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  1. Suns vs. Spurs

    Just to clear this up.. I was under the impression they were referring to the end of the game with the play between Horry and Nash. The claim here is in the 2nd quarter there was an altercation between James Jones and Elson. This is what they were refering to when they said Duncan left the bench. They claim that he was all the way out there by the 3 point line. I didnt see this for I was out with my wife. I saw the entire 2nd half.
  2. Suns vs. Spurs

    I did watch it. And it's not a local show. It's ESPN radio being broadcast from Los Angeles. If anything, the guys hosting the show are not fans of the Suns for obvious reasons. And to contrast what you said about the Spurs being the better team? They've had success in the past. They're extremely talented, well coached, and have some outstanding veterans, but does that make them better? It's all someone's opinion.. You're entitled to yours.. However, who had the better regular season record? Who is the higher seed? They all played the same teams in the regular season. The Spurs are more physical, the Suns are obviously faster. I'm not saying the Suns are the better team, nor am I saying the Spurs are the better team. They're 2 completely different teams. I can only hope that this series is not won due to key players not being available for a game. Put it all out on the floor and may the better team win. No one has the advantage right now. Suns have home court back in this now in this 3 game series.
  3. Suns vs. Spurs

    How can you say hardly Mr. Irrelevant? He's good for what?? Maybe 6-8 pts a game. 10 minutes off the bench? My point here is are the Spurs REALLY going to miss Robert Horry? Not at all. Even if STAT and Diaw dont get suspended. Michael Finley AND Brent Barry have been more clutch for the Spurs than Horry has.. Horry has hit some big time game ending shots, but he's missed quite a few as well.. He's not a starter for a reason. My point is/was simply if these 2 Suns players do get suspended, look for more teams to abuse this rule in the same manner. So if Jalen Rose came into the game in the 3rd quarter and just outright leveled Tony Parker in game 5 or 6, and then walked away with his head held high like Horry did, the Spurs bench would just stand pat and watch but not come to Parker's defense??? It's natural to come to your boy's defense. I dont know. I am a Suns homer and I dont think that Stat did the right thing, but it would have been much different if he did get in the middle of Nash and Horry. Was he checking in? HA!! Good try bro.. It was rather funny on how quickly he answered that yesterday in his postgame press conference with such a straight face. Nice sell! Will it be bought?? I'm afraid not.
  4. Suns vs. Spurs

    I haven't seen it. I'm just relaying what is being said on the radio. It seems almost if they're nitpicking. Regardless, I think we'll see a rule change or a modification to the rule cause if they dont, and if Stoudemire and/or Diaw get suspended I see a LOT of people/teams using this poor rule to their advantage in similar situations. Put in Mr. Irrelevant and let him get ejected to level someone in hopes of drawing the bench onto the court.
  5. Suns vs. Spurs

    Also, I haven't seen it and I dont recall who was on the floor when the foul happened, but I've heard on the radio numerous times this morning that Duncan falls into this category as well. They (radio show I'm listening to right now) state that Duncan was on the bench, and he as well got up and stepped on to the court. I dont know. All we can do is wait for the ruling.
  6. Suns vs. Spurs

    But on the flip side, the Suns had game 1 and gave it away.
  7. Dallas Mavericks clinch #1 seed

    GS has been the inferior team each game this series! I dont know what series you have been watching. Dallas has beaten themselves in each of their 3 losses. I mean do you hear what Dork says? "I cant get my open looks. There's someone right in front of me where I normally put the ball on the floor, so I pass it off." Dude!! You're the MVP!! Play like you at least have a pair!! Anyway, in my opinion, GS still is the inferior team. Which brought me to why I said they DONT have anything to lose. I mean even if they do get by Dallas this series, does ANYONE give them a chance against Phoenix? Not a chance in hell! THERE'S where the 4 game sweep probably comes in. I mean Barron Davis said they ran out of gas towards the end of the game tonight. What do you think will happen if they do get past Dallas and meet Phoenix next series? Are the Suns actually going to change their game plan that's worked for 3 years now and play slow tempo'd full court press games? F' no. GS is going to run out of gas at the end of each game. At least that series they'll finish their season on their home court when the Suns finish their 4 game sweep.
  8. Dallas Mavericks clinch #1 seed

    Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian is Avery Johnson talking about!?!?! I just saw his postgame press conference. His quote, "They (refering to Golden State) have 10,000 pounds of weight on their shoulders. They have a LOT of pressure on them." Hey Avery, last time I checked, your team should have SWEPT Golden State. What pressure to they have. YOU and YOUR TEAM have everything to lose. GS has nothing to lose. Cause if they do just that (LOSE) they weren't supposed to beat your team anyway. Ugh.. I hate stupid people making stupid comments on air.
  9. Dallas Mavericks clinch #1 seed

    Barkley is just bitter cause his fatass never got a ring. Oh wait.. He finally got one. Did any of you watch the postgame of game 4? He was eating it!! I mean what a Megan Fox. He was blindfolded but he could still pick out a krispy kreme donut. And when I said I dont care, I really dont. I was just pointing out the piss poor officiating in this game. I didnt watch the first half, but I did watch the 2nd. I mean the point I was making in my previous post was if you're not going to call a shooting foul on one end, then to call what SHOULD have been an offensive foul a defensive foul, what gives? If you're not going to call fouls and let them play, then so be it. Dont call fouls. But it you are going to call them, then get them RIGHT! I just dont get it. It's like a pitcher throwing a strike inside and it's a ball, but then the very next pitch it's the same pitch in the exact same place and it's a strike. What gives? I dont know. I do know however that it was games like this one tonight that makes and keeps me a sports fan. Sports are about the only unpredictable thing and most exciting thing to watch on TV today. The major ones that is. I mean who cares if Tiger woods can hit the ball 70 times and only get it in the hole 18 times a day for 4 straight days? What's the fun in that? Not to knock golf, cause I know that there are fans out there somewhere, but personally I'd rather watch flys f*ck than try to watch 1 hole of golf nevermind 4 days of 72 holes of golf.
  10. Dallas Mavericks clinch #1 seed

    I'm not one to sit here and cry about it, cause I could really care less. I mean GS collapsed at the end of this game. But it this 4th quarter not the BIGGEST CROCK OF SH!T officiating that you've ever seen? I mean seriously! Richardson was fouled while shooting a 3 pointer with about 48 seconds left to play. The replay showed his hand got nailed while the ball was still in it. And then you've got Dork on the other end pushing people out of the way but yet it's a DEFENSIVE FOUL!?!? I dont get it. That is some SERIOUS home court advantage when it comes to the poor officiating. Oh well.. I've said my 2 cents. I dont see Dallas beating GS at home later this week. Was a good season Mavs, but you didnt deserve the win tonight. You gave your fans 1 more game of false hope. Better luck next year!
  11. Russell or Quinn?

    Tough call bro!! If I had to make the choice right now, I would probably swing for the fences and take Russell.
  12. Thad Motta

    And he got owned!
  13. THREE MORE PICKS By John Oehser - Colts Receive Three Compensatory Selections in 2007 NFL Draft PHOENIX, Ariz. - One year's free-agency losses . . . The next year’s draft-day gains. That’s how it works under the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, and on Monday, it worked to award the Colts three additional selections in the April 28-29 2007 NFL Draft. The Colts, who last off-season lost four unrestricted free agents and signed one, were awarded third-, fourth- and fifth-round selections, the NFL announced Monday at the 2007 League Meetings. “It’s the best we could have expected, so that’s a positive,” Colts President Bill Polian said shortly after learning of the additional selections. “We’re happy with it. That’s a plus.” The Colts last season lost through free agency running back Edgerrin James (Arizona), linebacker David Thornton (Tennessee), defensive tackle Larry Tripplett (Buffalo) and kicker Mike Vanderjagt (Dallas). They signed kicked Adam Vinatieri from New England as a free agent. The Colts, who traded their second-round selection in the 2007 draft to Tampa Bay for defensive tackle Anthony “Booger” McFarland, now have eight selections in the following rounds: first (32nd overall), third (95, 98), fourth (127, 136), fifth (159, 173) and seventh (223). The NFL awarded 32 additional selections Monday to 16 teams. Under the terms of the CBA, a team losing more or better compensatory free agents than it acquires in a year is eligible to receive compensatory draft selections. The number of selections a team receives equals the net loss of compensatory free agents, up to a maximum of four. The 32 compensatory choices announced Monday will supplement the 233 selections in the seven rounds of the draft. The compensatory selections, which are determined by a formula based on salary, playing time and postseason honors, will be positioned within the third-through-seventh rounds. Compensatory selections may not be traded.
  14. By far Arizona - GM - Rod Graves Owner - Bill Bidwell
  15. OK, now that you looked, it also includes the Bears shipping their 1st rounder (#31) to the Redskins as well.. Great deal for the Skins if they can pull it off IMO. Redskins to make play for Bears' Briggs Jay Glazer / Posted: 1 hour ago PHOENIX - The NFL Owners meeting are in full swing with announcements and committee meetings highlighting the week but it's the deals made on the side that give juice to the week. One such deal offered Monday night, if it happens, could have major ramifications on two franchises and one franchise player. Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for Bears' disgruntled Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs, told that the Redskins informed him Monday that they would like to swing a deal that would send Washington's first-round pick, No. 6 overall, to Chicago for the Bears' first-rounder, No. 31, and Briggs. When asked about such an offer Redskins owner Dan Snyder confirmed to that he in fact wanted to make the move and they were waiting to talk to Chicago. In fact, Snyder spent a couple of minutes talking to Briggs, who showed up with Rosenhaus at the meeting. Snyder and football operations man Vinny Cerato left to find head coach Joe Gibbs regarding the deal. But before leaving Rosenhaus informed Cerato that he in fact spoke with the Bears and they were waiting an official call from the Redskins. Briggs told earlier this month that he would never play another down again for the Bears and he was willing to sit out the 2008 season. Obviously many deals are discussed but fail to come to fruition and this deal could die as well. Both teams seemed to be on the same page but Gibbs also needed to sign off before an official offer was made. Plus, while Snyder said he'd work the deal Washington needs to formally reach out to Chicago and make an official offer. Washington could also in the end decide to change their minds as any trade would entail them getting Briggs signed to a long-term contract.
  16. If Millen were smart (does that make sense? - his previous drafts show otherwise), he would draft CJ#2, and then listen to trade offers and take the deal from the highest bidder. I mean it's not unheard of.. San Diego made out by drafting Manning and then trading him for much more! Or even if they were not able to find a taker, would he really be a bad player on that team.. - Nevermind. I think I answered my own question (Charles Rogers - Mike Williams).
  17. Maroney has shoulder surgery

    You're forgetting about the vaunted Sammy Morris!!!!!
  18. MLB Is Stupid

    Doesnt really make much sense to me either. I live in Phoenix. And although the ballpark can seat 55,000+ people, they only sell an average of 18,000 - 20,000 tix per game. All but 18 games are televised here locally. Sorry bro.. You've got a hell of a ballpark out there though. I went out there last summer and although the team was playing, I was more fascinated with the view and the feel of the ballpark (and still had visions of some of the girls from hi-tops in my head) I really didnt pay too much attention to the game. Needless to say, they lost..
  19. September 9th Dallas vs. Giants

    Colts to open season at home vs. Saints Story Tools: Print Email Blog This Associated Press Posted: 8 minutes ago PHOENIX (AP) - The Indianapolis Colts will open the NFL season on Thursday night, Sept. 6, with a home game against the New Orleans Saints. In what has become a recent tradition, the Super Bowl winner hosts the opening game three days before the full schedule begins. "The Colts are the Super Bowl champions and New Orleans obviously was a terrific story on and off the field for the league," commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday at the NFL meetings. "We felt it's a great game to highlight during the 2007 season." Also, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, the Super Bowl MVP, is from New Orleans, and Manning was beaten out for the All-Pro quarterback spot by Saints QB Drew Brees last season. The two national games for the full opening day of Sept. 9 will feature NFC champion Chicago at AFC West winner San Diego at 4:15 p.m. EDT, and the New York Giants at Dallas, both 2006 playoff teams, in the night game at 8:15 EDT. As the league did a year ago, it scheduled a Monday night doubleheader to open the season. Baltimore will be at Cincinnati in the 7 p.m. EDT game, followed by Arizona at San Francisco at 10:15 p.m. EDT. On Thanksgiving, Detroit's traditional home game will be against Green Bay at 12:30 p.m. EST. That will be followed by the New York Jets at Dallas at 4:15 p.m. EST. The night game on Thanksgiving will have the Colts at Atlanta at 8:15 p.m., the first of the NFL Network's eight telecasts for late in the season. Previously, the league scheduled the Miami Dolphins to host the New York Giants at Wembley Stadium in London on Oct. 28. It will be the NFL's first regular-season game outside North America. The rest of the schedule will be announced in April.
  20. Breaking News

    It's the same thing us Colts fans have been hearing for the past 2 years.. "Window is closing"
  21. Breaking News

    Didn't Philly trade for him last year? What did they give up for him? Now there's a team that will always fall short IMO..
  22. Beware, LJ owners!

  23. It's changing how you draft espicially in re-draft leagues. ESPECIALLY in the PPR leagues. It puts a stronger emphasis on WR's and keeps it more balanced IMO
  24. ESPN Radio - Dan Patrick SHow

    If I may just state my opinion.. Not to take anyone's side here, I would in a heartbeat trade Aaron Rogers for Randy Moss right now. What does that do for the now? It makes the Packers "arguably" the NFC North's best offense.. Detroit and Minn have both lost DB's, and the Bears got burnt deep all year long. As I did ALL last season (and still do with all the bonehead moves they're making), I still think that the Bears are overrated. They need help on offense, yet they GIVE away their best offensive player??? Anyway, that's neither here nor there. If you're a Packers fan, I can understand not wanting Moss on your team (I mean he mooned them for starters). But from a talent standpoint, one player (and have to agree with Swerski here) "arguably" a top 3 WR in today's game, will take your team from mediocre, to well above average. But if they do take Moss off Oaklands hands, they'd better find a replacement for Ahman Green. As a fan of the Colts, they show that the key to a successful passing game is a strong running game. Moss has stunk it up pretty bad in Oakland. But why? What did he have to play for? A team that had no o-line to give either Brooks or Walter more than a second in the pocket for Moss to burn his defender. He still has that breakaway speed. He's 30. So is Torry Holt. So what? They're pretty comparable on the field. Both have great hands, both have the ability to run a solid route, and both are great at burning their defenders. Oh well.. I dont know, however IMO, I would love R Moss on my team if it would just cost me a backup QB. Who cares where he was drafted cause what has he done for you? What's he doing now??