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  1. Team cap space

    I dont get it.. Pats every year are in the Playoff's and serious contenders. Yet they've got to be one of the STINGIEST teams out there. Got a very smart owner!! Although I'm a fan, it's too bad Irsay cant take a hint!! I mean last year they paid Simon $5M/year for 5 years. What did he do last year? What did he do this year?? Ugh.. Frustrating! - But hey, they made the big dance this year.. And I'm going to hate to see it!! Colts are going to be in pretty big trouble with the cap here shortly. I mean they're already almost at the limit, yet Freeney is a free agent this year. They'll find a way to keep him, but eventually something's got to give.
  2. Steelers made a bonehead move. The only coach that they hung on to that's worth a damn is Dick Lebeau

    It's like his home away from home. He should be getting to know everyone in there by a first name basis now.
  4. Who you root for...

    Dude, the place tops most "gentlemen's clubs" I've ever been to. I wanted to skip the game and just hang out in there.
  5. Who you root for...

    If you go to a night game, look for it next time. It will drive you nuts!! Was a great pickup in LaRoche! The Pirates are moving in the right direction. I would just like to see the owner step up and spend a little more $$. They will get it back in revenue from the fans that are out there supporting a winner!!
  6. Who you root for...

    It's a great place for a beer if you're single!!
  7. Who you root for...

    It's not. This year if you go (if you live there) look at it after the sunsets. You'll see it and it will drive you nuts. The guy I went there with last year lives there and has been to numerous games, and he never noticed it until I pointed it out and asked him what it is. He's still baffled. He cant find anyone there that knows either. It's almost like a huge projector screen that pops up when the sun goes down. I thought they were going to show replays or the TV feed on it. It was just a bunch of colors. Wierd!!
  8. Who you root for...

    And not too sure if anyone has ever been to Chase field (formerly Bank One Ballpark) in downtown Phoenix. It's a pretty nice place as well.. However some people say it's too commercialized. I mean there's a f'ng swinning pool in right-center field, and there's a TGI Fridays restaurant that hangs out over left field! However the view is nothing compared to the one in the 'Burgh
  9. Who you root for...

    Can definitely agree with that. I was out there last summer and was able to see a game. What an awesome ballpark!! (And may I add, how about those bartenders at Hightops!?!?!). We sat maybe 15 rows up directly behind home plate, and I was more amazed by the view than I was with the product that was put out onto the field. And can I ask (for any of you Pittsburgh homers out there) WHAT IS that big TV screen that pops up on the top of one of the buildings behind right-center field? I thought they were going to show something, but it was just a bunch of colors.. However with the Pirates, It's just too bad that they will not pony up the $$ to get some good quality talent in there and keep them. Got a lot of loyal fans who are just waiting to cheer for a winner before football season starts.
  10. Who you root for...

    Football - Obviously the Colts Basketball - Suns (local team) Baseball - Diamondbacks (local team) Hockey - who cares? After the lockout, I could give two sh!ts about hockey anymore.
  11. Steelers' Grimm follows Whisenhunt to Cardinals

    Well there you have it. Good for you. At least you're a fan of a franchise who has been successful in the past. After a complete overhaul on defense, drafting a few half talented offensive lineman, and a true threat at WR, you'll be a fan of a team heading back into the right direction again. But where did the Ravens come into play? Why would I knock the Ravens? They're a hell of a team that gave the Colts a hell of a game. Nothing but respect for them, and if I'm not mistaken, I was the FIRST person in here after the game telling all the Ravens fans that they gave the Colts one hell of a run and keep their heads up cause they'll be right back there again next year, which was the same post I made after the Chiefs lost, and same post I started about the Patriots right after that game. I was not in here "gloating" about a Colts win. I'm not the kind of fan that will rub anything in. I've been on the receiving end of it far too long being a fan of the Colts. Anyway, think of me as a "gloating fan" all you wish. I'm not saying that I am this type of fan, but Colts fans do have something to be bitter about. We're all a bunch of fans who have heard about how they will never win the big one with Manning, and the defense is never good enough to take the pressure off Manning. So, are we bitter? I cant speak for all of us, but myself, not necessairly bitter, but I do have a chip on my shoulder as a fan. However, I have nothing but respect for a fan that will stand up for his team, win or lose. Oh well.. I was already in one debate that had nothing to do with my post, and I'm not going to get into another one.
  12. Jets interested in Michael Turner

    Kind of like the Giants when they got assraped when they got Manning. Wouldn't that be funny if San Diego again stuck it to the Giants in making a deal for Turner? I'd think it's pretty funny!
  13. Steelers' Grimm follows Whisenhunt to Cardinals

    Why would I say anything about the Ravens? At least I have enough balls to let it be known who I cheer for.
  14. Steelers' Grimm follows Whisenhunt to Cardinals

    You wont hear about it for a long time, maybe a day or 2 following the game, but I wont be gloating for the next year..
  15. Lions interested in Joe Thomas?

    Lol. I know he's already very high on their list, but I think the Cardinals are praying that he falls to them at #5
  16. Jets interested in Michael Turner

    IMO, it's too early to speculate, but the Jets have a potential gem in Leon Washington. Dude is VERY raw though. I personally think that the best landing spot for Turner would be with the Giants. He'd blossom in that system and would fit in perfectly.
  17. Maroney

    There's been other things as well.. I'm not at all dumb or ignorant as others may want to make me look. I'm not old by any means for I'm only 28 so I cant say that I've followed the NFL for a long time, but for the past 13 or 14 years now I follow it pretty hardcore year round. I do voice a lot of opinions, whether it be here ar work, or on a message board like this, and I love a good debate. The thing that really got me going was that one opinion of mine, and something that I heard on the radio from the source itself last week was COMPLETELY blown out of proportion. Oh well.. Not at all trying to justify myself, for I dont need to..
  18. Maroney

    You want to know who Maroney most reminds me of - which leads me to my opinion? A 3rd year player for the St. Loius Rams. In Steven Jackson's 1st year in the league, he was behind Marshall Faulk. No one thought that 2004 would be Faulks last "good" year (ie. Dillon for the Pats). In Jackson's 2nd year (splitting carries with Faulk) he finished the season as the league's 14th best rusher in total rushing yards for the season. This year (which so happens to be his 3rd year) he finished 5th. Maroney in my opinion does not only have the same hair stylist that Jackson does, but has the same ability in power rushing, blocking, and a receiving. With time and reps with the 1st team, he will become a true threat at RB.
  19. Who really understands the salary cap?

    Was able to find a pretty informative article: "How does the NFL's salary cap work? In 1994, the owners' and players' associations of the National Football League approved a new collective-bargaining agreement. This agreement included a salary cap designed to keep player salaries from increasing at the rate they were at the time. The salary cap is essentially a set amount of money that each of the NFL's 31 teams is allowed to spend on player salaries for any given year. For the upcoming 2001 season, that amount is approximately $67.4-million, or 63% of the League's defined gross revenues (DGR) from last year divided by the 31 NFL teams. At first glance, that amount of money may seem a lot. When you factor in an average of 57 players on an NFL roster during the season, that amounts to a salary of around $1.18-million per player. Again, a lot of money -- however, each team usually has a few big-money players, like a star quarterback or running back. Let's suppose a team has two star players, each with a salary of $8-million per year. This cuts the cap room to $51.4-million for 55 players, cutting the average salary of the remaining players by $245,000 each. Because salaries have continued to grow at a rate outpacing the salary cap, teams have found ways to circumvent the cap. Signing bonuses don't count toward a team's cap for a given year. A player who receives a signing bonus gets more money for that year than his recorded "salary," leaving more room in the cap for the other players. Say, for example, a player wants a seven-year, $60-million contract. Let's say that the owner decides to give that player an $11-million signing bonus, which is all paid out in the first year but gets factored into the cap as prorated over the course of the seven-year contract ($11-million / 7 years = $1.57-million per year). Most NFL contracts are "back-ended" -- most of the base salary is located in the last two or three years of the contract. If we suppose that our player's contract is structured so that he has a base salary of $2-million the first year, with higher base salaries in the final two years of the contract, the $13-million (base salary + signing bonus) paid out in the first year appears as $3.57-million to the cap! The advantage of signing bonuses for the owner is that he now has more money to spend under the cap. This is how the Washington Redskins ran up a total payroll of $92.41-million in the 2000 season when the cap was $67-million. The advantage for the player is that all signing-bonus money is guaranteed to be paid, whereas an NFL contract is not guaranteed. There are drawbacks to signing bonuses for the owner, however. Because the bonus is guaranteed to the player, if the player is released, traded or waived, all of the bonus money that was being prorated throughout the length of the contract is accelerated to the present year. So, if our team released its star player after the third year of his contract (before June 1) for whatever reason, the entire remainder of the bonus, almost $6.3-million, will have to count toward the cap the next year (if the team releases the player after June 1, only the yearly $1.57-million will count the next year, and the remainder will count the subsequent year). Some teams have gotten themselves in trouble using signing bonuses, running up huge portions of cap room taken up by players who haven't played for them in several years. With so much less money to spend than their rival teams, they have little chance of fielding a very competitive team for that year, as the best free agents usually go where the money is."
  20. Steelers' Grimm follows Whisenhunt to Cardinals

    Thought this was interesting: "A little birdie says Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy had a long conversation with the Rooney family, which owns the Pittsburgh Steelers, and sold the Rooneys on hiring Vikings defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin as their head coach. Dungy hired Tomlin for his first NFL job as an assistant at Tampa Bay in 2001. Posted January 24, by Ben Maller"
  21. Edge James

    Here's your answer: "Edgerrin James said rather than feeling he is missing out he instead is “super excited” his former team has reached Super Bowl XLI. “I’ve always said I wanted to see the Colts in the Super Bowl,” James said in a phone interview from Florida. “All the pieces were there.” James, who played in Indianapolis for seven years, said he has already talked to many of his ex-teammates, congratulating them on making it to the league’s title game. As for the Cardinals, James said he is enjoying his offseason, which means his job is pushed into the background. Because of that, James said he hasn’t “looked into” his new coach, Ken Whisenhunt. James reiterated part of the reason he chose to sign his four-year, $30 million contract with the Cardinals last March was because of Dennis Green. Posted January 24, by Ben Maller"
  22. Maroney

    I'll state my OPINION. I have a personal feeling that Maroney will be a top 5 back in the league within the next 2 years. The guy is raw. He needs more reps with the starters so he can create that chemistry. Dillon will not be around forever. He's getting older. I'm not at all disappointed with J Addai, but before last years draft, the Colts were huge on Maroney. That was by far their target. When the Pats swooped him up, the Colts took option 2 in Addai. Addai just so happened to get more playing time, and with a fill in starter in Rhodes, Addai really didnt have to fight too hard to claim the starting job. Dillon is a proven back, and Maroney has to put in his time and has to outplay someone that has proven himself.
  23. Steelers' Grimm follows Whisenhunt to Cardinals

    And I just realized something else from reading a piece of your article. "Grimm's agent, Eric Metz, declined comment." I am a pretty close friend of Eric Metz. My wife works for his wife. He's is probably the biggest Steelers fan I know. I'll see what kind of information I can get from him. His information is probably a little more credible than Ed Bouchette. Eric deals with the Rooneys on a weekly basis..
  24. Steelers' Grimm follows Whisenhunt to Cardinals

    Your whole problem is 2 words. Ed Bouchette.. There's a gut that's FULL of knowledge. If I could find a link or replay the interview that Whisenhunt had out here, I would definitely post a link here. There's nothing I can find though. As for whatever I get voted for. So be it. What do I win? And how many more times do I have to state my opinion!?!?!? You asked: "My last question, if the Steelers wanted to hire from withing, please, tell me why they didn't ?" I told you.. Rooney waited too long to start getting serious. Whisenhunt decided to skip town and not wait around. If he waited and didnt get the job, he would have probably missed his opportunity to become a HC this year. And I'm sure that the Rooney's knew that Whisenhunt and Grimm were close. That's probably why granted him his release. This was a classy move by the Rooney's. Do I feel that Tomlin is the right/wrong guy for the job? I dont have the slightest idea. He's got coaching experience. Does he have some big shoes to fill? Sure does. Does he have some high expectations to meet? Sure does. Will he be the guy in Pittsburgh for the next 10+ years? It's too hard to tell. Now again, do I have anything against the Steelers? No I dont. Thrir fans now is a different story. They're an outstanding team that makes the right moves year after year. Living in Phoenix and having the Cardinals as my second fav team, I would give just about anything to have the Rooneys own the Cardinals over the Bidwells. And my last question here, although I have no problem continuing this argument/debate, why can we not agree to disagree on this? Besides, aren't I interrupting you and jjpro from your quality time?