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  1. Colts' win second most-watched Super Bowl ever

    Or like the Chargers of next year.
  2. Just saw the Disney ad...

    He is. At least to most of the Pats fans.. (As I have been reading on another message board). Sounds to me like it's just jealousy from 31 other teams and fans there of, that he's not their QB.
  3. Colts' win second most-watched Super Bowl ever

    No, the same article states that there was approx. 1M more viewers for the '96 SB of the Cowboys/Steelers. I think that the MASH final episode was the highest viewed program. Dont know how many people watched it.
  4. CaptainHook

    Congrats man! Sounds like you had a great time, and all in all sounds like it was worth it!
  5. Colts' win second most-watched Super Bowl ever

    That's it! That now explains EVERYTHING!!!
  6. Serious Question

    No interest? It was aired in over 170 countries. That tells me that there is some interest.
  7. Apparently the Colts have no Menudo...

    +1 No need to rub it in! Pats fans did it to us Colts fans for 3 years. We know how it feels, and there is no need to gloat! We all watched the game, and all know who won.
  8. As the new postseason choker! In all fairness though, Manning was never given credit for at least trying. It was not completely Rex's fault. The rain didnt help, but those 2 ducks that he threw didnt help either. Oh well. The season is finally over, with the Colts finally the SB champs. The Bears have a team that's strong, and will be one of the NFC's elite for a few years to come. The Colts on the other hand have salary cap problems, and will have to let some key players go. But we finally did it! Now, hopefully we NEVER again have to hear about they will never win one with Manning, along with the "big game choker" comments.
  9. Grossman being Grossman

    I said that a week or so ago, that the Colts beat a BETTER team both offensively AND defensively in the Ravens, but I got railroaded when I made that comment. If I can find it, I will.
  10. Audio Dropouts during commercials

    The only GOOD ad today was the Budweiser "paper-rock-scissors" one. As for the audio dropping out, didnt have an issue here.
  11. So, then...

    But the thing that people dont understand about the Edge is that the Colts didn't even make him an offer last offseason (even before they drafted Addai). So really, It never could have been him this year.
  12. This is MY post!

    Keep your head up bro! Your team will be with the elite for a few years to come. The Colts are about to get a heavy blast of reality with the salary cap. But they finally did it. Anyway, I'd be willing to put $$ on it now that the Bears will repeat as the NFC representatives in next years SB.
  13. A real "who will win and how?" Poll

    Or it's a select few Bears fans out there trying to double dip and vote twice to try to make it look like there aren't as many people voting for the Colts.
  14. A real "who will win and how?" Poll

    What's more funny than that is, that comes out to 101%
  15. Separation of Church & State and NOW the NFL

    But that's the thing. The church was originally charging a "donation admission" to help out with a local charity. The NFL said no you cant do that, so the church then said that they will not charge anything, but they wanted to create a safe atmosphere where fans can all get together and watch a game withougt having to worry about people getting trashed, then creating a problem when driving home. I suppose the NFL is now promoting that drinking and driving is ok. At least it's ok for fans to watch the game in a bar and get all drunk and stupid, and possibly start fighting with a fan of a different team. That's ok. But a free viewing in a CHURCH of all places is wrong?? Ugh.. It's too bad I became a fan of the NFL before everything was all about the allmighty dollar! And I hope the NFL doesn't have anyone around here checking. A guy here I work with is having a superbowl party at his house. He's charging $10 admission for his own personal profit. So far, there's about 125 people going. On top of that, he has a projector and a DJ stereo system that he is setting up outside in his backyard, and is broadcasting the game on the SIDE OF HIS HOUSE!! Something tells me that it will be over 55 inches.
  16. How will CHI win?

    You left out one choice: "They wont"
  17. SB Weather Forecast: FRIGGING SHOWERS

    I've heard from many analysts of the game, that rain favors the passing game, hurts the run game, and the defensive game. Sounds like the Bears fans will be using this as an excuse.
  18. Price Gouging at the SuperBowl.....

    I stand corrected!
  19. Price Gouging at the SuperBowl.....

    Is it just me, or am I the only person that realizes that it's not the NFL that drives up the prices on everything? I mean they dont own the limo company that's trying to rape every one that steps into that limo. They dont own Motel 6 who normally would charge $39/night, but this week they're charging $400/night. The NFL has released the ticket with a face value of $600. They got their $600. It's the Mike Tice's out there that are assraping people and getting 1000% return on their tickets, hotels, food, and transportation. I do realize that it sucks for the average fan with the average income. But it is what it is. High demand = high prices. People will pay it if they want to be there.
  20. Bears shopping Thomas Jones?

    I dont think so.. And here's why. In Thomas Jones last year with the Cardinals (2002), he ran for 511yrds and 2 TDs. In 2001 he ran for 380yrds and 5 TDs. This year (obviously) Edge's first year with the Cardinals he ran for 1159yrds and 6 TDs. The o-line has always been pitiful. Although this year the Cards had a passing threat/game to open up the run game just a little. Although, IMO, I think that E James and T Jones are not even in the same class..
  21. Bears shopping Thomas Jones?

    IMO, I really dont see the Giants trading Shockey for an above average (at best) RB. If anything, they'll try to get M Turner over T Jones.
  22. It's too bad I'm married, not desperate to get laid, and dont have superbowl tickets! As we noted in Thursday's 10 Spot, 'tis the season for outlandish offers for Super Bowl tickets. We took the liberty of scouring craigslist (in Chicago, Indianapolis and Miami) for all the latest proposals. Here's a primer on what appear to be the guiding principles if you want to land some coveted Super Bowl seats: 1. Sex sells: Doesn't it always? One young woman calling herself "Miami bound girl" is offering what she coyly bills as "Indecent Proposal: a night with ME for SuperBowl Tickets." (OK, that's not really coy.) She says that she wants tickets to surprise her fiancé, and stresses that she is "not selling sex!" Then again, she adds hopefully: "Hell, if I am drunk enough ... and you are cute enough ... maybe we will hit it off and be romantic." Don't worry, fellas, there's a picture included. The only catch is that this has to be a "secret" because her fiancé "would be upset if he knew how I got the tickets." Don't worry, we'll keep this just between us. If you're interested in the rest of the artictle, here's the link:
  23. What people are doing for SB tickets!

    I think Mike Tice has some for sale!!
  24. What people are doing for SB tickets!

    Ebay has them for as much as $10K/pair. I like my team, but I can think of about 1000 different ways to better spend $10K. If I were the lottery winner, it'd be a different story!
  25. Team cap space

    I've been hearing a lot of stuff on the radio out here (yes, it's all rumors) but the Cardinals are going to be serious players in the Asante Samuels / Nate Clements sweepstakes. Maybe Whisenhunt can finally get the Bidwells to dive into their checkbooks a little, and finally make a winner out of the hometown team..