but still see him getting quite a few touches taken away by Barber.
  11. Chargers set for struggle in '07?

    The players may have a chip on their shoulder(s), but will they have the right coaches/coordinators in place with the same gameplans next year? Loosing both coordinators is tough to swallow. Not saying they cant overcome it, but already being labeled as the favorites to run the table next year is a VERY tall task!!
  12. QB's who need to get over the hump

    Kurt Warner!?!? Carson Palmer yes. I would actually put him ahead of Vick. But then, you have the media again all over Vick. I think Palmer and Brees have maybe another 2 years to really prove themselves. Both looked pretty damn good last year coming off injuries the previous season.
  13. Big Ben

    No I hear ya, and I dont mean for Steeler fans to have to defend him. It's not at all a shot. I was just curious. I think he's borderline right now. He did have a long season this past year, and is fortunate that he is still playing. His first year he had a pretty good record as a starting QB. But he only attempted 15-20 passes a game. His second year, I didn't really follow him too much, but I know his QB rating was outstanding, but all I remember hearing about the Steelers was Porter and Polomalu.. Parker had a breakout year, but I dont recall Ben having a huge year. Obviously he won the SB. But as you said, he had a mediocre at best game in that SB. Last year, well Swerski said it best, he deserves a pass and shouldn't be judged by it.
  14. Big Ben

    But does he have the "potential" then to become elite? He's matured a little since he's come in the league, and doesn't make as many "rookie mistakes", but is he really destined to be one of the best? IMO, he looks more like a "damage control" QB, not a "put the game on his back" QB. Not that the first is bad. He's a PERFECT fit for the Steelers. He has the look, the chip on his shoulder, and he sure can take a hit, or even dish one out from time to time. I dont know. Maybe I'm walking a thin line here..
  15. My avatar was changed.....

    Nope.. Happened to me too. After the superbowl, I changed mine to a picture of Manning holding up the SB trophy. Yesterday I got on here, and I was kind of wondering why now I have a pic of Tony Dungy holding up the trophy instead of Manning. I didn't do it. And no one else has access to this computer. Weird!!
  16. The Washington Redskins: A Steaming Crap Bag!

    The only thing they need "NOW" to become a legitimate contender is a QB who can actually read a defense and complete a pass.
  17. Sports News

    If you're looking for info on the net, I highly prefer over I still visit ESPN, but I think that Fox has better articles and easier to navigate. And you dont have to pay to be an "insider" to read all the articles.
  18. "NEW YORK -- Peyton Manning had a lot of witnesses to his soggy super win, with the estimated 93.2 million viewers representing the second most-watched Super Bowl broadcast ever." I didnt think that there were going to be THIS many people watching the game.
  19. Just saw the Disney ad...

    It's what being a die hard fan is all about isnt it? And it's easy for me to say this now, but I really do feel that if Manning were to leave the Colts either via trade or free agency, I still would cheer for him, not necessairly the team that he would be playing for. Yes, that includes the Patriots. That would be wierd though wouldn't it? It'd be like D Jeter leaving the Yankees to come play for the Red Sox. Or Johnny Damon leaving the Red Sox to go play for the Yankees.. Oh wait!!
  20. Just saw the Disney ad...

    It was not a shot at you bro! You say that you Pats fans are always having to defend Tom Brady. I dont recall ever discrediting his accomplishments as a team player. He's got the hardware to back it up. But the same goes for Manning. Colts fans have and probably still will continue to defend Manning. What I was referring to was "another message board" (as stated in my previous post) in which has been overrun by Pats fans as of late, are still flapping their jaws about how Manning is still overrated, and he's a "What can I do for myself" type of player, and not a "team player".. So let me go back to this whole "IMO" thing (which I hate by the way). In My Opinion, I think that people that continue to take shots at Manning and claim that he is not the real deal and is a selfish player, are just jealous fans wishing that he was the starting QB of their team, for if he were, they wouldn't be yappin their gums..
  21. I'm looking to subscribe to 2 NFL draft sites

    What's wrong with this one? I've used it for 3 years now (in the same re-draft league) and I've won the championship twice. Last season, it's not the Huddle's fault that McNabb went down for the season, L Jordan and R Moss were COMPLETE busts, and/or the fact that Kevin Jones went down the week I needed him to step up the most. All in all though, I find that this one is probably one of the elite ones out there.
  22. Just saw the Disney ad...

    Looks like you've just made my point valid!
  23. Colts' win second most-watched Super Bowl ever

    Guess it's time to jump on the Chargers bandwagon now while there's still room! (Just for the record, outside of #1 - Colts, and #2 - AZ Cardinals, I'll never be on anyone else's bandwagon. I am just making a recommendation for those fans who switch "favorite teams" on a yearly basis).
  24. Colts' win second most-watched Super Bowl ever

    I was listening to this radio host out here in Phoenix. His logic: The Patriots had the best record in the 2003 season, and they won the 2005 superbowl. The Steelers had the best record in the 2004 season, and they won the 2006 superbowl. The Colts had the best record in the 2005 season, and they won the 2007 superbowl. The Chargers had the best record in the 2006 season, and... Kind of out there, but now that I am COMPLETELY satisfied that Manning and the Colts finally getting a SB ring, if they cant do it next year, I wouldn't mind at all seeing LT get one. Or D Brees and the Saints.
  25. Colts' win second most-watched Super Bowl ever

    Now that's good value. Sure beats the $3000 TV's that are sitting inside many people's living rooms!